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  1. No I never do that, but I did put OI press on FB's. So my LB is pressing the opposition RB across the field in a throw in...
  2. I've put in 1000+ hours already and this right here - what Davies insanely does - is the worst thing in the ME. And I can't believe either SI: didn't see this or they did but let it stay in the ME. Don't get me wrong I love the game, but sometimes you can wish it can be better.
  3. Screen flow still doesn't work as intended when choosing visit "at completion", how many years has it been? Almost as if this feature has been forgotten, a pity because it can add so much immersion to the game for me.
  4. Agree 4123 being optimally balanced in theory, but personally it's the hardest system to get right in FM20, feature of the match engine and/or my grand lack of knowledge of tactics - anyhow been getting much better results with the same players using 2 striker or 3 at the back tactics. I've seen you elsewhere post you've been using 4123 with Utd, have you won the premier league with it? All I want is confirmation that it is possible on FM20, lol Good result so far, lost to third placed Utd, but won against 1st place Liverpool. So there's promise with this tactic. What in game tactical tweaks would you do with this tactic assuming you were playing good players at Utd? Run at defence and pass into space if lacking creativity and spark? Wider attacking width against parked buses? Stop play out of defense against team that press high? Note: can't do a split block press with more urgent team pressing, only standard or lower. Edit: I think I just figured out you can actually on specific positions. Will try the split block now! Thank you so much again
  5. Thank you for ur reply, I'll give it a try and let you know when I come back from work today!
  6. I'm trying to create 235 formation in attack with FB's set to wide and IF/IW's set to narrow. But I figured the midfield was too defensive, I've had good success with Mezzala and PF(A) with long through balls over the top, so the Mezzala may be non-negotiable. I'll give the rest a try, cheers! P.S. Did you manage to win the premier league with 4123? lol
  7. 442 and 3 at the back tactics have been very good to me, but for the life of me can't figure out a 4123 tactic that works consistently enough. I know you need the right players, but my team is a create a club and quite good. Here's the overview of the tactic, inspired by Klopp What am I doing wrong?
  8. I'm trying to implement the ideas of the best team I have witnessed, Pep Guardiola's Barcelona team. And Johan Cruyff's idea of total football into FM! But Pep's arch nemesis, kryptonite, Jurymen Klopp can't be ignored so I want to try to replicate the ideas of three great footballing brains. Like any system, this system requires the right players to work and I am trying it with my team from my 6th tier side in its 5th season in the prem with players technically proficient, spatially aware, and fit enough to pull it all off. One thing I have not truly delved into is traits, so I'd appreciate any input on this. Club DNA: Thanks to these threads: I want: Fast free flowing football, turn defense into attack in an instant. Team cohesion, attacking and defending as a unit. Possession aimed game-plan, shorter but positive passing. PIs, TIs, & Player Roles: Shorter passing: Encourage more possession, allowing long and effective pass Low crosses: Encourage more cutbacks Higher tempo: Attack faster Distribute to CB's & FB's: Build from the back Counter press: Get that ball back quickly baby Much Higher LOI: Press much higher up Prevent Short GK pass: Same idea as above Use offside trap: Because which team doesn't? So less is more? Or not? Is be more expressive a must because of total football? Because when it comes to my PIs more is more as I want to encourage more total football. Sweeper Keeper (A): N/A, Let him do his ting BPD (D): Pass it shorter WB (S) : Dribble less, Stay wider, Shoot less often (would adding more crosses encourage more cutbacks?) DM (D): N/A (I love the HB role but it drops too low in possession) Mezzala (A): Dribble less, Close down more AP (S): Roam from Position, Close down more, Dribble more Inverted winger (A): Stay Wider, Close down more, Shoot less often, More direct passing, Take more risks, Mark tighter, Mark opposing FB or WB Shadow Striker: Roam From Position, Shoot more often, Close down more So the reason why I don't have more urgent pressing or higher is because I want my attacking 5 to press more while my back 5 don't get too out of shape, which I appreciate may not make sense in terms of total football or gegenpress, but we can't tell individually which players to press in FM yet, so... I'm playing safer. Thanks to these threads: I would appreciate any more useful threads or articles on the ideas of Guardiola, Cruyff, Klopp and/or how to implement it on FM. But I would appreciate more on how to get this this tactic even better!
  9. Same issue with defending since update yesterday. Over the top long balls are definitely OP right now.
  10. You got Hellboy and I've got a metallic one: the terminator. Clearly humans from the future are evolving, that's the only explanation SI, right?
  11. Yes but I cant play without those as it breaks the feel and immersion for me. Kinda disappointing if thats the case. Do you reckon redoing them one by one could do the trick?
  12. Hi, as the title suggest it doesn't work during match days at completion (which reverts back to N/A after confirming and reloading skin) but otherwise works when I set it to daily, weekly etc. I just don't want to visit so regularly, only visit during completion for players stats overview. Any help?
  13. This is great like the default dark base skin, my favorite skinner. As a complete amateur in coding how would I attempt to change the background opacity so that it is somewhere between this skin and the default base skin? One is just a tad bit too dark for me and the other a tad bit too clear lol
  14. Tremendous work with the backgrounds and thanks for the skin with the transparent overlay!
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