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  1. In my posts they have played there in the role/position/duty all season!
  2. Looks like a similar position to the two players I have played in 2 different saves, seems a tad buggy but I have got no clear response.
  3. @Tony Garvey Is there a form of an update on this issue, I think I provided what you needed in a save file.
  4. I haven't received any applicants for my U18's staff adverts since the beginning of the current season I am on for U18's Manager, U18's Ass Man and U18's Coach and I can not remember if I had pressed the 'continue advert' in my Inbox message when last I got one. So I am wondering if there is a way to manually turn off adverts maybe through the files or something? Cause I can not find another way to do it and the last message I had got for these adverts are long gone.
  5. I made a new save with another team and the same bug is happening again to another midfield player - Kiersey - he is natural and the progress has been the same for a whole season and the season I am currently on. It's the position/role/duty again that I am worried over. I Where do I find the save file please so I can share it?
  6. I just started using the 'save all routines' and 'load all routines' seems to make it a whole lot easier.
  7. On a previous save I don't have no more I chose an assistant or coach to take over U18's cup matches, I didn't have an U18's manager at all. However, on a new save I can not choose an assistant or coach to take over the U18's cup matches and being forced to take them over, you can see below that I don't have the option to choose assistant or coach. Am I looking in the right place to delegate the U18 matches?
  8. They need to make the set up of tactics and set piece set up not so much of a chore, all the things suggested I do. But like we say "chore".
  9. I noticed some of my players wearing the same colours as the ref.
  10. I have noticed over all issues of football manager I have played that used the 'three tactics' to set up, that setting up a new tactic players get moved about in the initial tactic and also messes with the set piece set ups. How do the more experienced managers deal with this issue?
  11. So I started fiddling with a new tactic to help with tactical changes during the match - I had to move a few players about. However, when I go back to my original tactic players have been moved about into the wrong positions this also interferes with the set piece set ups too.
  12. This worked almost perfect for attacking throw-ins. However, defending throw-ins seem to be stuck on default setting no matter what I do. Playing a match I even put everybody forward on the defending throw-in setting and during the match the players stayed in default positions.
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