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  1. It should be very easy to explain whether there will be a new match engine update. At least I think we deserve it.
  2. Ok then, I want to ask a question. After the ME 2040 version, there are many topics with "known issue" or "logged" tags in the match engine section. I am aware that "known" and "solved" do not mean the same, but none of them successfully (without knock-on effects) resolved?
  3. We saw that "known issue" or "logged" has no significance. Experience for us one more time.
  4. Unfortunately i can't prove it with pkm or screenshot because goal analysis screen is broken. They have to watch each match and count headed goals. If i did, also they can.
  5. I think headed goals are too high compared to real life. Also the goal analysis screen does not work properly. I watched Liverpool's last 20 matches in my save, they scored 18 headed goals (52 total goals) but analysis screen shows that it was only 12 @Jack Joyce @Neil Brock or anyone else noticed this issue?
  6. What do you think about headed goals? Seems too high compared to real life. I dont mean goal analysis page, it does not work properly. I asked your observation
  7. I think that the number of headed goals is very high. Anyone have similar experience?
  8. Hi @Neil Brock Is this an issue that you are aware as well?
  9. Dear @Neil Brock Let's suppose you have completed the ME update at the beginning of February. As a company policy, when update has been completed, do you think "It is better to wait for March to release with database update" or prefer to release it immediately when all the processes of the update are completed? I ask this because in the recent years the ME update (The only one after new year) has always been released with the database update in March. All of these are coincidence?
  10. Any possibility of a ME update before classic March update? I do not mean an exact date, i mean "possibility"
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