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  1. Feyenoord issues after playing one season; (only one save, so havent really done thorough testing). I saw some other issues allready amended above. So here's my 2 cents... - Wouter Burger doesn't have the potential to earn a first team spot. While in real life he's one of the brightest talents in the youth academy. He also lacks speed, while he's one of the fastest players in the selection. (second after Haps). Proof: https://voetbalflitsen.nl/nieuws/wrhyza/wouter-burger-creeert-spiermassa-en-keer-sterker-terug-bij-feyenoord - Wehrmann earned minutes from Advocaat, and his CA should
  2. But Still, Gaffer Miles said it won't be available for download "during working-hours" because of this. No hope here for a daytime-release.
  3. So, I've seen a lot of talk here about bandwidth usage with release and that the national health organisation needs all the bandwidth? Can anyone explain this to me? I don't get it... There should be enough internet for everyone right?
  4. Yes, the beta will be download-able as soon as it's ready. And that's any minute now... at least within 24 hours.
  5. With the discussion for a new BeNeLiga in full swing, I was wondering if anyone has made such a database he want to share. Seems like a fun save! -> There is a big discussion going on between clubs in Belgium and Netherlands to start their own league: BeNeLiga. There's even an discussion to include Luxembourg teams for a BeNeLux-liga. -> This is the only English-written article I could find. https://www.sportbusiness.com/news/belgian-dutch-football-stakeholders-state-potential-of-beneliga-concept/ It should be something like this: 1nd tier. Beneliga -> top 10 dutch team
  6. Stefan Selakovic. 02/03? Lebohang Mokoena. 06/07? Freddy Guarin. 06/07? I cant remember which were when exactlhy... i just guessed...
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