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  1. Thanks. This helped. I'd installed FM20 on G drive and later installed Editor in C drive. Now able to launch editor after reinstalling in G drive.
  2. Any one have good links of blogs related to EFL championship tactics, match reviews etc. Or team related tactical blogs for Leeds United, Norwich City.
  3. Can someone suggest an old version of FM which has some basic tactics creator page, which will help the beginners. I've played both fm15 & fm17. Will the old version work on windows 8 and 10.
  4. Is it possible in fm15 to defend deep and narrow; And shift the team laterally to protect space in wide areas
  5. Wide midfielders don't use pace & dribbling skills of wingers. Isn't it? I think they will cross from the midfield
  6. Hi friends, I'm trying to create a possession based 4-1-2-3 tactic like the below image. And I've some doubts now: 1. I've read that if I set up a 4-1-2-3 formation in my tactics screen, its my defensive formation. So should I continue with this 4-1-2-3 or use some other starting formation, say 4-1-4-1 and make it play like 4-1-2-3 using TIs and PIs. 2. So as said above, if I start with 4-1-4-1, how can I make my wingers play as Inside Forwards as IF is only available for Attacking Midfielder (right & left) positions. 3. What roles and duties I should give? In my mind its: SK-A FB-A BPD-D BPD-D FB-A HB-D DLP-S AP-A IF-A IF-A F9-S Is this okay? I'm also thinking about using Attacking mentality and Very Fluid shape. TI: Shorter passing, Play out of defense, Push higher up, Use offside trap PI: Close down more for front 5 players 4. What's actually Roam from position TI? If I use this, does my players interchange positions something like in Total football? After clearing these doubts I'll need your help for finding the right players for each positions...attribute side of the game. Maybe I'll ask it in another post... Thanks
  7. @summatsupeer When I gave attack duty to FBs, fast opponents were scoring goals on the break.
  8. So should I give my 2 wide attacking players Winger role (attack duty)? Or Winger (attack) - IF (attack) combination? .... to stretch the defense. And as I am trying to play possession game, using short passes...will it help if my players are close together instead of keeping width?
  9. So what about using any one of these in midfield: 1. AP (att), BBM (sup), DM (def) 2. CM (att), DLP (sup), DM (def)
  10. I'm playing FM15 with Blackpool FC. Orlandi plays as the AP, O'Hara as DLP and Cubero as DM. I'm trying to play possession based game. I've played few games with this tactic. Against Reading FC, I created some chances, but didn't finished those, and lost that game 0-1. I played that game again, changing the shape from structured to flexible. Again team played somewhat same way and won 1-0. But there was a change in average position of players this time...players were close to each other, shape was compact. Against Derby County, again I played 2-3 times, but lost all 3. I couldn't keep possession (only around 40%). They are scoring goals on the counter. My team is not good enough compared to other Championship teams...maybe thats why With this tactic I can't find consistency in results, possession, shots etc
  11. Is it a good idea to use Advanced Playmaker (Attack), Deep Lying Playmaker (Support) and Defensive Midfielder (Defend) in a formation?
  12. I'm looking for a possession based 4-1-2-3 tactic, good for Championship/League 1 sides. The roles in my mind are: GK-D FB-S CD-D CD-D FB-S DM-D DLP-S AP-A IF-A IF-A F9-S This's what's in my mind- When in ossession, 2 FBs moves up to the midfield to support the attack and to make crosses, making it a 4-man midfield. And DM drops back in between the CBs to make it a 3-man defence. So while attacking, the formation becomes 3-4-3. In my midfield trio, I'm looking for a Iniesta-Xavi-Busquets type partnership even though we can't find Xavis and Iniestas in lower division
  13. How about if I change my roles and duties to the below one: GK-Def CD-Def CD-Def CD-Def DM-Sup DM-Sup WB-Att WB-Att AM-Att TM-Att P-Att Mentality: Attacking Shape: Highly structured TIs: Clear ball to flanks, Exploit the flanks, Play wider, Be disciplined PIs for GK: Distribute to flanks PIs for CD: Pass it short I am thinking like this: 3 central defenders, 2 defensive midfielders provide extra protection. If my DMs are good passers, i want to play long balls to either attacking WBs or AM or TM. Or my WBs carry the ball up and cross to TM. Can I achieve this? Is my idea OK? Suggestions please... Thanks
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