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  1. Next to being able to put in future transfers, it would be great if there could be a 'future loan' option too. Now in many updates there are players transfering during the Jan tranfser window, but when you put in loans with a later date they all automatically start at the begin of the season (even if you put them to start 1.1.2021 or after). This could make things more realistically and in line with the future transfer option
  2. In the Dutch national squad under 'speelschema' the team names are inconsistent. Some having "-jarigen" behind it, and some not. Think it can just be without, but now it looks a bit weird.
  3. Thomas Letsch profile and preferences can use some updating based on how Vitesse is playing this season. Recently did some digging on the playing style of Thomas Letsch, using some VI Pro analyses, and made changes in my own database. Having watched some matches in FM I think with the below attributes /changes in the db I have come quite close to how they play in real life - so feel free to take over what you see fit Preferred formation: 5-2-1-2 WB, Second preferred formation: 5-3-2 DM WB Tactical attributes: Attacking 14 (this was 15, but found that results changed quit
  4. The columns have dissappeared in the People area, so its not possible to see any records.
  5. Normally when you setup a loan there is automatically set -1 in the box 'Fee to buy' (so let the game decide the amount) When you remove this, it is not possible to afterwards add this -1 again. The box will not allow -1, only a specific amount.. So feels like this is a bug.
  6. Players in the U18 competition are lacking official match statistics. It seems the U18 matches are all qualified as friendly matches. Added two screenshots. On the main squad overview you can see the stats per players are all '-'. And on the player screenshot you can see that only the European Elite games are there, the national games are counted at 'friendly matches'
  7. When you ask the agent for the player availability the reason is giving, but in the translation it is mentioned as 'en', so it becomes a sum up - which is wrong. Also there is a mixed of current and past. So in my opinion in the example below, the correct way the first sentence should be written is: Hij heeft nu geen interesse om voor AFC Ajax te tekenen omdat hij net zijn contract heeft verlengd. This logic could then be applied to the other options as well.
  8. Ibrahima Camara also has Dutch as nationality https://www.transfermarkt.nl/ibrahima-camara/profil/spieler/708990
  9. Ajax's squad numbers should have number 14 as not able to be selected (as its not available due to Cruijff)
  10. Youri Baas length is 182cm and weight is 71kg (https://www.voetbal.com/speler_profiel/youri-baas/) (currently not set in the db)
  11. There are dispensation rules for players in the U18 competition, which don't seem to be included in the game. Its for players who are eligible for the U19, and in season 20/21 can play for U18 as well (do the the change from U19 to U18. Spelers geboren op of na 1 januari 2003 mogen meespelen met de O18 competitie in seizoen 2020/’21. In het seizoen 2020/’21 mogen per team, per wedstrijd vijf dispensatiespelers op het wedstrijdformulier voorkomen die op grond van hun leeftijd speelgerechtigd zijn voor O19 en niet meer voor O18 (voor het seizoen 2020/’21 betekent dit dat zi
  12. When starting the game there is a big Holland squad with also some players that have not been called up before. Ive updated the database file that goes in the EDT folder with the squad that was called up for the match against Poland on the 4th of Sept --> https://www.onsoranje.nl/nieuws/nederlands-elftal/78171/oranjeselectie-voor-duels-met-polen-en-italië-bestaat-uit-23-spelers (thought that would be the most relevant squad for when you start the game in August). Have added the file attached so if this is relevant you can just take it SI_team_holland.ddt
  13. The board of some clubs could be updated to reflect the right titles/functions. Currently at some clubs its mixed with people from the 'Raad van Commissarissen', but these are there only to supervise. They are not the direct management of the club, which in the game are the ones you are dealing with. So for some clubs I would consider to update it and use the 'Directie'. And therefore also call the head of this Managing Director (and not Chairman). In the game it doesn't make a difference in the tasks this person has - but it reflects the real life better. I think 'Voorzitters' are somewhat fr
  14. There is missing some Feyenoord staff it seems: Koen Stam - Assistent Manager Reserve Team Ulrich van Gobbel - Assistent Manager U18 Davey van den Berg - Coach U18 (he is actually Manager U17, but I can see at Ajax some of the youth staff is also added to U18) Cor Adriaanse - Coach U18 (Assistent manager U17 irl) Dirk Kuyt is set as performance analyst for U19, but that team does not exist so he starts unemployed - so would set him for U18 (or Reserves) instead
  15. The following manager have their manager preference set on a value lower than 20, so might be good to set this to 20 as they are fulltime manager of a first team (and with value 20 they are also considered by other clubs when they look for new managers) Fred Grim Dick Lukkien Johnny Jansen Andries Jonker Jan de Jonge Ulrich Langvreugd Berry Smit Anthony Correia Ole Tobiasen Hans de Jong Sjors Ultee
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