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  1. With the discussion for a new BeNeLiga in full swing, I was wondering if anyone has made such a database he want to share. Seems like a fun save! -> There is a big discussion going on between clubs in Belgium and Netherlands to start their own league: BeNeLiga. There's even an discussion to include Luxembourg teams for a BeNeLux-liga. -> This is the only English-written article I could find. https://www.sportbusiness.com/news/belgian-dutch-football-stakeholders-state-potential-of-beneliga-concept/ It should be something like this: 1nd tier. Beneliga -> top 10 dutch teams, top 8 Belgian teams make 18 clubs. Promotion/relegation no clue (only last 1 team per country?) 2nd tier. First league Belgium, First League Netherlands And so on
  2. Japanese players aren't in the database because of licensing issues. Only Japanese players who are OWNED (not loaned) are in the database.
  3. October 2022: only 2 fixtures November 2022: only 1 fixture.
  4. Searched for Frank Arnesen, as he is the new DoF for my favourite club Feyenoord. The guy's got an amazing network (he worked in a lot of counties at big clubs) Noticed that he hasn't got any knowledge of Holland, Germany, Russia, Greece, Belgium & England, even though he worked there for years and at big clubs. Hopefully Danish Researcher can change because this will help your club's knowledge of players & scouting. I don't know where is at the start of the game (Anderlecht? Free transfer?) so maybe i have to go to the belgium researcher.
  5. Yes, the homegrown search. But i'm looking for players who ever played for my team. Not only the homegrown ones.
  6. You can search for home-grown players. But can you search for players who ever played for your club?
  7. This could be the place to ask your questions what will be, en should be included in the 2017 version.
  8. I'm sorry to hear this is buggy, would love to play this. Would you share it when finished? Unfortunately i'm not really handy with the editor....
  9. It's downloadeble right now
  10. I've had my own player, who is on loan, score against me. He walked away without cheering in the 3D ME. If this is meant to be (like in real life, players who refuse to cheer after scoring against their old club or whatsoever) this is awesome. Didnt see this in older versions.
  11. I cannot remove players from my Unwanted list and Development List after selling/loaning them failed.
  12. Save your game, hit the "go on holiday" button, leave it on for the night/few hours, and see what happens a few seasons later. I'm quite curious! Edit: Don't forget to rename your save game, or disable auto-save .
  13. Well... Then it's easy... The more players you load... the slower your game... I've got about 35.000 players loaded. More then enough for me to find gems, and have pace in the game.
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