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  1. Hello. I've been getting Line 199 error when i open pre-game Editor since I installed the latest Public Beta version. Is this usual?
  2. Same issue. Has this been a verified issue by mods?
  3. Is there any possibility that an update which includes ME changes will be released soon?
  4. There are too many corner kicks in matches so too many goals from corner as well.
  5. Same issue. Too many corners in matches. Real life average is 10 corners per game but it is 17 in FM 2019. Huge difference
  6. I see too many corner kicks in FM 2019 compared to real life. Anyone think the same or i am wrong?
  7. Hi everyone. Average number of corner kicks per match increased from 12 (in 19.0.3) to 16 (19.1.0) after update. I have explored and found that EPL average is approximately 10 corner kicks per match. So in latest version it is %33 higher than real life and not too realistic.
  8. I think number of corners per game nearly 2 times more than real life (after last update). Anybody think the same?
  9. Hi there. I wonder that I can play FM 2015 with FM 2014 match engine, is it possible or not?
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