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  1. Thanks for sending that link, I'll have a read, looks really helpful!
  2. HI everyone, I was wondering if/how people are using a 'free eight' in their tactics. The closest role/duty combination I can think of in FM20 terms is the mezzala on support, as he will still stay in the midfield area generally (rather than on attack bombing forward at every possible opportunity) but also roaming and moving wide to a slightly greater extent than other roles. What does everyone think?
  3. Thanks for the response! I might try using both and see if I can spot any difference. My confusion with the CWB role was the hardcoded 'stay wider' and 'roam from position'. I don't really see where the CWB will roam to if he is also supposed to stay on the flank!
  4. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I always find myself coming back to this thread when I start struggling in a save! On the 4-3-3 formation, do you ask your IFs to sit narrow, as one of the videos above shows them playing really narrow, even on attacking mentality? Also, do you find there to be a significant difference between a WBs and a CWBs?
  5. A few questions here: 1. Does this automatic set up seem reasonable to most people: 2. Would anybody recommend following the 'physio recommendation' more regularly? I seem to get a lot of players at high risk of injury relatively quickly; and 3. If so, is there a way to set the automatic intensity to the physio recommendation, rather than the 'auto' set up above? Thank you.
  6. @sporadicsmiles I'm a bit late to the thread, but given your team was packed full of creative players, what was the thinking behind not using 'be more expressive'?
  7. The advice makes perfect sense, and I'll try to implement it! My problem is along the lines of Baptista_8's, but I have several players that I don't feel that I can afford to leave out, but I'll give it a go
  8. Cheers for all the advice, guys. I've added BME and the football has definitely improved, the attacks are much more varied, and WBIB seems to have limited the unnecessary long range shots
  9. How long do you find that they stay 'high risk'? It isn't unusual for a player, particularly early in the season, to play two games a week and be fine.
  10. For example: This is my list of players at high risk of injury. Ten players! Almost all of them in the first XI, or bench players.
  11. Makes sense! How quickly do you find players entering the 'high risk' category?
  12. Does anybody successfully employ a rotation system, and how? I tend to use my best XI whenever I can. My only rule (which I only break on extremely rare occasions) is that I won't put anybody below 90% condition in the starting line up. I try not to start somebody who isn't match fit, either. Naturally, this results in a lot of fringe players losing match fitness quickly, but I haven't been able to find any justification for starting a back up player over a first team player if they both have 90% or higher condition.
  13. Has anybody has much success using this instruction as part of their core tactic? Aside from roaming from position, what other effects have people seen? And to what extent do you find your players roaming from position more than they would be without the instruction? I don't tend to use it because I haven't seen any tangible change in the behaviour of my players on the pitch!
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