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  1. Thanks for the response. I have seen your video on the Liquid system--do you still set up that same way, or have you tweaked it since then? At the moment, I still line up with this formation (roles and duties still under construction): Until I get to the summer window and can have a proper clear out (with Ramsey is going anyway), my centre midfield duo are Ramsey and Mkhitaryan (retraining him). Do you have any suggestions for roles/duties for those two, and how you would set up the rules/duties around them? I tend to use Ozil inside forward right, Aubameyang inside forward left and Lacazette striker (false nine at the moment). I've been playing the game for years, but I've never taken such notice of roles duties--I used to (almost religiously) follow the 'Guide to FM' side with regard to distributing duties (i.e. one support and one attacking full back, same for wide forwards), and would alwas go very fluid which tended to keep the playing positions closer. I've found this year much harder as a result! I really appreciate the input.
  2. Thanks, I shall give the system a go and see what happens. I wasn't necessarily going for the gegenpress, I just wanted my team to try to get the ball back quickly. If they can't get the ball back within a few seconds, I would expect them to adopt their defensive positions. I don't think my team is ready for all out aggressive pressing just yet--the team isn't aggressive enough, and the centre backs not quick enough to recover any mistakes. I'll give the system a try with more support roles and see what happens. One question: do you find dropping the passing or the tempo more effective? I have noticed that shorter passing can work well, but the players' tendency to want to pass forward remains, resulting in giving the ball away slightly more. Lower tempo seems to encourage more sideways/backwards passes if the forward options are too risky.
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply. The reason I pushed the mentality to attack was because of the number of support roles. With that many support roles, there are very few players who make forward runs, so I though pushing the mentality to attacking would assist. So, where the first tactic was 'standard' with attacking duties, creating gaps which were too wide between players, an attacking mentality with support duties should (in theory) increase everybody's mentality slightly but equally. Where would you put the attacking duties? Thanks again
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this request, but I have always had difficulty with understanding the finances in the game. I tend to play as Arsenal and, after setting up links with American or Japanese teams, I tend to see the finances improve dramatically. However, I'd like to be able to get a better understanding of how much a player is costing the club. Is there a way of seeing how much a player's contract is going to cost the club in total? For example, if I bought a player for £30m, and he signed a £70k per week salary for four years, is there a screen/view that would show me the net cost of that signing (fee + signing fee + total spend on wages for the four years)? Thanks.
  5. What would you do to nullify their favoured passing combinations? Close down/specifically mark those players?
  6. Thanks for this. I've altered the set up quite drastically to the following: Possession wise, it has been ok. I dropped the line back to standard, as the line organically seems to move up the more possession we get in the opposition half. In the last game, I knocked the width down to 'standard' (one notch narrower on attacking) and that helped with possession, too. Penetration is the problem. I'm struggling to find a good middle ground--attacking roles offer penetration but don't seem to help with possession, as @pheelf pointed out, my attacking players created too much of a gap between them and the rest of the team. Support roles the opposite--great passing options, limited penetration. I'll try the tactic out for a while longer and see if, perhaps, more intelligent forward runs will come with tactical familiarity. I agree with, and appreciate, the advice on here that narrower shapes are the way to go for possession styles.
  7. Does anybody use the match analysis tab to see how the game is going? This is an area that I have never really utilised, but I'd like to be able to interpret the stats and understand where things are going well, or going wrong. Does anyone have any advice for using the analysis tab? Most useful stats, for instance. Thanks in advance.
  8. How would this work with an inside forward on support on the same flank? Wouldn't there be a lack of penetration down that side, particularly if using an inverted wingback? I was going to test the tactic out with generic roles to see if, broadly, the tactic was working, then decide whether I really need a playmaker. Ideally, I would want chances coming from a variety of different places, so I was considering not having one. However, I have noticed that we play too many speculative balls forward without a playmaker, so I may change that. Which do you find tends to work better? I've tried out both in the past, but I can't seem to get it working the way I would like. The deep lying playmaker attracts passes well (he had 122 passes in a recent game where I used that role), but he tends to pick the ball up slightly too deep to cause any real damage. They help to an extent, but the inside forwards tend to still be a little too narrow for the central midfielders (particularly the attacking one) to get forward. Thanks for the replies
  9. Thanks for the detailed response. I've started a new game with Arsenal, not yet at the winter window in the first season. It's fair to say the defenders aren't that quick, so maybe it would be too much to ask them to play that high and press urgently. I might give it another go after a couple of windows and (hopefully) better defenders.
  10. I am struggling to get my team playing particularly well, and I'm trying to mess around with the attacking width setting (I have it set to 'extremely wide' here): I am trying to keep the ball as much as possible, using slightly shorter passes. I am wondering what would be the best approach: Narrow--seems logical, as the players would be closer together, suiting short passes, but it may be difficult to break down compact defences; or Wide--may contrast with short passing, but it ought to result in my players having more space, dragging opponents out of position more often. What would you recommend?
  11. Thanks for the reply. I shifted the mentality up to attacking just to see what difference that made. The press was still urgent, but the line was nowhere near as high as it would be if I selected 'much higher defensive line'. I might be wrong, but that seems to be the only way to get the centre backs pushed up high enough to sit in the opponent's half.
  12. I have read warnings in several topics against using all of the 'high press' instructions at the same time: This is how I currently line up, and the instructions that I am using, but I can't get an aggressive enough press: Has anybody had success using all of those instructions? Thanks.
  13. I'm in 2022 in my save with Arsenal and have encountered the winter break for the first time: My assistant manager has arranged friendlies, but I'm not sure if that's the best way to go. What would everyone recommend concerning the winter break? Send the players on holiday, arrange training camps, or friendlies? Thanks.
  14. That makes sense, thanks. Has anybody managed to get a tactic working using these instructions?
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