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  1. Next to interaction (shouts) with players during the match it could be a great addition to be able to interact with the referee. To be able to have a set of referee interactions, basically to influence the referee and maybe the match engine could be even tweaked so it could actually have influence. But also to see AI managers like Simeone to 'work' the ref, which could be even a disadvantage in some matches. Fun addition could be that if you get the ref angry enough it means a red card and send off, so you as a manager have to watch the match without being able to do anything - meaning your assistent will take over. And same for the match after, which your assistent will then manage again (so similar like going on vacation). So upside, you can influence the referee, maybe even get him to change some decisions in your favour. Downside, you can be send off and you can 'watch' you own match done by the assistent
  2. Why is Louis van Gaal deleted from the database?? Some time ago he was still considering a new challenge, so seems a bit strange to delete him fully. Also he is now not in any Ajax history, or marked as 'favourite people', where he actually should be part of.
  3. @Jack Joyce thanks for commenting, will do some further investigation with watching some matches. Maybe a future editor or manager AI improvement could be to have a similar tactic setup in the editor as in the game? It just seems current AI manager tactic is quite simple, whereas the game allows for so much more
  4. When playing FM i think the tactics part is one of the most fun parts - and in FM19 there is now even more emphasis on creating the most real life tactics, with the pre-selection of tactical styles. However when it comes to the AI managers this feels a little bit left behind. And when looking into the editor i wonder a bit how some of the tactical atributes are determined (or influencing their style). Also there isnt the same level of detail possible as you would expect. For instance when looking at Pep Guardiola, this is his tactical attributes: So what wonders me is why Guardiola only has 10 for attacking. This is the same as Antonio Conte, Simeone has 9. So 10 for Guardiola looks a bit low? Width of 13 seems very low (Man City is known for stretching the field), and tempo of 11 seems also quite odd given the high tempo that he lets his teams play? Another one of the 'top' managers that seems quite off is Sarri: Sarri has attacking 17, ok i can see that helps with making sure his teams plays vertically. But then directness (passing) is 17 as well - which if i understand correctly would basically means long balls, and in combination with 17 for attacking and 17 for tempo this becomes more Championship football that Sarri-ball.. Mind you, that Klopp is even more extreem with 18 on attacking, 18 on pressing but then again 14 on directness (passing). Which to me seems more reflecting the heavy metal football that he had last season - but not the slightly adjust (more mature) version of 'gegenpressing' he is playing this season. So looking at the top team managers there are some tactical attributes that seems a bit strange - however it would actually be more realistic if the AI manager could get more options to be set, so they can play just as realistically as the humans Anybody else any thoughts on this?
  5. Ronald Koeman has a non-player retirement set on 30/6/2020, while he signed a contract till 2022 - and has no plans of retirement whatsoever..
  6. Tagliafico has Injury Proneness set on 18, think that very high for someone that has been out for only 5 days since he joined Ajax (https://www.transfermarkt.com/nicolas-tagliafico/verletzungen/spieler/131225)
  7. Its because its set on '0' in the database, so the game automatically generates this when starting a new save. In your case it was generated to 1 then, so good luck with that
  8. I think its great that the new database allows for more manager settings under 'tendencies', so its possible to get the AI manager tactics and behaviour closer to real life. Its however a bit of a pity that for the managers of the top 3 clubs in Netherland this is not really used. Erik ten Hag has a few tendencies used, but for example the tendency 'will press intensely' or 'will counter-press' are not filled in - where actually these are quite important in his tactic view. Same goes for van Bronckhorst, where some more tendencies could have been used to give a more realistic idea. On Mark van Bommel none of the tendencies are used, and even his tactical attributes are fully empty. For the 3 most important managers in the Dutch league i just feel its a bit of a missed opportunity.. @Reddiablo Im happy to come with suggestions here, or send them via mail. Just let me know.
  9. No its not fixed. But you can do an easy fix yourself in the pre-game editor. If you go to Club -> Ajax -> Ownership -> and tick the box 'will remain fan-owned', then there will be no take-over issues
  10. With the new mentoring setup im a right that it only makes sense in the first team? In the U19 there are not many 'professional' characters, and its not possible to add a U19 player into a First team squad.. Or am i missing an option on how the mentor a U19 player?
  11. yeah the keeper has a really good game. but agree that he is not yet reached his hype yet. In the U19 he was scored much more, but there the goalkeepers where of a different level..
  12. To give this a bit of 'tegengas' I think Donny vd Beek's finishing could be lowered from 14 to 10 or less. He missed a big chance again Bayern and now again against Benfica. If it would have been 14 for his finishing it would have been a goal...
  13. Ajax U19 is playing home matches in the Johan Cruyff Arena, this should be De Toekomst stadion.
  14. Lasse Schone has 16/20 for leadership, but i think thats slightly overrated. Veltman has 14, Tadic 14, Huntelaar 12 and De Ligt 11. Looking at the trait its about how Motivational and Inspirational a player is, so in that sence i would more scale Tadic on 16, Huntelaar and De Ligt 15 or 14 and Schone around 13/12. Schone is not the leader in the group, neither is Blind. That is also said by Blind in this interview: https://www.ajaxshowtime.com/article/bijzaken-en-geruchten/115228/blind-ben-van-nature-geen-echt-leiderstype Also i know there has been some ********* about Frenkie de Jong, but looking at how he has been developing and against Germany was trying to put people at the right place, his leadership skills could also use a small bump maybe? https://www.voetbalprimeur.nl/nieuws/846653/-frenkie-de-jong-ging-staan-wijzen-als-cruijff-in-z-n-beste-dagen-.html
  15. The PPM 'brings ball out of defence' is translated into 'Schiet de bal weg bij de verdediging' - which is actually the opposite if you ask me since its dribbling out of the defence with the ball, not shooting it away. Would be better to call it 'Dribbelt met de bal uit de verdediging' of 'Dribbelt in vanuit de verdediging'
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