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  1. Lovely write up detailing your reasoning behind each decision. It's giving me that itch to play the game again as I have fallen out of love with it recently trying to futilely solve the problem of AI teams that play peak tiki taka in their own half racking up at least hundreds of more passes than my team, sometimes 200 or a couple times 300. Although I have tried so many things already, your inspiring post has given me new ideas to try, so I'm eagerly waiting for your next post and numbers.
  2. Thank you for taking your time to answer, especially at the middle night assuming you are the in UK 😁 One more quick personal question sir, would your prefer training someone in a role they'll play but not natural in or train them in their natural role and do additional training that their natural role don't target whilst playing them in the role I want them to play? So eg I'm training Mason Mount as a F9, never played there before, what would be the best way to go at it? I've always trained them in the former way, train in the roles they'll play, but I fear that may take away some potential ability? Edit: Mount has nearly all the attributes for a F9, 14 or higher, irl I always thought he could easily play it too.
  3. I'll try to answer my own question I guess So I'm guessing training NCB allows more time for training concentration compared to BPD thus can increase it more? Am I assuming right about the game mechanics?
  4. This game is a vast learning experience for sure, which is fun. Hopefully, someone can correct me if I'm wrong about OI tighter marking
  5. I find tighter marking fb/wbs help me gain some possession as they're usually left a free reign. So OI tighter marking fb/wbs tells all my players, especially the IFs, to mark them tighter when they enter their zone - they're usually in my ifs zone or fbs zone - which is different than man marking and following them all over the pitch, I think. But I can see how in some cases my fbs can get pulled out of position too so it's a compromise. What I fear about pressing fast wingers is my defensive players press to get out of a consolidating position and get skinned alive easily and be away from my goal, but I'll experiment with this tactical move as I don't want creative wingers to have too much time on the ball too.
  6. I also use a similar system. I tighter mark FB/wbs in all systems so my IF(s) work a little harder... And tighter mark a single striker most of the time unless the striker is a pace merchant then I leave it alone. Press the the single AMC all the time, and hard tackle most players with low bravery because I'm evil like that. Maybe tighter marking the single AMC may be even better? Guess need to try myself. During the match, I analyse passing combinations and press the player with the most combinations usually. I don't usually press attacking wingers because usually they're faster than my FBs but it seems to have worked for you, so I'll have to consider that sometimes. 👍
  7. The best games are those that need ingame management imo. Clearly you have the 'enjoys big match' trait as a manager. It was a lovely write up update explaining your reasons for the changes, your prominent use of ffs makes me lol Indeed, the big question is to be defensive or not when things are working out nicely, it's a very fine line. I find lowering LOE to get more compact and lowering passing length one notch to keep the ball more works most of the time to keep things tidy at the back. And time wasting and play for set pieces in the last 5 mins work 9/10 times in my case. Virtual Simeone got a taste of his own medicine
  8. Does more restricted role training do more attribute increase in the highlighted ones or is it equal to training a player to a role requiring more attributes? So for example will training my CB to NCB increase their concentration more over training them as a BPD? Because concentration is equally important in both cases.
  9. I find it to help me to focus through the middle against a 4231 with the space behind the CM'S, that may be placebo, but it feels like it helps. As other users have said passing become central so it kinda forces your wide players central...?
  10. I didn't quote you then, and I won't again. I can feel the vent coming out of you, so I won't say much other than the fact that while the emoji was tongue in cheek, I have conceded there are issues in the game, but the fact is the game is not unplayable; so I tried to give some advice, including sharing that thread, that helped me to enjoy the game to its peak again. I hope you have a lovely day.
  11. One of you took my tongue in cheek comment with the emoji waaaay too personally. That 2015 thread is still relevant to this day. To the others, fair enough. I appreciate the fact you won games and trophies with all those issues, seeing some of them happen even when your winning is annoying, trust me I know, according to steam I've 2000 hours in this version already (depression and not working causes that, granted a lot is in the background) But the fact is some of those happen irl too. One can't expect everything to be perfect all the time. Players are people, and in this simulation the players are "real" people in the game. (seriously, we might be living in a simulation ourselves) Yes, this game is not perfect, it has its issues. It's bloody golly good tho. This will be my last FM game indefinitely, for different reasons than others on here, but to everyone else on here not getting the enjoyment you want and will play on, I hope you can soon Edit: I realized I sound like a lawyer working for SI, but I'll post this anyway
  12. Strangely enough I haven't won either yet, and believe me I've tried, but I enjoy the match engine a lot. For one, my striker scores for fun, and this is due to my tactic. I remember painfully when my strikers were not, but now I understand the game a bit better and that's the honest reason. OK, you won those competitions through long shots and set pieces, but was it mostly those goals or is it confirmation bias a little bit? Either way there are way to score less that way and ways to score more from open play. It's a game, and it calculates so many variables: the players, the morale, the system, the style, the tactic, the opposition players, morale, tactic etc. Until it all fits into place for it to work nicely. This thread here (a long read, but best of all time on here IMO) skyrocketed my understanding of football in general and reignited my enjoyment of this game to its peak. I hope you can get the enjoyment you want
  13. I mean, you said it, it's a football game. What kind of football do you want to see? Well, play the game that way then. I score in every way possible and I love it. I'm sorry you went to uninstalling it, but we all know you'll be back Or not and that's absolutely fine and maybe a blessing in disguise?
  14. Well, for one you can change your set pieces to score less that way. I've found that to score more open goals the game needs to think your tactic is working, so I can suggest tweaking your tactic and set pieces to see more variety. But maybe there is a bit too much set piece goals regardless...
  15. This is a quirk-almost-bug as some else said, so we should all admit that, though it's not game breaking. I created two threads recently 'high positive possession' and AI 'peak Barcelona with no penetration' on this, there's some tips and tricks in there that can help gain possession. Recently, I analyse matches in-game if I'm not gaining the possession I want and adjust depending on what I see, so sometimes a half pitch press works better than a full pitch press for example. But I want to echo what's also been said by others, your roles are not set up for huge possession numbers. The question is how much possession do you want over changing your working tactic? Edit: sometimes a 5 man split block can easily get bypassed with quick interchanges, so try a 3 or 4 man split block and keep solidity in the middle of the park if AI is winning midfield battle. Oh and defending wider is a must I've found to gain more possession.
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