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  1. My tactics were working well in the championship but have failed to work well in the PL and now the game is pretty much unplayable, every team turns into Barcelona in every single game.
  2. I'm finding it hard to tell some players to press more than sometimes, it seems to be impossible to tell my IFs to close down more
  3. To be honest pretty horrible, I've never really been able to have long term success it either works for a season then falls apart or either doesn't work at all I've won a few CLs with Chelsea and the World Cup with England but as I said those were in my good seasons before the tactic falls apart. I got back into the game and started understanding it more but still can't find something that works
  4. I never knew that to get the whole team to press you have to go to Press much more I thought more was enough, dropping deeper did help when I tired it before but I was worried that it would hinder my attack so I changed it back but I'll go back to playing deeper, what do you think of the tactic?
  5. I'm trying to create a high pressing tactic but haven't been able to make it work, I've tried high line, no high line it just doesn't seem to work.
  6. The only thing that I changed was my opposition instructions where I had closing down the opposition's fullbacks and wide players on always. From the previous season where I finished 8th with Wolves.
  7. This is what I'm trying to create. A big problem is players hoofing the ball up the pitch and completely ignoring the shorter passes instructions and completely ignoring the anchor man. This is the problem that I'm having the tactic doesn't have any stability even if wide players and fullbacks are on support, results are worse when both fullbacks and wide players are on support!on support the team doesn't create anything and still can't defend. Another problem is that we can barely even finish chances and home matches can be quite frustrating especially this one! Seriously?!! Why aren't my wingers giving more protection to the fullbacks that's the reason why they're on support but nothing seems to work.
  8. How can I protect the flanks, with a high line the goals were 50/50 long balls and crosses but now the AI still has the overlap but doesn't use it as much and it's goals come from wide players drifting inside and playing through balls, or just a set piece situation, also doesn't help that my players and goalkeeper despite being told to play out from the back constantly punt the ball away when we could counter.
  9. The idea is that by having the wingers press the opposition fullbacks they won't be able to get forward as much then I can change my fullbacks to attack to create 2 v 1s and while TI says press more PI says sometimes. I took away the high line based on feedback from the other tactic but the opposition fullbacks still get forward.
  10. The wingers and wing backs have all been told to close down more on both flanks. The AI always seems to find a way to get around everything I try.
  11. Will instructing my wingers to close down more allow me to pin back the opposition's fullbacks and get my fullbacks higher up the pitch?
  12. The AI just gets around everything even trying this and the AI just keeps scoring.
  13. Yeah most of the goals come from crosses by the fullbacks but that's what I'm aiming for and I don't really know what to do against the attacking wingers, the results are worse when the fullbacks support instead of attack.
  14. The first tactic creates a lot more shots on target and controls the game better however there are a lot of times where the AI will have about 2 shots on target and score from both of them while the other one doesn't really work that well at all. I wanted to see what I could improve and what's wrong with it.
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