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  1. Do you find it leads to injuries? Is player development noticeably quicker/better?
  2. How does everybody set their players' individual training intensities: And the 'auto' setting: Do you stick with 'automatic', follow physio's recommendations or use other setting? Thank you
  3. Do you find the DLP in the DM position causes the team to play more directly from the back? So more akin to counter attack?
  4. This isn't a tactic-specific thread, more a general discussion about how to use playmakers effectively in different playstyles. For example, what sort of playmaker would you use in a possession system? Or a counter-attack system? I'm sure I read somewhere, a few years ago, that it was advisable to have a playmaker high up the pitch for possession styles (AM or more advanced CM) and lower on the pitch for counter systems (DM or deeper CM). Would you agree?
  5. Take this with a pinch of salt, as I've really struggled with this game, but part of the problem might be the two APs in central midfield. Though one is APs and the other APa, they will mainly do the same thing--they'll both look for the ball, and others will look to pass to them. This could mean that 1) your midfield structure is compromised, and 2) players aren't utilising the wings as much. One playmaker might be better. Sadly, I'm not sure what to suggest with long balls, and the useless one-on-ones. They really do seem broken in this game. In respect of the high press, you might be able to achieve that with fewer instructions. It makes logical sense to have a high line, LOE, counter press and urgent pressing, but if the pressing is that extreme, you're probably leaving so many gaps in your team shape that the press is really easy to break. As a result, far from getting the ball back high, you make it really easy to counter. It might be an idea to try fewer instructions. Though the press wouldn't be as frantic, it could mean that the opponent struggles to break the press with easy passes, and you end up winning the ball higher as a result. When I can bring myself to start the game again, I might try with only 'counter press' and 'tighter marking' and see how that goes.
  6. Hard to say. I think that I've learned to try to think of roles and duties in a more coherent fashion. For example, at right FB, did he need an attack duty? The IWs starts from an advanced wide position and moves inside; the MEZa starts inside and moves into an advanced wide position. Did I really need a third player moving into an advanced wide position on the same flank? On the other side, given that the IF is on attack, the FB position needed a support duty so as to avoid leaving that flank unnecessarily exposed. But was a FB duty enough? Although a FB gets forward, it's generally later than a WB, so during the build up the IFa could be marked by both the opposing RB and RCB. Therefore, it should be WB support, to retain some degree of defensive stability but also enough attacking threat to give the opposing RB a tough decision who to mark/close down. Even so, the WB is quite aggressive in attack, as (obviously) is the IFa, so the CM on that side needed a more conservative role (especially given the attacking CM on the other side). Even so, some of it may just be luck, or hitting good form, or the players being a bit happier. I was very concerned! Aubameyang should work as an IFa, but he was generally useless. He missed so many clear chances, and missed penalties. He needed to be replaced, and Kluivert is a much better fit.
  7. This thread has been really helpful--I've taken some inspiration from what a few different people have said, and also had the benefit of a January transfer window. Set up is now this: Still undecided on the DM and striker roles, but they have been working like this so I've left it for the time being. Might change the HBd back to DMd. As per @BleuBurgers, the DLPs and MEZa have worked really well. I've dropped the right full back to FBs rather than FBa, the rationale being that both the MEZa and IWs will occupy the wing and the half space interchangeably--the FBa left us too exposed in defence, and too crowded in that area in attack. The January window was excellent: Whether it be the new players or the tactic, there has been a massive improvement. I think @Razor940 may have been right about the players, in particular Aubameyang. Objectively, a really good player. However, he was useless in my tactic. He scored two goals in half a season. I've replaced him with Kluivert--ten years younger and not yet as good--and he's scored five goals in five games. Thanks again for all the suggestions, guys.
  8. I agree that the players won't compare with the best in the league across the board, but the attacking players are good. Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe are all, on paper, excellent players. Ceballos is good, better than average for the league I'd say. Guendouzi is getting there, but he's my best option in that position. Torriera is very good. But, as I say, let's leave the defence alone.
  9. Oh don't worry--I've been sacked four times now, I can handle it! Really appreciate the help. That makes sense, and I have found crosses (albeit from quite deep) to be an issue. I always start saves without a first transfer window, so I'm stuck with what I have. I was unlucky that Aubameyang got injured, but he'll be back soon. I would have thought that the front three should work well, they all seem suited to the roles I've given them. The midfield should be ok, in theory. Torriera can defend, Guendouzi is suited to a deeper playmaker role, and Ceballos should be able to attack and create. Though the less said about the defence the better, in game and IRL.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try it out. Just out of curiosity, why 'defend wider'? To prevent the ball going to wingers? And why the DMs as opposed to DMd?
  11. I'll certainly give that a go--I was concerned that with a FBa on the other side both wings would end up really vulnerable. Stupid question, but what is a middle-press, and what instructions would I use to achieve it?
  12. In that game, it was this: At half time, I ticked counter press to try to get the ball a little more. My defence had been so bad that I thought I'd best go back to basics, and start with a 'clean slate' defensively. Long balls were still a serious issue.
  13. What do you find to be the problem with this set-up? I had almost that exact set-up last year, and just tried it in a recent game. In FM19, that was lethal. I had a HBd most of the time, but I changed that to a DMd, and left the DLPs and MEZa. It worked so well. Here is my most recent result, using that set up: I am on the verge of just getting rid of the game. I'm finding it borderline unplayable this year. Nothing has worked. The long ball over the top from the opponent is ridiculously good. I thought that was a problem with my set-up, so I removed all defending and transition instructions. So, on balanced, with normal line, normal LOE and no counter press. My defence were equally bad, just lower on the pitch, and I still got caught with long balls. I was 2-0 at half time. I added counter press at half time, and conceded another two goals. We created next to nothing. I have no idea how to get my team working. I really appreciate all the suggestions, guys, I just can't get a single one of them to work!
  14. New save (sacked again), and here is my latest result, in my third game: West Ham beat us 1-0. Felipe Anderson picked up the ball in his own half, dribbled past four of my players, and then scored with his weaker foot. Meanwhile, Lacazette missed three one-on-one opportunities in the box, and missed a fourth good chance. Even if you can get around this issue, as above, by creating overloads and scoring other kinds of goals, I can't help but think this game is completely broken in terms of one-on-one chances. Yes, in reality there will be some occasions where your star striker misses a golden opportunity. But not multiple times in every single game. It makes no sense. I really hope this gets fixed.
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