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  1. It can also be a CM(s) or BWM (s), whatever you want. A carrilero doesn't only defend the flanks but also covers the middle so when the right personnel is used the middle will still be covered. Speaking of weakening areas for no reason: why 3 attacking duties on the same flank? You have to watch them very closely as there is little to no protection there right? I would swap the CM(a) with the DLP(s) and change the FB behind the IF to support. I agree it all depends on what you want to achieve.
  2. Do you want a narrow or wide 4-3-3 @Greyfriars Bobby? I like playing a wide 4-3-3 this way: W(a) - F9/DLF(s) - AP (s) Mezz/CM (a) - Car DLP (d) IWB (d) BPD/DCB - CB WB(a) SK(d) Or this way like in @herne79 West Ham Thread: W(s) - F9/DLF(s) - Raum/IF(a) Mezz/CM(a) - AP(s) DM(d) FB(a) - CB - BPD/DCB - WB (s) SK(d) You could also check out @Rashidi Ajax diaries where he played a 4-3-3 or @Cleon Art of Possession Thread, stickied at top of tactis forum
  3. Beside the massive in form strikers Ronaldo, Lukaku and Kane I enjoyed watching Ruben Loftus-Cheek. When he came on vs Tunisia he immediately made an impact. Played much more opportunistic than Alli/Lingard did imo. And he showed it against Panama too.
  4. I agree. Might as well import XA, expected assist
  5. I can't wait for a database like this. I would really like Canadian and USA clubs separated and rules like the English PL. So regular first team, B-team/U23-team not in a league, youth team in separate league and just named LA Galaxy U19/18 for example. This way you can get a first team player get match fit with the reserves when back from injury etc. Above cleans everything up nicely. I don't like B-teams in the same pyramid like Bundesliga/LaLiga. Premier League setup has my preference
  6. I use high and slider al the way to the left and rest after matches ticked. Change to average when I have 2 matches in a week. This way I have to rotate some players tho
  7. Why is that a general rule of thumb? I agree you can play a advanced forward with a IF on the flanks. It depends on how you imagine them playing. An AF sits on the shoulders of the defenders and runs into space. He needs supply, the IF can give him supply with through balls for example. But to make this happen you first need to make sure the AF has space to run into by drawing the opposing team out and you have to make sure the IF plays those balls by giving him PI more risky passes for example
  8. Right now you have the option to set 3 thresholds in the game (by default at 16, 11 and 6) so in the player profile screen there are 4 different colours dividing the attribute grading. I would like to have at least one more threshold to divide the attributes. That way I can divide the attributes in 1-9 (bad), 10-12 (average), 13-14 (good), 15-16 (very good) and 17-20 (exceptional) for example. As I said by default you have the some colour for 11-15, but for me 15 is way better than 11 so there should at least be one extra colour to number of attributes per group. Like to hear what others think
  9. I used a 5-4-1 yesterday with Portsmouth (relegation side in Prem) and created a lot of chances vs high profile teams In defence it's a flat back 5 with FB(a)'s and BPD's Midfield was 2x CM(s) and one BWM(d) with a Adv PM in front Lone striker can be whatever you like When we had possession though this turns into a 3-4-3 system because the fullbacks move forward to help midfield and also end up as wingers to cross to the striker
  10. In regards to using a playmaker yes or no, this is what I do sometimes. I assess my formation vs formation of opponent and see where a playmaker naturally would have most space to work. So for example: 4-1-2-1-2 vs 4-2-3-1 I would use my playmaker at CAM slot and Anchorman at DM to nullify their CAM 4-1-2-1-2 vs 4-1-2-3 (4-3-3) I would use my playmaker at DM slot Btw I use the exact same setup for my Portsmouth diamond. Sometimes I experiment with control mentality, retain possession, pass into space When I feel I need to be more cautious I turn one CM(s) into a CM(d) or turn a Fullback into support role
  11. The explanation on why you want to get rid of certain players and what players you are looking to bring in is superb! Also explaining both the concepts of building a tactic around a team and building a team around a tactic is really helpful for a lot of players. Keep up the good work Herne
  12. Correct, sit narrower is an 'in posession' shout so it doesn't make that player sit narrower when defending. When defending your team automatically takes up a narrow shape. Telling the player to sit narrow has it's defensive pro's tho. Because when you attack narrower and lose the ball that player is already more central so he can provide good central cover and force play out wide.
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