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  1. I thought the Chelsea factor might have played a part Also hurts me a bit being an Everton fan considering the 5-0 hammering but at the same time is part of the reason I want to make one to use against Conte and get FM revenge love your threads anyway Ozil I look forward to seeing what you have got in store for the future
  2. Hi Ozil I love this thread. I tried recreating a Wales tactic over the summer because of their success and think your one represents them very well. I wonder if you will do your own spin on Contes Chelsea as I imagine the core of the formation and tactics won't change more just the Ramsey Bale and Striker roles perhaps.
  3. [Everton] (Official) Data Issues

    I have noticed Idrissa Gana Gueye is showing as being left footed when in actual fact he is a right footed player IRL
  4. Cleon how different do you think the tactic would be if you swapped the RPM and B2B midfielders around? As both have the movement but I wonder how much it would change the tactic overall?
  5. My bad I downloaded the games without reading underneath haha. Sorry. The perfect answer is there already.
  6. I noticed in match 2 and 3 that Sanchez was left on Complete Forward Attack was this deliberate rather than support? I do think it works very well as attack mind you. Plays very similar to Henry which I have never seen on FM before.
  7. This is a great read. We have very similar opinions it seems in terms of tactics and player roles haha.
  8. Reaction..Could you post a screen shot of how you use Messi as well please?
  9. FM10 - Official Players Role Thread

    What does everyone think about Cristiano Ronaldo? i would prefer to play him AML so he would cut in more...but i can't seem to get him to score so easy. Ino its Ronaldo but still