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  1. At the start of the game we could have the option to select a tiered World League. There would be a premier division, league 1, league 2, League 3A and 3B, .... , League 9A-9H. Teams would be automatically allocated based on their reputation, but you would also have the option to swap them around. There would be a few options that would allows us to choose our game experience. For example: Number of substitute players you can select, FFP on or off, how many yellow cards would lead to a ban, etc. It would be really interesting to see how things would turn out. Would Chinese and American teams take over the world? FM already gives us the opportunity the create our own world league by setting up this competition in the pregame-editor. However, it is too daunting a task for 98% of the players. And it takes days/weeks of editing and testing to get it as right as it gets. I'm currently playing a World League that I have created myself. But since I really don't feel like setting it up all over again for FM18, i'll just skip that version and keep on playing FM17 for another year.
  2. But if it says 'semi-negotiable' then you should at least be able to lower it down to an amount that your board is willing to accept and compensate it with a few other clauses to make the player/agent accept your offer.
  3. For FM2009 I had a project running where the community created edt-files for future regens for specific countries. A lot of work went into this to create files with thousands of names. The problem was however that the game only picked about 10% of the names from those files. I still have those files, but haven't actived them. In the mean time, we have the opportunity to use the in-game editor to edit the name of the players directly from the database. So whenever I see a young talented player with an all too common or too archaic (such as John Smith, Thierry Martin, Juan Martinez or Thomas Muller) name I willl open the editor, edit personal details and pick a random name from one of those files.
  4. Control-W will take you to World Transfers Control-T = Tactics Edit: Left my window open too long, didn't know it had already been answered.
  5. Anyone who wants can appear as a newgen in the game, simply by creating a edt file (future regens). Here's a thread explaining it: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/390336-EDT-LNC-files-for-regens?highlight=future+regen Although that would only apply to your game. With this competition you would appear in everyone's game.
  6. This thread makes me think of the Belgian business man 'Roland Duchâtelet' who owns clubs in various countries: Standard (Belgium), Charlton Athletic (England), Carl Zeiss Jena (Germany), Alcorcon (Spain) and Ujpest FC (Hungary). Players and trainers are constantly being switched between clubs. Maybe someone could start a similar challenge with those clubs?
  7. I'm currently still playing FM2013. I just got into the year 2022 on my save and the highest transfer fees paid by a club in the last 10 years are: Lewis Holtby (Schalke -> Man City) for €51M (£44.5M) Eden Hazard (Chelsea -> R.Madrid) for €51M (£44M) Neymar (Santos -> Barcelona) for €50M (£44M) I has always bothered me a bit that I never see any crazy transfer fees in Football Manager far exceeding €50M as we often see in real life, not even involving foreground sugar daddy clubs. The major players in the game are also hardly changing clubs, except when they need a new challenge or when they're way over thirty. So I wonder if FM2014 sees higher transfer fees. Please check your leading transfers and post them below.
  8. FMRTE is compatible with a custom database. So if you'll change the name in the editor before starting a new game then you'll find Islam Feruz the way you edited him using FMRTE. You can even use FMRTE to change the name of a player when you already started a game, although you can only choose from the names already in the database.
  9. Anyone knows if there is a way to use FMRTE in order to make the German national players eligeble for selection for their national team? Something like 'make regen' or so...
  10. Anyone knows if there is a way to add a 'unique ID' column in the player search results?? I know you can add or delete columns in the settings, but there i can not choose unique id. Every year I like to check the high potential regens that have been created. I usually use Genie so I can sort them by unique ID. If I can not do that, then I don't know which regens I have already looked at.
  11. It wouldn't make any difference anyway. These files were made for FM2007, so the ID's change with each new version. Therefore clubnames are better.
  12. Has probably been raised/asked 50 times in this thread already. If Ruci wanted to respond to this he would've already done so i suppose. The fact remains that maybe this shouldn't have been implemented if it doesn't work properly on most of the teams. If this gets solved i'll be a happy donating user KUTGW
  13. In the graphics forum i got this as an answer: Chances are the researchers who enter the kits into their researchers database are doing something different for some teams (researchers have a different editor, that seems to have a few extra fields this time around and is causing confusion, causes the problem with the kits changing each year for some teams and maybe causing this problem aswell). Your best off posting in either the data issues or editors forum - so if the researchers are doing something wrong it can be fixed for future versions, or else FMRTE isn't picking/editing the correct infomation.
  14. If I'm using FMRTE to change the team colours. If a team colour is being changed and saved, the new team colour will always show up on the logos in the league standings (if they're not official logos) and also on the kits on pitch when you're watching a live match. But somehow the titlebar colours still remain the same for some teams. I've asked this question in the graphics forum too, but no-one seems to be able to answer this. Does anyone WHY this happens AND/OR how this can be circumvented? I'll include some examples in case anyone wants to investigate: Team colour unchangable: Nottingham Forest, Tenerife, Pescara, Como, Antalyaspor, Most german teams (except Duisburg, Trier, Wilhelmshaven and maybe some other too i didn't test). Team colours changable: Grenoble, Cartagena, Manisaspor, Brann, Pisa, ... There must be something data-related which prevents the titlebar colours from changing after editing for some teams. I could very much appreciate it if anyone could offer some help on this.
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