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  1. My first season at United I tried to sell Rojo but the board blocked it because they felt the finances werent right. Its annoying but I think it adds to the realsim the board getting involved in these things as we see in real life. Doesnt make a whole lot of sense in your case though.
  2. Thanks for replying. It seems to have fixed itself! Ill try that if it happens again. Cheers.
  3. Game usually goes full screen when I launch it.Now its like this: This is despite it being set to full screen: Basically the bottom is cut off and the desktop etc is visible around it. Cant negotiate deal in this case.
  4. Is anticipation purely an attribute for attacking or should it be taken into consideration with defenders alongside positioning?
  5. By any chance has the issue with lag an stuttering in the 3D view been addressed?Its been mentioned a few times in posts and comments. Thanks.
  6. I have read previously that under 18 training and facilities matter more to development and then 18 and over game time matters more.
  7. Does the crowd have any effect on players and the game?I.e a morale boost or making the opposition nervous.
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