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  1. Had thought this was just me and i never fully understood the league (which may still be the case!) - I have already started the season with Toronto and I'm £1k above the salary cap after a recent signing and despite having GAM i cannot buy down the contract of my regular RB or indeed other players where the slider is to the right in order to get this £1k back so having to make the decision to lose him as bought down all those that i can which is frustrating.
  2. I am constantly wrestling with the full fat FM v Touch dilemma and always come down on the side of full fat primarily due to all that it offers. I often wonder though how folk playing this way can fly through seasons - what in-game settings do folk have? I tend not to get too involved in training or media leaving that to my assistant and in FM18 left all the team talks to him also. This was a good balance for me but are there other settings outwith this that others use without coming back round to the question of shouldn’t I just play FM Touch?
  3. I am sure this is a common query but I can’t find anything in FAQ around it so thought I’d just ask - can I simply move the graphics folder from FM18 over to FM19 graphics folder or is it not that easy and requires me to download likes of face packs again? Thanks in advance
  4. Customary beta save with the mighty Glasgow Celtic FC getting familiar with all the new stuff before full release when I will then start a long-term save with a small non-League side (still not decided) in England where I will hopefully lead them to the EPL promise land. Is it worthwhile in beta having a nosey around players performances from lower leagues in order to identify some targets or is this variable per save?
  5. I hate you SI - I have a ******** of work to get done but now will probably get the sack tomorrow, lose my wife, weans and house but at least I can take Dumbarton FC to European glory!!!
  6. Signed Lichsteiner from Juve in my first season for what i thought at the time was a steep fee (£4.5m) given his age and wage demands (£100k pw) but he has been fantastic - 4 goals and 4 assists from 10 appearances as a WB(At) (i alternate him with Trippier) Can't seem to get Kane going though however Dolberg is a great fall back (6 goals coming from the bench 11 times so time on park v goals scored is impressive) Playing a 3-4-3 formation with WB's Attacking and Alli and Eriksen in behind Kane, Dembele and Dier in centre - signed De Ligt to play alongside Alderweireld and Vertonghen as BPD's and rotate him with Sanchez. Top of the league at the mid-way point.
  7. Select Division you are playing in then Stats and down the column on the left at the very bottom select Salary per Annum
  8. Lurked around here for a few years and used to enjoy the discussions within the LLM forum albeit it was a very strict forum but noticed it is no longer there or am i just missing it?
  9. Dinner? you clearly have too much time on your hands Or plan ahead and book Monday as a day off
  10. The graphics, license fixes, facepacks etc have all been downloaded and added, the profile created and the team selected - Pordenone Calcio FC this is the beginning of something and it will all have been worth the 12hr wait. Surely there is an easier way lol All that is now left is to hit 'Continue'.....
  11. Did you try and hire a 'Data Analyst' or a 'Chief Data Analyst'? Reason I ask is that I got blocked by the board in hiring a 'Data Analyst' but was allowed to hire a 'Chief Data Analyst'
  12. Just started scouting him - early reports are positive - will report back once completed....
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