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  1. Not answering the question but what a player!
  2. In the finances tab does the estimated transfer budget for the next season include any deductions for future payment instalments from previous transfers?
  3. In the case of an Assistant taking control of the schedule (whether team or individual) and you want make minor changes here and there it asks each time do I want to take full control or just this once. Can we have it so that you can ask for this pop up not to come up again similar to others? It can be a bit annoying to have to do it each time when modifying the assistants schedule.
  4. Does this mean we can get requested scouting reports straight to the inbox again?
  5. Do you give much rest in between matches then or would you play them at any condition?
  6. If you are looking for pace abuse I'd recommend FIFA.
  7. In regard to attributes when deciding how you play do you view attributes in relation to your league or have a certain benchmark? What I mean by this is say you want to play a passing game (ignoring other important attributes) should you look to have high passing compared to your league or be over a certain amount no matter what ie if your passing is under 15 you wont be able to play an effective passing game simply because the skill isn't there. In terms of physicals its obvious that someone can be faster or stronger than someone else but for some technical attributes should you have a certain threshold or just look to better than your opponents? Apologies if I've worded this badly.
  8. Stupid question.In regard to scouting if you leave it to your head scout to make assignments can you still go in and set individual assignments? As in will the head scout override your assignment? With big scouting teams I don't want to set each individual assignment but may want something specific from time to time.
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