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  1. Sorry, your post doesn't say anything about you reading the link I shared, nor does the part about pre-season I pointed you towards include a pre-prepared schedule. What it does contain is information regarding match fitness, fatigue, jadedness, physical training and injury risk to help you create your own training schedule, which is exactly what you asked about: TL;DR - yes.
  2. Pinned to the top of the Tactics & Training forum, scroll down a little in the opening post to “Best Practise”.
  3. Unless his development is being affected, don’t worry about it. And in the picture above it states “has performed especially well in training lately and is showing an improvement…”
  4. Didn’t even know you could play FM on the xbox so no idea . Anyway, in terms of what you see it “may” have more to do with your use of a DLP in combination with distribute to CBs and available space for your DLP. Players will tend to look to pass to designated playmakers first - however you have asked your GK to pass it to the CBs first who then look for the DLP. By the time your CBs get the ball the DLP may be marked so they clear it (or try a longer pass). Why not distribute to the DLP? The DLP is also a fairly static role so check to see if he is actually in space often enough to receive a pass. Does he have good off the ball? You are also playing with a relatively high defensive line with 2 support duty players in midfield, which compresses space in that DMC area a bit more. There’s still room for improvement in the ME and without actually seeing how your matches play out it’s hard to say for certain, but that’s my best guess.
  5. @fraudiola If you are looking for possible tactical solutions you need to post your complete tactic (with all TIs and PIs detailed) and (ideally) a match pkm that demonstrates the issue. The tactic used in the pkm needs to be the one you post full detail of .
  6. Unless it's being changed for FM22, player's can't improve their weak foot past "reasonable" anyway, unless they are born with "reasonable" (or better) when created as a newgen (or if a Researcher identifies a real life player as such). So it really doesn't take up much PA. Also worth noting it's still optional, it's just a staff member asking the question.
  7. You’ll be fine. Match time becomes more relevant for development for players aged 18+ not 20+, and more game time will always be useful, but so long as they are playing regularly it’ll still be beneficial.
  8. Going to buck the trend here - I welcome a revamped Deadline Day. Why? 2 main reasons: 1) It needed it. It's not exactly fun clicking "next" on emails or answering a dumb journo question. It's not immersive or thrilling. Other parts of the UI could also use a revamp, parts which are perhaps more important to me, but it would be pretty entitled of me to think what I consider to be a higher priority should be done ahead of SI's own priorities. So any improvement can only be a good thing and is welcomed. 2) Talking of immersion, it isn't "realistic" - which is kind of what SI go for after all - so it needed an injection of realism. For all those saying "don't use it, waste of time, not what we wanted" I'll ask you how realistic is it that you conclude all of your business shortly after the end of the previous season? Personally I do just that myself a fair amount of time but I don't always and sometimes do business on Deadline Day. It can be fun to get last minute tempting offers for players and gets me looking around to see if I can find a suitable replacement at such short notice (or just take the cash). So I welcome any improvements to the UI/UX in this area. It's not all a bed of roses of course. In the video it's stated that player transfers can get cheaper the nearer to Deadline Day it gets as players become more desperate to move. If strides have been made towards that it might incentivise people to do (some of) their business later in the window or on Deadline Day. The optimist in me hopes that's been modelled in the game, although no mention was made in the video. Likewise a wider transfer revamp may also be useful. If so many are concluding their transfer business so early, thus making Deadline Day pointless for them, there must be reasons why they do that. Nobody seems to be giving reasons though which is unfortunate as that may actually be useful feedback. Is cash too easy to come by? Too quick and easy to conclude deals? Players too willing to move? Boards too willing to sanction deals? Is scouting too powerful? Clubs in top divisions could probably tick all of those boxes (and more) so transfers become nothing more than a brief distraction. In lower divisions perhaps not so much, where cash is much tighter, bargains need to be found and waiting to see who might get transfer listed can become a game of chicken as Deadline Day approaches. So overall an improved Deadline Day experience can only be a good thing, however unless some people have an actual reason to use it it'll probably just continue to be "Decline" on the invitation for them.
  9. Click the drop down box labelled “Position/Role/Duty” and simply select a position and role to train. If you want to train him in the central midfield position as a Box to Midfielder, select it. Equally if you want to train him in the central defence position as a Ball Playing Defender you can do that as well. All you are actually doing is selecting a bunch of attributes to focus his training on - change the selection to fit the attributes you want. If you just leave it to the default position the game will just select what it sees as his most natural position and won’t select a role (attributes) for training.
  10. Have you taken control of individual training? If not then he is training as a DM because that's what whoever is in charge of it (your Assistant Manager?) has told him to do.
  11. Treat them with a pinch of salt. Add in recommendations only if you yourself see that they are needed.
  12. It will absolutely have an effect in terms of attribute development. When you are selecting role training you aren’t actually asking him to train for that role - you are asking him to train a certain selection of attributes. Other attributes will of course still develop however they’ll be the main focus. Selecting a “role” to train is nothing more than a quick method of selecting certain attributes to train. I’d also suggest don’t ignore the “Additional Focus”. Select that to give him a boost in specific areas, especially If the role you select doesn’t cover those specific areas. In terms of tactical familiarity you’ll still be playing him as a left back and that’s what the game will base it on, so no issues there either.
  13. Holy moly that’s certainly some dedication there Vince. This probably isn’t what you want to hear but this is my workaround - I don’t use set pieces. At all. Personally I simply don’t see any tangible difference between spending ages setting them up (as I used to) and not bothering with them. Which is perhaps a wider issue. Of course I appreciate other people’s mileage may vary, I just stopped using them several FMs ago because I felt I was wasting my time. My players still take up decent attacking or defensive positions all by themselves and we still (infrequently) score or concede goals without any additional input from me. Hopefully someone does have an actual workaround for you. If not, I’d suggest running your own test to see if you notice any tangible difference yourself. If nothing else it’ll give your mouse a longer life .
  14. Those are in possession instructions. In the video you linked what happened is your defence got caught out of position due to a quick counter attack by the opposition. Your left back lost out high up the pitch meaning the rest of your defence (CBL, CBR, RB) all shifted to the left to cover, which left the gap in the RB position where they scored from. That particular case wasn't a problem with your CBR, it was a problem with the poor pass to your left back.
  15. Does he do it regularly? That's the question you always need to ask and look for - regular patterns of play. If what you describe above is rare or just a one off it could be nothing more than an error of judgement / bad decision by the player, which is part of the game. (If he has a low Decisions attribute, perhaps even coupled with bad Positioning, he may do it fairly regularly anyway - in which case you buy a better player).
  16. You could use the “create a club” feature. When setting up a game in this manner you get choose your affiliate clubs and what type of affiliations they are. I’m not sure it will get you everything that you want but that’s about the closest you’ll get.
  17. It’s more to do with the combination of Mentality, Role, Duty and the player. So expect an FB-d to advance forward more often if using the Attacking mentality rather than the Defensive mentality. Likewise a player with the Trait to get forward often will do so more often than a player without or a player with the Trait to stay back at all times.
  18. This . It's off topic so I'll hide what I do in a spoiler here.
  19. Depends on the players you have. You can't go too far wrong with a Defensive Midfielder or if you have someone suitable then perhaps a DLP. With such a deep formation and 2 centre backs don't be afraid of support duty players there unless you see a particular need. See how the new roles work out first . Just remember that you are playing as the Ethiopian national team, so set your expectations accordingly .
  20. This is your problem - you are trying to do something which the game isn't designed for. You even say it yourself "Half-Backs are supposed to be paired with two CB’s exclusively" yet you are trying to force a HB into a 3 centre back system. If it worked "perfectly" in FM20 but doesn't in FM21 it's probably because the ME got a tweak to plug that hole. imo forget trying to force a HB into that system (which you see isn't working) and make things easier on yourself by having some defensive cover out wide in the shape of a couple of wingbacks. Why drop the wide players to the wingback position? Because you've seen that issue as well: "they are the only wide players and I need them at the back to defend the flanks" "The most isolated player is surprisingly the DCR. When the pressured Half-Back passes the ball to the DCR, the MR is too far up the pitch for an easy pass" You've already identified the issues, you're just over complicating things for yourself by trying to get a HB into formation where a HB simply doesn't belong .
  21. Just to elaborate a little on hunt3r's post, you're theorising. You won't know until you try. Any player can play any role, they'll just play it differently compared to other players. He may be "better" on paper as a Poacher but to say he's "no good as a DLF" unless you actually try him as such is just guesswork. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I seem to remember @Cleon playing a fullback as a striker a little while ago to demonstrate just that. Anyway, in answer to the original question: Neither. How they combine together (and with the rest of your system) is what's important. For example, why give a wingback an attack duty if he already has the Trait to get forward often? You can of course, but do you need to within the scope of your system? And you won't know the answer to that until you try .
  22. Yeh probably not, however during the create-a-club process you can choose affiliate clubs and how they are affiliated. For example I’ve chosen all Red Bull clubs as affiliates and told them to share scouting, marketing, match bids for players and a couple of other options. There are loads of other options too such as share Board, kit, loaning, training and so on.
  23. Based on his average position analysis post match or based on actually watching his movement during matches? If the former that's perfectly normal as it averages out his position during the course of 90 mins. If the latter you'll need to give us a copy of a match pkm because an attacking wingback who stays level (or behind) DMs is not something I've ever come across and would need to see examples to understand what's happening.
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