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  1. I would like to know what formation is considered top heavy system. Is 4123 as in 1 DM ,2 CM, 2 wide AM and 1 striker considered top heavy?
  2. Finally i got the chance to play the game this week. Iv never been successful in playing with a back 3 but for the first 8 competitive matches its been looking good. Before i started the game i was completely lost as i have never played with this formation before and thanks to rashidi for his youtube videos it helped me alot. I would like to apologize if any of you dont understand my English as it is not my first language. so here's my formation: [/img] Iv made 3 tactics but most of the time i used the control mentality and the rest is just for the sake of familiarity in case i change mentality or shape during the match. im actually not really good at spotting issues in tactics but the things i have seen repeatedly are if i was playing with low defensive line and not closing down this gives the AI time and space to move the ball around and exploit the space on the flanks. So that's why i decided to play with a high mentality plus the instructions of higher d-line,close down and mark tighter set as PI for DCL and DCR as i think this will reduce the opponent's space to get the ball, turn and exploit the spaces behind. as for the roles selection, iv been changing the roles for STL from AF to DLF/A and also the back three at first, i used all 3 CD/D to stopper/cover/stopper to D/C/D and now back to S/C/S. The reason why i change back to S/C/S was the same as above that is to close down our opponent's forwards before they could turn and face the CBs. I'v also set PI to my GK to pass tp cb, lower risk passing etc. Next is our results so far: [/img] I know its still early of the season and actually im still not happy with the ratings my players got especially the STL position but as the season goes ill try to tweak the roles of course. Another thing is we have not face top teams yet and i just got the feeling im gonna get hammered. lol This is actually my first posting of tactic in this forum. so im not sure if the image i posted can be seen. haha
  3. Iv been in this forum for few years. Never posted anything. Can i participate in this challenge?
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