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  1. The changelist includes but isn't limited to the fixes listed below: 19.2.0 Public Beta Changelist (ME Version 1918) - Refactoring assist calculations - Changes to red card suitability in certain situations - Improvements to default set piece instructions - Various tweaks to passing accuracy/decision making during attacking phases - Lowering cross-field clearances from dangerous positions - Changes to heading logic and accuracy - Improvements to dribbling and shooting calculations when in promising positions - Changes to players decision making and technique when attempting crosses - Allowed players to make more conscious decisions when to join attacks when in promising situations - Improvements to tackling logic and toning down legal potentially wild challenges - Tweaks to player reaction times - Allow keepers to receive and distribute the ball quicker when under no pressure - Defending positional improvements - General AI improvements - AI tactical improvements - Fixed AI managers reducing mentality prematurely when they think they cannot come back in match 19.2.0 Changelist (ME1919) - Further tweaks to corner defending - Made heading accuracy more realistic - General instructional changes
  2. The focus of this Update is with the new match engine. The changes made have mainly centred on improving: - Goals from set pieces (corners and indirect freekicks) - Movement from attacking players - Too many players chasing the ball with Counter-Press
  3. We have now rolled out a new build to the Public Beta, which includes Match Engine v1918. Please don't forget to raise any issues via our Public Beta Bugs Forum.
  4. Changes that were included in the Update that we rolled out this afternoon Changelist - Number of stability fixes with the game - In Greece clubs now retain their points after the league split (new games only) - Improve fixture congestion for Norwegian clubs (new games only) - Users should no longer be prevented from posting highlights to YouTube - Danish Second Division clubs now start game in DB set Groups (new games only)
  5. This is part of the fix for the Carabao Cup issue, that was included in the 18.1.3 Hotfix. Your save game was experiencing the issue of the Second Round draw for the Carabao Cup not taking place. The fix has enabled the draw to take place, albeit a few months late, which allows the competition to 'catchup' and be fully scheduled. The competition will then go back to normal in future seasons.
  6. Could you try seeing if verify your game cache makes any difference with this? You can do this by: - Load Steam - From the 'Library' section, right-click on the game and select 'Properties' from the menu. - Select the 'Local Files' tab and click the 'Verify Integrity of Game Cache' button. - Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes. This will always download a number of files even if you've just verified the game. - Once the process is completed, the Check Window will automatically exit. - We recommend verifying your cache twice to make sure all files are fully downloaded.
  7. What is it that is preventing you from managing a team in those divisions? Are you using any custom files at all?
  8. Olly Kenney

    UEFA Nations League - Division D

    Yes, the correct format of this competition should be in place in FM18.
  9. This now works differently in FM18. What youth club a squad has are now set in the DB to reflect what youth squads a club has in real life. In this situation if the Youth Level of your club increases, mainly done through an improvement in your youth facilities, then you should have an U23 squad automatically generated for you.
  10. Olly Kenney

    Russia Foreign Player Rule

    Yes, you are correct. For a player in Russia to not be classed as Foreign, they have to be eligible to play for the Russian national team still.
  11. Olly Kenney

    Copa Libertadores Questions

    I believe it would be the best 2 teams from the 2017 Opening Stage and the winners of the 2017 Super Cup, as long as none of these clubs are already qualified for the 2017/18 NACL.
  12. Olly Kenney

    FC Vaduz Champions league

    If the Liechtenstein league is active then Liechtenstein will continue to only have 1 entrant to the Europa League, which is achieved through winning the Liechtenstein Cup.
  13. The Champions League changes that are due to be introduced for the 2018/19 season are not included in FM17, mainly due to a lack of detailed information on how the changes were due to be implemented at the time of FM17 being released. In FM17 for Italy to have 4 entrants into the Champions League again they will have to rise up in the coefficient table using the system that it currently in place in real life.
  14. Olly Kenney

    Copa Libertadores Questions

    The 2016 Copa Libertadores won't be scheduled in FM17, no matter what start date you select. Mexican clubs won't enter the 2017 edition of the competition in game, but will from the 2018 season onward.
  15. Olly Kenney

    FC Vaduz Champions league

    Unfortunately this is not possible, due to the change having to be done in code rather than using an Editor.