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  1. I don't think so there's a thought process behind spreading the play and moving the opposition defence to create space in the middle, I have other tactics I use which attack more centrally but not in this screenshot.
  2. I started a new league 2 save with Morecambe a couple of hours ago, I've been in the top 6 the whole season but am expected to finish 22nd, I changed the BBM to CM (A) for a match and won so I'll see how that goes.
  3. Thanks for the advice I've found your feedback tobe quite helpful actually it's because I heard a while ago that wingers on attack duty Don't track back as much so I wanted to avoid that especially as it is what my game plan looks to exploit.
  4. I changed things actually now I'm using two IF (s) with "get further forward" PI so they move closer to the striker and create space out wide by drifting inside and getting similar results though I also changed the striker to DLF (S) I appreciate you saying the tactic is solid and it does work but I just can't seem to win against teams in the Championship how would you suggest doing this because I thought using BBM would put another body in the box.
  5. My defending is consistently good even with teamx expected to finish 24th/ 23rd in the league and if I use the PIS "get further forward and cross from byline" on the wingers it's an easy top 6 finish in league Two and League One and one of the better defensive records, without those PIS it doesn't work at all and will finish in mid table. When I reach the Championship the tactic just stops working period and actually works better without those PIS to the point where you will be middle of the pack defensively but not good offensively, but your team competitive in the league and able to
  6. Hello I am having a problem that a lot of teams have in real life my tactic works well in some league but can't compete in other leagues can I make this more adept at playing Championship teams?
  7. Oh I always thought it was because IF congests the play in the middle and teams typically defend narrower so in my mind, I thought that using BBM + IF was playing right into that so I switched to wingers.
  8. What I mean is that for 2/rds of a season you will be winning and the tactic will work fine but when you hit March you will just start losing.
  9. Well my plan for when we have the ball is to try to create 2 v 1s against the opposition FB, sometimes I switch to using IF (S) which actually works better than W (S) but eventually hits a wall where you just can't win sometimes so I switch to wingers to try to attack with more width, but I thought that by adding an AP that the striker wouldn't get isolated, because when I change it to DLF or TM to try and get the striker more involved, it NEVER works.
  10. With this tactic my defending is quite solid as it is usually top 10 in the league even after promotions however, I can struggle to score goals but the scoring is usually in the middle of the league, how can I improve the offence.
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