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  1. You need to go to the Player Instructions tab and then click on the AML/AMR position and then at the bottom underneath instructions it says "swap positions with",
  2. I managed to find an hour yesterday after work to test some of my theories and the DLF (S) + Mez (S) + WB's (A) on V2.0 made a difference in attack. Striker scored two and 2 assists were from the left back. Didn't try free role on the striker yet but might not be needed. Obviously against bigger opponents the WB's might get found out so need to keep an eye out on that.
  3. Maybe a stupid question, but did you check if the swapping positions instructions is applied in the Player Instructions?
  4. That's fair enough feedback! I haven't tried the new version yet so was just spit balling some ideas off the top of my head. Maybe it's just a case of testing different duties to see where you get the right balance. Maybe a DLF on support with a Free Role could give some joy? That's pretty much a CF without RWB. It most likely will set your shape to Fluid though unless you change the backs.
  5. What I've been noticing is maybe a Positive Mentality plus an attacking DLF is maybe making the striker too disconnected from the team? Possibly Standard/Cautious is better for attacking strikers? Also there is no difference in instructions for a DLF on Attack or Support apart from mentality which is interesting. On FM18 I'm pretty sure DLF on attack had make more forward runs. Disagree on the Mez though, I think he's doing well. You could experiment with his partner maybe to make him more efficient? Sorry I'm not on FM at the moment until the weekend due to high workload so I can't experiment myself but in theory switching the backs back to Attack, Mez (s or a) + AP (s) in midfield (to clarify Holder/Passer/Runner) + DLF (s) could be an interesting experiment. Should make your team more compact and less spread out but also make the fullbacks overlap more which is what you wanted originally. Also it keeps the Flexible Team Shape which on Positive mentality I do like. Maybe someone else on the board could run the experiment?
  6. Decided to use this tactic as a template in LLM but tweaked it slightly and works really well for me. Tweaks included: The Out of Possession instructions were too aggressive for lower league teams so lowered the DL, LoE and PI to a more comfortable level. Unticked Tight Marking as I've changed a few player PI's. Changed FB (A)'s to WB (S)'s. The reason why is because I find when you have Overlap's selected it's better to have supportive fullbacks so their mentality isn't too disjointed from the defence. Adding Overlaps automatically gives the fullbacks more mentality so no need for the attacking role. Changed CF (S) to DLF (A). Difficult to find at LL level so just went with a bog-standard DLF until I can get better quality. Edited set-peices slightly as I was giving away too much. Some of it was actually due to the high D-line as well. I've attached the tactic below if anyone wants to try something which won't get you caught on the break so much. Credit obviously goes to FuSS, I just tailored it to a LL team. Justified FuSStidious.fmf
  7. I was a nOOb when wibble/wobble was the hottest thing in CM
  8. Only 1 Over 20 is allowed to play in the U20 games, that's why your U20 manager is ignoring your availability of players as he can only play 1 of them. I think the way around this is to schedule U18 friendlies and make them available for that
  9. Tested it and I won the PL with Hull first season. I didn't use OP either...
  10. Firstly I'd like to say that I appreciate the work that SI put into the game making it the most realistic Football Management Sim on the market. I've always been a loyal fan of the series, bought the game every year and judging by the hours put in I've thoroughly enjoyed it. However this is the first FM I've actually refunded. I didn't feel like the game had been a big enough evolution that I've been used to in the past. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game but it's good at best in my opinion. I guess for those who missed out on FM16 probably see this as a better game. However for me it's a Data Update + New Social Feed (which albeit is more modern then Subscriptions but I actually prefer Subs then Social) + New Staff Roles + New Contract Negotiation Stages. But Training + Tactics remained the same and I feel since the series first started these have always had some sort of upgrade. To my amazement they'd be left untouched. SI haven't lost a customer here, far from it as I'll still continue playing FM16 but they have lost a purchase as I look forward to seeing what FM18 brings. Thanks, Justified
  11. Sorry to ruin it for you but the player didn't have white hair... He's wearing a bandage because he's picked up a head injury (hence the medical sign above him)
  12. For those that are complaining about cards and foul count in this tactic I would recommend the following. Set up Hard Tackling OI's on WB's, Wide Midfielders, Wide Attacking midfielders and Strikers and then remove "Get Stuck In". I saw that Franky plays with both OI's and Get Stuck In which might mean foul counts will be high but really you only need to stop crosses coming into the box and the OI's I posted will hinder that but also get your card count and fouls down. Hope that helps
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