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  1. The only basic option I see is 'Get Scout Report' which still sends out an analyst. I have put this issue into the bugs section too: Puts into more detail my problem. Thanks for reply @FrazT
  2. Thanks for the overwhelming help. I just figured for the time being I will set up the scout reports in in 16 segments and go to Assignments > Priorities > Scouting Priorities > All Analysts and just cancel the analyst reports as I set up my scout reports.
  3. Hey ya guys, been a while since I booted up a game of FM I think the Stadia link with FM for the next iteration got the bug going for me again. Anyways... I have 4 Scouts in my LLM game to my calculations I should be able to have a rolling amount of players being able to be scouted off my shortlist that amount to 16 players at a time unless of course the various scouts are on a job somewhere therefore knocking off a certain number of the "rolling amount of players". I currently have 4 active players being scouted leaving I'd expect at some point another 12 players to be scouted at some point or another due to my scout count, however, as I only have one data analyst that can analyse the players scouted by my scouts going on the assumption they have the same restriction as the scouts to 4 players each analyst instead of having the rolling scouts reports of 16 I'm restricted to 4 because of this. Quite simply is there a setting I can turn off the analyst going to the same players as the scout? Or is it a matter of just cancelling each analyst report? Increasing my dastardly click count Gotta say I haven't found anything on the internet searches for the last 45 minutes. Any help on this matter will be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hey, is there a button in match when you set opposition instructions to set all the opposition instructions against position rather than player I have to click on each individual one to change it to positions because I haven't found it in game yet, if of course it is implemented?
  5. Have you disabled the Microsoft Game overly? This is what helped me and no crashes since, you know when the thing comes up on the right and says "Take a screenshot" with whatever button. It is this that helped me... https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6239-DZCB-8600
  6. This is all i can find with someone similar if it is the guy it actually has the teams he has been at, the name is spelt differently but he is from Belarus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syarhey_Kislyak
  7. Just an update on my own quote, I've got it on pre-order but WILL NOT be playing during beta.
  8. Have you disabled the Microsoft Game overly? This is what helped me and no crashes since, you know when the thing comes up on the right and says "Take a screenshot" with whatever button. It is this that helped me... https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6239-DZCB-8600
  9. FM18 has been a fun but unsuccessful game for me to play with 2 sackings and a kind of a forced resignation due to me not agreeing with anything they outlined for me to do, however, my playing habits have changed most notably I do not have pages and pages of notes surrounding me when playing like I have with previous versions . FM17 was definitely my most successful getting Welling up to I think was League One, however, I do wonder whether it was my fine tuning over several other iterations of the game with my pages of notes of the game or was it easy? I am currently downloading FM17 on my older daughters laptop because that's where my Welling save is and going to save it to the cloud to play on my new computer. The odd thing is I stopped playing when I was just about to play LIverpool at Anfield which was going to e the biggest and most lucrative game I have ever played, ever in me playing FM in the Steam versions which would of given my Welling team a nice cash bonus to work with one way or another being that I was working with a very tight budget all the time. In all honesty I think I burnt out from all the god damn note writing, looking at notes etc etc which is why with FM18 I decided to stop the note writing and to be truthful I have had my longest stint in playing the game everyday over 3 months working with muscle memory. Being a little bit active in the forums today which is the most I have been since joining (Aug 2012) other than beta version time, I have drawn from you guys some inspiration to download FM17 again as I see a lot of you still playing older versions one guy saying he is playing FM07 which I believe was out on a version of Playstation with LMA Manager, which was my go-to game when I was in my early years of playing management games but early early management game still for me was Kevin Keegan's Player Manager because my family couldn't afford a computer for me to play what was probably Championship Manager I saw round my friends. Anyway... What I'm interested in knowing, * Who plays older versions? * Who uses notes? * Who watches full matches rather than highlights? And why? * What is you best achievement with a Lower League Management team from VNS/N but not Conference unless Conference is the lowest in old games or foreign league LLM? Doesn't matter if you are sacked or resigned from posts.
  10. I'm only posting this to prove or disprove your theory make your own mind up 😉 Like I said not a long career so far but win % isn't awful but not great, no I haven't won anything but got to Play Off Final with Curzon Ashton on my first season, but somehow couldn't hold on to job next season. This is pretty good but have been able to handle discipline for quite some time now. My Determination and Man Management is growing, I started as a Sunday league footballer with no qualifications, making me wonder if "spineless" is possibly a choice you make if based on this. God damn it making me want to start over and see what happens as I go along lol.
  11. And what happens if you leave a match early, would you get less stats for the amount of time you was at a match? You could just start watching a match and leave and still get the stats as if you had been at the game the whole time. What I'm trying to say is I feel it is probably a lot more coding involved then what is first perceived to make it usable right across the playerbase.
  12. Haha, I'm spineless too. But I feel my career might be considerably shorter then most but nevertheless quite funny.
  13. I will buy FM19, at what point I do not know. I have changed my habits with FM18 using muscle memory rather than writing untold notes which I have done since FM12, I have got to say that it has been very difficult for me playing this version because I keep getting the sack with every team I play with. I always put in 1000+ hours into every version but determined to stick with FM18 for a while but then again like I do every version I may buy it again on pre-order I am going to see what the pre-release details are like.
  14. Yes it was indeed my controller that was plugged into my laptop. Thanks
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