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  1. I would like to know what formation is considered top heavy system. Is 4123 as in 1 DM ,2 CM, 2 wide AM and 1 striker considered top heavy?
  2. Finally i got the chance to play the game this week. Iv never been successful in playing with a back 3 but for the first 8 competitive matches its been looking good. Before i started the game i was completely lost as i have never played with this formation before and thanks to rashidi for his youtube videos it helped me alot. I would like to apologize if any of you dont understand my English as it is not my first language. so here's my formation: [/img] Iv made 3 tactics but most of the time i used the control mentality and the rest is just for the sake of familiarity in case i change menta
  3. Iv been in this forum for few years. Never posted anything. Can i participate in this challenge?
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