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  1. @Sh@rk I see the player profile page as follows, so much space left empty in the portrait section...It's because as told I've a 4:3 monitor with 1024x768 res? Can I fix this on my own with the instructions you gave me?
  2. Hi @Sh@rk, great work with this skin,i love it! I nave two questions: -How can I bring back the Heart and Arrows icons for conditions indicators (if possibile) ? -There's a way to make DF11 faces work on full size in the player profile page? I see the face only fulfill above 50% of the available space...or it's a problem of my monitor proportion (I still have a 4:3 monitor)?
  3. Hi, I'm following this thread and found it very useful. In my FM21 I'm trying a save with Juventus to implement Pirlo's 4-4-2. In his coaching course's thesis he basically recall the PP's fundamentals,and something could also be seen on the pitch despite the Up&Downs results in this first months of his career. I think this could be interesting to try on FM because starting from the 4-4-2 defensive shape to obtain the 3+2 in the balancing players and the 4+1 in the offensive players it's tricky especially for the W position (McKennie IRL in the last matches, who defends wide
  4. Very interesting thread. I'm trying to make a tactic with an Enganche on FM20, it's my last effort before FM21. SK(su) CB(st) CB(co) CB(st) A(de) W(at) Mez(su) Mez(at) W(su) EG(su) AF(at) Balanced mentality - Attack Very Wider - Work Ball into Box - Counter-press - Much Higher DL - Higher LOE - More Urgente Pressing - Prevent Short GK Distribution - Get Stuck in Could this work on paper?
  5. If you want to overload the middle areas to keep possession it's supposed that your opponent will sit narrow too to protect the goal,so your threat has to come from wide areas,where must to be a lot of space to exploit,but this means that you have to have players that goes in these spaces. If you want to create space for your IWB and his deep runs in the opponent's half I'd put on his CM side a player who runs away wide,so I'd go for a very hardworking Carrillero (that could also do the defensive job when ball is eventually lost and your IWB is too far to come back in time on the flank).A
  6. I suppose "Complete" Forward Is self-explanatory... Obviously he has to have eccellente mental skills to choose the best movement possibile in every situaton
  7. I'd make the exact opposite...if striker(s) is faster than defender(s) I avoid OT, especially if he has also good anticipation/off the ball/decision values because he'll collect many 1vs1 chanches with GK. I select OT if striker(s) are slow and with poor mental skills aforementioned. Also with three defenders with (st) duty I think OT it's not a good idea because they'll try to break the DL to chase opponents around the pitch...better with three (de) duty because they'll hold the DL better
  8. To have more passing options for your player in possession I'd try to have the highest number of combination in the roles... For example the front 3 could be a F9/CF(s)/TM(s) (in any order,maybe TM in the middle): F9 will drop to link with midfielders,TM could hold a long ball and wait for support from the teammates,CF can do everything and behaves in reaction of what his attacking partners are doing,sometimes makes a deep run behind the defence,sometimes drops in support... At least one of CM could be a playmaker role (with 3 strikers I'd choose beetween DLP(s) or RPM,not AP in ord
  9. @Flußkrebs Here I am, I owe you an answer. Your explanation was very interesting and your inal tactical solution makes sense, but in the end I've found that was not working as well as the original line-up for my team. The DLP dropped on the DM slot (tried with both -D and -S duty) didn't do a good job in defending (due to his skills) and also didn't link the game well with the upfront teammates, who were struggling to receive long balls that were easily intercepted by the opponents, maybe because he was so deep that was immediately under pressure when we got the ball and so he has to forc
  10. Thank you for the answer, I'll reply following your list 1. I guess that I've to left all the options unselected to make my GK choose time after time where he'll play the ball either to reduce risks and not to give at the opponent a predictable pattern to easy press my defenders? 2&3. Without regroup will my W and MW track back immediately as same? Get stuck in option because there's already no much space left to the opponent and if one of my players was beaten there's a teammate near to cover? 4,5&6. If i turn to W(S) have I to add "get further forward" PI to limit
  11. Ok,thank you From mobile I couldn't see the label appearing, I thought was more a "stop" signal for something I did wrong
  12. Hi, I choose lower LOE and standard DL in order to have optimal vertical compactness, and due to my defenders skills i think that going for standard LOE + higher DL would give too much space behind my CB. Going with standard LOE + standard DL surely could be and option to try, but I think that with this disposition with 3 midfielders one ahead of the other in three different stratas I'll end in opening plenty of spaces between the lines
  13. For Regroup & Be more disciplined I'm satisfied with the players' behaviour, but surely I can turn off Be more disciplined for a few games and see what happens. Your second statement is a good point and makes sense, I didn't pay attention at this specific situation. I selected this option because I don't want neither my CB to be under pressure (too risky, they're not good ball handlers) nor the ball to be kicked long on the flanks (GK has poor value in long passing). It seems I'll have to choose the lesser evil option for me The W/FB pair was something I started thinking about to
  14. Hi, I'm a new user. What the hand image over my Avatar means?
  15. Sorry, I maneged to fix it. I'm a new user and didn't know well how to post the image correctly
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