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  1. I don't mind the narrow width so much as you've stretched your WB's to hug the line more. However I would maybe consider a CARsu instead of the AP. Seeing as the IFat cuts in, the WBsu stays wide then he'd fill in a bit in the halfspace and support attacks. You'd also make more space centrally for your DLPsu as both the CAR and MEZ would be wider. This is all theoretical though, we don't know if your players can handle this type of system.
  2. Tbh I still do what I did when I played CM2. I still have pieces of paper with scribbles all over them that I do once I know what my playing staff is and eventually I try and put them into practice Tbh the game has some good overall pre-sets where you can get ideas of what playing style you want to implement but I'd never recommend playing them "out of the box" as they're terribly unbalanced. Just use them for reference of playing styles. Once you know what playing style you want you can start analysing what each instruction does and how it effects your tactic (pre-season is a great time to do this).
  3. I'm not going to say it's impossible to play Gegenpress with a targetman however I wouldn't be a fan. If the ball is on for a speedier player running deep he might get ignored as the targetman is the option players are going to look for. I actually had a targetman type in my Bath City save when I first took over but I played him as PFsu. It's a similiar role in possession but is physical without and fits in with the philosophy better. I always think of targetmen best utilised in a counter attacking tactic where your team sit deeper so he provides an outball. Like I said, it wouldn't be impossible as I'm pretty sure I caught a BTN video somewhere with Rashidi played a high press system with a targetman. I just personally feel it's not particularly a role that leds itself to the playing style. PF, DLF or CF fit in quite nicely.
  4. It's a mega achievement tbh and shows the work you've put into it! Do you feel that once you've got the ball rolling It's quite easy to maintain a steady stream of MP's? Or is quite a tricky manoeuvre?
  5. Well the season before Roma won that Scudetto, Lazio had a belter of a team when they won it. Salas, Mancini, Mihajlovic, Nesta, Veron, Nedved, Stankovic, Simone... Sven as manager Serie A glory days indeed back then.
  6. Cafu was a monster at right back. I have a soft spot for Roma as I loved their team back in the day with Totti/Montella/Batigol up top and players like Cafu, Candela, Aldair, Tomassi and Walter Samuel. 00/01 I believe they won the Scudetto with that team with Capello in charge.
  7. I'm guessing their players were fit because they were actually in the World Cup or they played U23 friendlies?
  8. I don't mind the 343 too much although Stones' form is questionable at the moment. I'd actually go 433 with Maddison, JWP and Hendo in midfield. I think that'd be a good balance. Grealish would occupy the same space as Sterling and Chilwell if he plays where Maddison tends to be a bit more central. Hendo and JWP could alternate in midfield depending on the game. If we need more space against deeper lying opponents we could have JWP holding and Hendo making unselfish runs. If we need a bit more stability then Hendo and JWP hold and it almost becomes a 4231 in attack. I will echo the midfield point though, I think England lack that one player who could be the difference next summer. The rest of the team is definitely quality though.
  9. If going AF then yes a AP or a simple AM would work. Depends on your player. I wouldn't personally have a DLP on defence just because I don't like playmakers on low mentalities if I'm looking for him to be a creative force.
  10. You're playing a plug and play tactic so would be more appropriate to post in the relevant thread.
  11. The description on the role is actually explained really well. Think a B2B in a the DM strata.
  12. I like the SV role as it feels quite versatile. Obviously the more attributes you hit, the better he'll perform. I'd say for the support role you definitely want a ball winning type but with good off the ball skills. With the attack role you want more of a runner type with good finishing. It's also important what role you give next to him.
  13. Again I feel that you're too bogged down in suitable roles for players. It's a team game so looking at the balance over the whole team is more important then what role is best suitable for one player. For me, tactical style is more important then roles. No matter what team, I always play in the same way because I know what pros and cons the style has. After that I build from front to back which might be different from other managers but for me it's how are we going to score because I'm comfortable my playing style/formation will get me stable defence. If Neves is your best creative outlet then definitely get him in a role that supports the attack and a high enough mentality to do so. I'd want nothing less then Positive as his personal individual mentality. How you achieve that is multiple ways.
  14. The "issue" you have with playing your striker in an attacking role is that he has "comes deep" as a PPM. However sometimes in attacking mentalities and attacking roles it gets slightly bypassed however he won't be optimal. You have a couple of choices really, unlearn the trait and he'll be a better threat in attacking roles or you could go with a support role. He is actually quite a good False Nine which would complement you wanting to implement a SS. Personally I'd go with the former, I had a similiar issue when I was in League One with Bath City and found a striker in Spain who was a great attacking player but he had "comes deep" PPM. Normally I'd look elsewhere but he was way too good for League One at the time to ignore so I signed him and got him to unlearn the trait and he was much much better afterwards, top of the scoring charts. He even did it for me in the Championship the following seasons too. You can see when you're watching matches that if you play a player in an attacking role with "come deep" that they hold their runs at times when they should be attacking which can be slightly annoying
  15. Try and see what works. I wouldn't do a double playmaker in the centre though. Try and think of it logically. If you were a defender and both players in centre mid are playmakers, who do you pass??
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