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  1. Hi @Neil Brock Is this an issue that you are aware as well?
  2. Dear @Neil Brock Let's suppose you have completed the ME update at the beginning of February. As a company policy, when update has been completed, do you think "It is better to wait for March to release with database update" or prefer to release it immediately when all the processes of the update are completed? I ask this because in the recent years the ME update (The only one after new year) has always been released with the database update in March. All of these are coincidence?
  3. Any possibility of a ME update before classic March update? I do not mean an exact date, i mean "possibility"
  4. For example, if they solve ME issues in mid-January or any date before March, will they publish it immediately, or wait for 20.3 database patch in March? I asked this because i know that the first, also single match engine update (I mean the period after Christmas) released with the data update in March in recent years.
  5. I reported this through an another thread and they tagged it as "logged" but I have no idea of its latest status.
  6. I think the problem is, not to say a time frame. Ok, they are looking for a fix. But when? Until Christmas? Maybe in January? Or we should not expect for a hotfix until March? If SI at least declare a estimated date, people set their expectations with this in mind.
  7. Yes, i know. But maybe they think last week's update was the important one.
  8. I think there will be no ME patch until March hotfix. They published the 2.0 hotfix and took no action until March in the past years.
  9. I think there will be no ME fix until March. They have published 17.2 / 18.2 / 19.2 in December for the last 4-5 years and then no ME fix until March.
  10. I wonder left or right backs still caught many offside in 22/23. Can you please check the top 20 players list caught offside?
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