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  1. I'm not seeing "match preview" training in training set up. What part of training is this? I'm managing Tonbridge from VNS would this be an issue with that training facilities?
  2. Personally, I only booted up FM19 again after a break from FM for a year a week before beta of FM20 the former still playing and the latter I have not purchased, yet. I'd say there are definitely more defined patterns in FM19 then FM09 - FM17 and feel it's how you react to them, gut or head? I think said patterns suit some people and some not. Never been 'really' successful in the FM series, but still really enjoy it!
  3. While in your role as FM player drink, eat, have sex and sleep. The essentials, ya know?
  4. My first love in tech terms was Kevin Keegans Player Manager on SNES, being a Millwall fan I felt it unfair it depicted my made up Millwall teams as having 'fan trouble' often and getting fines for it (the irony, eh?) Then before, during and after my raving days was LMA Manager - year is fuzzy, not sure why fuzzy though (Raving? Irony?) and only being able to get 20 ish seasons from a disk before it just stopped gening players, my first venture into LLM with Aldershot in Vauxhall Conference and winning everything there was to offer till the disk died. Honestly it was only because I was po
  5. A little bump again. So due to real life commitments I only actually got to play 2 matches since this post. It's been an interested couple of matches though to be honest, my first game I set up my 2 DMs to man mark certain positions that mostly got the goals looking back on last ten matches I conceded 14 goals and 8 were conceded against MR and STCR in the approx area I marked out in one of my previous posts. So I attempted to mark them out of the next game with said positions I've been playing with since rebooting the game on purchase, it worked beat them 1-0 with a goal in la
  6. Kinda funny looking at results and no more comments in here from OP but just one more comment after, I'm sure a lot aren't MJ types - maybe liked him as an artist but only that. I'm only 40 and played by mail myself, I was sheltered from tech as a preteen and before - not FM by the way some play by mail game in Shoot! and MATCH magazines.
  7. Playing FM19, 4 Seasons in, never relegated - however, in VNN with no lower leagues added via a pack so irrelevant oops.
  8. Do you specifically mean every player in the game as in sims, because although I agree with what you say I believe you can only choose one option once making it more likely it isn't so, honestly have no idea if there are multi tap options for survey in options when setting up, in fact do not know because initially my personal age isn't registered no more by the layout of ages.
  9. Considering your age brackets I have to be in the age bracket 2 and 3 after the last one you last stated 25-30 based on your age layout. On this basis... O 30-35 O 35-40 So I'd put a nice big fat check in here... O 40-45 ...and a nice big fat check here too if you carried on the layout you suggest, both have my age.
  10. Yes indeed to first question and no to the statement on FM20. <-- probably not till week before release of beta of FM21, I deliberately took time out from FM for a year to play this way. I haven't mentioned mentality deliberately because it'll be irrelevant I feel as depending on situation on a particular match I'm switching between structured, flexible and fluid not in any particular order, I also make incorrect decisions at times like I suggest any FM player does with situations. I'll explain better, when setting up tactics when choosing Altrincham I choose to pl
  11. Going to bump this up again and work with this quote on what I am suggesting in the header of post concerning AI. Here I claim this for myself. However, I will admit I'm a little hard nosed in where I TRY my hardest to not go outside the parameters of the 3 tactics I set up at the tactics screen unless I feel something needs an tactical overhaul overall. If not a "tactical overhaul overall" but during a match, I usually only deviate from the "parameters of the 3 tactics" if forced upon me due to a red card or an injury after using all my subs. With the above statement, I'd li
  12. On topic to your heading... ... on a personal front concerning AI (although anything I say concerning what I 'suspect' to be AI related gets shot down with "it's the MEs fault" or some such to which I do not dismiss but I also do not agree either) I really enjoy the apparent 'advancement' of the AI. I feel with FM19 it's making me realise that the same things keep constantly happening, if these constant happenings keep happening then it is likely the way I have set up my tactics and essentially being a stuck in the mud concerning tactics... ... on the other hand, I feel it also reali
  13. I took a year out from playing FM, literally waited on FM20 to come out to re-buy after I deleted my old Steam account and made the one I now possess concerning Steam. Previous iterations I have probably lost more hairs and monitors then now, I used to make notes on every match I think to make my play style make sense to me apparently trying to force the game to play how I wanted with my pencil and tons of paper always assuming I was always right. FM17 was the only FM I was proven right in sticking to a certain way and consistently winning - sadly I got quite bored after it gifted me a Li
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