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  1. Welcome to the forum. You cannot revert back to a previous version, however Patch 19.3.6 changed only some advertising hoardings and a rare crash related to editor files - nothing game changing. https://community.sigames.com/topic/492498-1936-update/?do=findComment&comment=12004759 If you're in doubt about buying FM20, play the free demo first when it's available.
  2. That's pretty much what I look for too. Don't ignore opposition stats though - for example their shots/shots on target can be of note, especially if you are playing on key highlights. Player ratings can be a bit of a mixed bag. The calculations aren't clear and sometimes even lowish ratings doesn't have to mean someone's having a bad game (eg., a goalie with a rating of 6.5 may just mean he hasn't got much to do and so your defence is working well) but they can at least give you a heads up about somebody to keep an eye on. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself though, which is the whole point after all .
  3. Welcome to the forum . As you are finding out, feedback during matches (lets be kind here) should be viewed with caution. It's no substitute for seeing what is actually happening on the pitch and/or your own reading of the stats. And from your reading of the stats you found that Ekkelenkamp is actually having a decent game. So by all means read what your assistant is telling you, but never act on it without checking things for yourself .
  4. I'm not going to post any more warnings in thread about posting with a little respect, there's been more than enough already. Posts are being removed and more direct action will now be taken against individuals who can't seem to grasp this basic concept. If you ignore warnings you leave us no other option, this is on you. We get the frustration - I'm impatient for the game too - but if you start using some of the phrases we've been seeing ("SI are making mugs of us" is one recent pearler) you'll only have yourselves to blame if you get a private warning message or even a ban. Post your frustrations, post your impatience, just don't cross the line by posting your abuse.
  5. It doesn't make it easier. As I said above, specific examples are needed. More often than not that means match pkms (plural) with relevant timings indicated during those matches when issues occur or improvements are sought. So when you say "GKs coming off the line to clear a loose ball (esp if i play a high line and GK Sweeper)" (for example) it's meaningless without demonstrating specific examples of when during matches the GK should be coming off his line. Without specifics it's nothing more than discussion, opinion or hyperbole but nothing for the developers to actually get their teeth into. That's not to say they may not already be working on similar issues, but if you want specific things improved (and you clearly do as we apparently only have less than 50% of a game so far) you need to deal in specifics. "Players tussling" is not specific. There can never be too many reports. In fact the more reports there are, the higher the chances become of the issue getting a higher priority.
  6. And it grates on the mods when we get misinterpreted, quoted out of context or hyperbole is offered without specifics. You seem to have a good grasp on things, although I haven't noticed much in the way of bug reports or new feature requests from you in the last 20-30 years. If the game is at less than 50% right now, please do share your knowledge by raising lots of new feature requests and pointing out - with specific examples - all the bugs and precisely where things need to be improved. But you won't will you - all mouth and no trousers. Start dealing in specifics if you want to be taken seriously.
  7. Don't be so literal, it's just an expression . 1) We don't know. If SI choose to tell us they will. Or not. But knowing won't change the date and we have no "right" to know the reasons anyway. It'll be ready when it's ready. 2) I already gave you some thoughts on that. 3) You responded to those thoughts with "fair point". We're all keen to play the new game, so lets just exercise a little patience.
  8. Of course we can reduce the amount of blocked crosses by reducing the amount of crossing attempts. That's not the ME, that's maths. If you want to change the proportion of blocked crosses that's different, but there are still tactical and personnel issues which can help with that. There are ME issues sure (as I keep saying btw) and those can be more prevalent depending on the style you are trying to create, so tactical and personnel solutions may be more or less effective. Fixed that for you. Come on you know full well that was a joke, don't start using it as a stick.
  9. I've used a Treq in both the AMC position (a 442/4411 hybrid - FM16) and the AMR position (in a 4123DM - FM19). Both times the players nailed the role and were basically my star players. Wrote about them too: https://community.sigames.com/topic/364527-developing-my-4-4-2/ https://community.sigames.com/topic/465977-developing-my-4123dm-wide-tiki-taka/
  10. Lets not get into personal attacks please, that's when bickering starts and I'd quite like a quiet afternoon . We don't know why it's released later this year, but it's only a few extra days to wait. I'll add don't forget that the game represents global football, not just British or European, and not everyone's transfer window closed at the beginning of September (or mid August). For example, Argentina's closed at the end of Sept, Australia's is closing today. That level of accuracy is important for FM.
  11. This is my main problem with the tactics creator. Telling your team to focus play down the middle does not necessarily equate to them actually doing it. Just like work ball into box is not a magic button to eliminate long shots or shorter passing means every pass will be short. That's not made clear in the TC. Tactical instructions are tendencies, not strict orders. And further, play will tend to migrate to where there is space on the pitch. So whilst telling your players to play through the middle may increase the tendency for them to look for a central player to pass to, if they don't have a team mate free to receive the pass, they probably won't. Likewise with cross early they may tend to look for an early cross but unless someone is suitably positioned in the area the cross will land, they probably won't cross. Or they do cross but because it's such a high risk play it fails. And to be honest that's perfectly logical because if they do cross to nobody or pass to a central heavily marked player, you'll probably lose possession. And like I said, that's not made clear in the TC, hence confusion. Personally I never use such instructions and yet I don't have a problem with crossing. I rarely use work ball into box and yet I don't have an issue with long shots. That's because of how I set things up, some of which I outline above. But I could easily have a problem with crossing (or long shots) if I set things up differently and that is perhaps where the ME lets itself down, especially when people use aggressive player roles and/or tactics. So nobody has ever said the game is perfect, not even the developers, and it certainly doesn't help itself in some areas, but that doesn't mean there aren't things we may be able to do to help the situation. Unfortunately they're not always obvious or forces us to move too far away from the tactical style we want to implement and that can be a problem in itself.
  12. There are 2 issues. One is the issue I am talking about, that being if someone asks "how to reduce crossing" my answer is based on the tools which we actually have within our control, for example trying a different role. The other issue is the one you are talking about - changing the coding of the game. So long term we may see coding changes, but until that happens we can only deal with what we have.
  13. From your lengthy post I'm not seeing the problem with my original statement? You even agreed with it: Or are you saying the problem is that the in-game traditional "Winger" role has less and less relevance in modern football (which isn't what my post referred to)? If that's the case I'd agree and disagree - at the top or even secondary level it is perhaps a valid point but go lower down the pyramid and "tactics" can be pretty archaic (yet still effective). And the game is aimed at all levels of football, not just top teams. We use the tools we have. So at present if we find the "Winger" role too one-dimensional then we can do something about it, which is my point. Changing those tools is a whole different kettle of fish and a different conversation, which I believe is your point.
  14. And yet (as you well know) it's perfectly possible to play the game with a minimum of tactical instructions. btw in this context I really couldn't give a stuff what AI managers get up to - my focus here (and over in the tactics forum, along with the other "forumees") is squarely on helping others who come looking for it. Join in and pass on your knowledge .
  15. And how about reducing blocked crosses? Well, reducing the number of crosses attempted can be a good place to start which will help focus the play more through the centre of the pitch instead. I'm not going to talk about your forward's movement here (although improving things here is certainly an option) but rather who is making the crosses which will typically be your wide players. 1) Use the wide midfielder role rather than the winger role. The Winger role tends to be a little one dimensional - run down the touchline and cross. It's a Winger's raison d'être, which is fine if that's what you want from the role but if you are after a little more flexibility, use the WM role instead. 2) If you are using the wingback or fullback role, tone the duty down. Instead of an attack duty player, use support or even defend. Don't think that a defend duty Wingback is just going to sit deep all day long, he won't. He may not get forward as often as an attack duty Wingback does, what it means is he'll tend to get forward in lower risk situations and keep pace with the ball rather than getting ahead of it (although he'll still do that on occasion). 3) Use player Traits and tactical instructions in combination. Combine your attack duty Wingback with a player who has the Trait to get forward often and he'll camp in the opposition half waiting to cross at every given opportunity. But combine the same player with a Wingback (defend) instead and you have a different beast on your hands. Similarly if you feel your defend duty Wingback doesn't get as far forward as often as you want try using the "Look for Overlap" instruction, as that slightly increases the mentality of the Wingback. And of course the overall Team Mentality you choose will impact and adjust things further. These combinations are extremely important but often overlooked, so never view things in isolation from each other. (I've used Wingbacks as the example here but these same principles apply to all roles and positions). Now that's not to say things can't improved in the ME (they can) but at the same time that doesn't mean we are helpless and just have to put up with it.
  16. ok so the AI are scoring goals with similar types of shots to ones you are missing? Given that AI managers have the exact same tools as we do, what does this tell us? Some options may be: 1) You're not defending very well. 2) Your players can't handle pressure, panic and take pot shots. 3) Your players don't have as many alternatives as you think. 4) Your players do have options but they are making bad choices. 5) Your players do have options but your set up encourages them to shoot instead of pass. 6) Some/all of the above. 7) There is something built into the game to favour the AI (there isn't). 8) Something else entirely because we have no context or actual examples so can only theorise. For me I typically see an average of c.20 attempted crosses per game, around half my goals scored from crosses, and the majority of goals scored from inside the box. That may be because I play with a different style of football from what you are attempting, I don't know. But we have no idea how you are setting up so at the moment we can only generalise. Maybe some of the issues you are seeing are ME related but again we don't know because we don't what you are doing. You've asked for screen shots yet there are plenty of discussions over in the tactics forum which contain just that.
  17. Good work . I think @DiStru_ might be interested in what you've done, given his recent thread:
  18. Have a think about this. You are punching well above your weight and every game seems to be close. Of course they're going to be close - you're punching well above your weight. The only issue here is your own expectations. Be satisfied with what you are achieving so far and keep a close eye on how you continue because the AI can be very good at adapting their tactics based on your performance, so expect them to start tightening up. If they do and results start to go against you, then consider how you can adapt (if you need to). Otherwise just be happy with how you are doing and bring in better players over time. You're doing well, don't put so much pressure on yourself .
  19. I'm confused. You say "before the game" indicating you only had an issue with just one match, yet you had a run of 8 matches with poor form? Anyway, during a long period of poor form it's advisable to do more than just have a team meeting, use shouts and a bit of squad rotation (if those things don't work) as it can indicate something more serious is happening.
  20. Yeh, the thing is though mate that's not where the game leads people. If we want to set up a "defensive" tactic, everything in game suggests to people they should use a low mentality and formation to drive a defensive low block system. And when they come here to learn more about it, they see us talking about using the Attacking mentality which - as you demonstrate - is a perfectly valid way of doing things, but it can also confuse the hell out of people.
  21. Personally I view Aggression as a kind of "natural" pressing, ie., players with higher aggression are perhaps more likely to get involved, thus they'll be more willing to close down a player even without being told to do so via the pressing tactical setting. That's not to say non-aggressive players won't close down, however I find it more complimentary to use aggressive players if I want to use a heavy pressing tactic.
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