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  1. Arne Slot has 'park the bus' as tactical style... This should be vertical tiki taka or tiki taka. Also in terms of tendencies i would think the following could be added: Tends to: - looks for overlap, will look to play out of defence Tends not to: - will use man-marking His working with youngster in my save game is '4'. Thats way to low if you see how he is giving chances to youngsters in the first team.
  2. In the new interface it takes many clicks to get to the B and U19 teams. Can there be an option where the shortcut can be added to the menu on the left side?
  3. This is a very good one, should indeed be Netherlands or The Netherlands. Holland accepted but is in fact not right, as it only covers part of Netherlands.
  4. Looking at the dutch managers in the game there made be space for some updating. Ive added two screenshots where all dutch managers in my save (big database) are ranked on world reputation. Think that some need an upgrade. Especially Erik ten Hag is really low, given the news today he got invited amongst some of the bigger names (https://www.vi.nl/nieuws/ten-hag-schuift-voor-uefa-topoverleg-aan-bij-europese-trainers-elite) and also since his name is mentioned as new Bayern manager. Frans Adelaar, Joop Hiele, Dick Voorn are quite overrated in terms of reputation. Also i think Koeman should have a much higher reputation (maybe highest even, followed by EtH). Peter Bosz is also quite low compared to the club he is managing now and past results. Alfred Schreuder should have '20' for manager, as his preferred job now is assistent. And also is very low on reputation. Same with Mark van Bommel and Arne Slot. Advocaat I dont think has an 'attacking' playing mentality. Dennis Bergkamp is assistent manager at Jong Almere. And as future plan would like to be coach at Arsenal (not manager --> https://www.vi.nl/nieuws/bergkamp-legt-uit-waarom-hij-niet-nu-al-terug-wil-keren-bij-arsenal)
  5. Pls check Ziyech today 88' minute against Utrecht just now --> this proves my point of him not being a good long distance shooter (because the decisions he makes to get in the position and to shoot there were good)
  6. Ja er is altijd nog de editor, maar zou fijn zijn als de database al zo goed is dat dit niet nodig is. Natuurlijk kan men verschillen van mening over bepaalde attributes (jouw punt idd over 16 mio bondscoaches), maar als er attributes missen en het spel vult ze zelf aan krijg je soms hele waardes. Daarom heb ik liever meer focus op juiste data, dan nog meer spelers toevoegen zonder echte eigenschappen.
  7. Ok, dan verschillen we van mening. Ik snap dat het leuk is zoveel mogelijk echte jeugdspelers toe te voegen, zodat je echte namen in het spel krijgt, maar je moet ergens een grens trekken. En die is er volgens mij bij het feit dat het spel geen U17 of jonger heeft. Het enige wat het oplevert zijn jeugdspelers die geen tot weinig speeltijd krijgen in u19, en zodra de eerste regen lichting erbij komt wordt het nog een lastiger verhaal. Ajax o19 heeft nu 37 spelers bij het starten vh spel, terwijl bv Fortuna Sittard o19 er 5 heeft. En in plaats van te focussen op meer (echte) jeugdspelers zou ik eerst gaan kijken hoe je de algemene kwaliteit van de data omhoog krijgt. Veel van de ajax jeugd heeft '0' in de attributen, dus er wordt veel random gegenereerd waardoor je rare uitschieters krijg (Braspenning heeft in mijn spel bv een beter afstandschot dan Ziyech :S)
  8. Angelo de Gruyter is scout at Ajax (transferred from Anderlecht) --> https://radio2.be/west-vlaanderen/toptransfer-angelo-talentscout-voor-ajax-amsterdam Also Erik Tammer is scout now at Ajax, only not sure if he has two jobs as his linkedin also says he is still scout at Utrecht --> https://www.linkedin.com/in/eriktammer/ Gozeling is head physio, van Dord regular physio (https://www.ajax.nl/streams/actueel/wijzigingen-medische-en-performance-staf-ajax-1.htm)
  9. So, to keep this discussion at a more professional level. I agree yes that some u17 players could be added, if they indeed are part of u19 matches already. Unuvar is officially part of the U19 team (https://www.ajax.nl/teams-1/jeugdteams-2/de-selectie.htm) and there also some u17 players added to the u19 uefa list (https://www.transfermarkt.nl/ajax-amsterdam-uefa-u19/startseite/verein/41580). My point was that adding those 2 keepers from u17 dont make sense, when the u19 squad already has 4.. Also Misidjan, Baas, Enem, Braspenning and Campagne have not been part of any u19 selection so im only challenging why one add them. Because the AI manager will not give them much playing time and they wont develop as they could. Or if you are consistent then just add the whole u17 squad..
  10. That just means in the Eredivisie alone you have Zoet (16), Velthuizen (16), Padt (15), Vermeer (15), Mous (15), Varela (15) and 5 more keepers who are better/equal in reflexes compared to Onana... To me that doesn't make any sense.
  11. Blind is the player in the Eredivisie with the highest passing accuracy (89%). That doesnt happen when you're decision making is bad. https://eredivisie.nl/nl-nl/Speler/club/Ajax/player/58877 But i agree its not only decision making, also composure - which for sure he has. My point wasnt based on Marin not being a success, i just think its quite obvious that Blind has better decision making than him. Also looking at interceptions etc. On Ziyech, again looking at stats he has more shots besides goal than on goal (https://eredivisie.nl/nl-nl/Speler/club/Ajax/player/124183), so you could argue is it decision making or is it lack of shot quality. If you have seen some matches, you have seen that he can also miss from quite close by - where the decision to shoot is fine. He just isnt that good at it. If you put decision making that low it impacts also his ability to create chances - which is one of his main strength. He can make brilliant passing decisions, which you will not get out of him in the game.. I changed this in the editor in FM19 to something about long shots 11 and decision 12, that gave me quite a realistic Ziyech looking at stats and how he played in the matches.
  12. Marin has 15 for decision, whilst Blind has 14. I would expect Blind to be one of the highest in the Ajax squad, maybe followed by other experienced players like Tadic and Huntelaar. Ziyech has the lowest decision taking of the squad, i know his decision to shoot from distance are not always good, but i think that can be better fixed with low long shot attribute.
  13. Ok, i just its stranfe if you start adding u17 players, same with u13 youth coaches. Yes we know who they are but as the game is about u19 and up its not realistic to add. So to me that is not accurate, not the other way around. And you dont agree after Onana’s performances his reflexes stat is too low? Come on man...
  14. Onana has 15 for reflexes, but he is showing consistently at CL level that he is has one of the best reflexes, so a bump up to 17 or 18 would be justified maybe?
  15. In my current game with Ajax there are 8 U19 goalies at the start. Scherpen should be part of Ajax1 (playing games at Jong, but training with 1), Kotarski is in Jong Ajax. van den Heuvel en Dijkstra are U17 keepers, its nice to have them added but they actually shouldnt be part of it imo. As know you create such a big U19 squad that players just simply dont get playing time..
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