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  1. I thought the Chelsea factor might have played a part Also hurts me a bit being an Everton fan considering the 5-0 hammering but at the same time is part of the reason I want to make one to use against Conte and get FM revenge love your threads anyway Ozil I look forward to seeing what you have got in store for the future
  2. Hi Ozil I love this thread. I tried recreating a Wales tactic over the summer because of their success and think your one represents them very well. I wonder if you will do your own spin on Contes Chelsea as I imagine the core of the formation and tactics won't change more just the Ramsey Bale and Striker roles perhaps.
  3. Cleon how different do you think the tactic would be if you swapped the RPM and B2B midfielders around? As both have the movement but I wonder how much it would change the tactic overall?
  4. My bad I downloaded the games without reading underneath haha. Sorry. The perfect answer is there already.
  5. I noticed in match 2 and 3 that Sanchez was left on Complete Forward Attack was this deliberate rather than support? I do think it works very well as attack mind you. Plays very similar to Henry which I have never seen on FM before.
  6. This is a great read. We have very similar opinions it seems in terms of tactics and player roles haha.
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