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  1. Eze could start as a slightly awkward fit in the style too. You’re looking to progress the team now - you’re not going to play super slick possession football straight away, but you can take steps to progress towards it straight away.
  2. You can only do what the squad is capable of - so Palace are set up for counter attacking football. I take the default templates and tweak them. I’d probably start with fluid counter and go from there. You could fit in Zaha, Townsend, Eze quite easily. Maybe Zaha as AF, Townsend right as IWs and Eze as IFs - not sure who’s offering any playmaking in midfield though…
  3. It’s entirely dependent on your team style. Literally, what kind of players have you got? What kind of style are you playing? You can’t pick roles and duties until you’ve got an idea how you’re going to play.
  4. Use of a Trequartista depends heavily on the way you press. As he doesn’t press much/at all, it can cause gaps in your press. You might find a single player doesn’t make much difference, but I wouldn’t use it in a Gegenpress system personally. I’d be using him to work gaps and space in a possession system instead. But a Trequartista can definitely play instead of AM(s)
  5. If someone is able to translate they can get in contact. Unfortunately my language skills are not up to much...
  6. No problem @Pete Sottrel- mighty job as always.
  7. I can't see the information I put in on club sponsorship and club finances in this update for Arsenal.
  8. Playing as Arsenal - some of the kit selections are a bit odd: Arsenal and Sheffield United both wear home colours in both home and away fixtures, even though both are wearing a mixture of red and white. Similarly Arsenal and Crystal Palace both wear home colours - whilst this clash is less of an eyesore, teams generally err on the side of caution if a suitable alternative is available. Arsenal should be wearing white at Selhurst and Palace should be wearing black at the Emirates. Away to Southampton, Arsenal should be wearing blue definitely due to the fact Southampton use both red and white on their home shirt. Arsenal's 2nd choice GK kit simply isn't used at all - clearly the game deems it a clash with our home kit Some of the more general observations on current kit usage trends in real life vs in-game: Goalkeeper kits in real life aren't used as "home" or "away" - they're heavily rotated. I recall seeing the Premier League handbook and other sources describing that the priority of kit selection is: home > away > referee > home GK > away GK. Naturally referee kits are also heavily rotated. In reality the last 3 on that last should see a much greater degree of randomisation. Most away and third kits are also fairly interchangeable too, the game should be simply looking at which is the best fit, rather than trying to prioritise them in order.
  9. Yes, I agree - I'd go with a support duty there in AMC position.
  10. If you don't get caught out - great. Good to see you have a solution that helps avoid it. It is a risk of the approach though and that's why I suggest caution with it. I've used systems with both wide players on a flank on attack before and been happy with it. But what my guide is for is building logical, sensible tactics.
  11. On 2 x separate occasions in recent matches: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has taken a penalty, which has been saved On each occasion he does not react to the loose ball and a certain opportunity to score On one occasion a teammate reacts and converts, on another nobody reacts and I go on to lose the game (guess which one prompted me to post my examples!) See PKMs attached Arsenal v Wolves - Llama3.pkm Burnley v Arsenal - Llama3.pkm
  12. Helpful, but not always. It's the movement which is the most important factor.
  13. I prefer the width offered by Saka on the left, stretching high and wide - Lacazette the casualty of that approach. The CF(A) is for when you want the best of both worlds - link play and a threat in behind. The AP(s) is not as much of a chance creator for me as I would expect in previous years. I know the flanks are where I create most, so the 10 is effectively a decoy to attract attention.
  14. Arsenal (2020) So I thought I would share how I was getting on with Arsenal. I've incorporated a lot of the principles outlined here re: positional play, with the principles I usually adhere to in Pairs & Combinations. So, the theory: Despite the fact that Partey is actually a more complete player, than the way I am using him - he's very balanced, takes account of Xhaka's lack of mobility. The DLP(s) & CM(d) shields the centre backs really effectively, which is good considering my wing backs are getting forward and we hold a high line. We're less likely to be outnumbered on the break. Sometimes trying to push one of the central midfielders forwards can actually restrict your own space when getting into the final third too, so this works nicely. The right flank has Pepe staying wider, with Bellerin getting on the overlap later on. The IW doesn't get into central areas as quick, or early as the IF - he stretches play a little, but then cuts in around the corner of the penalty area. Bellerin will get to the byline, offering an overload and an overlap. Bellerin can drive along the byline, cross, or lay it back to Pepe who may be in space. The left flank has a few variations. My preference is for Saka staying high and wide, stretching play, using his pace and trickery to get to the byline. Basically the opposite of the right flank in that the winger gets to the byline, with the WB(S) the out-ball to lay it back to. Sometimes when I am lacking a bit of central penetration, I move Aubameyang there as an IF(a), to get closer to Lacazette in the middle. Final third has Ceballos there as the AP(s) - by being close to the DLP(s) it can mean play can slow down if you're not careful, but what it does here is it draws opponents in as we retain the ball centrally - before spreading it to the wide areas, where I have most quality. Let's be clear - Pepe, Saka, Bellerin, Willian etc., offer more creativity than Ceballos, Xhaka and Partey. In a nutshell - draw them into the middle, then punch in wide. Aubameyang as a CF(A) is the mixture between getting in behind and linking play. It encourages movement into channels too. It's a good role to play both possession and dynamic systems. Not much to say about the centre backs and keeper. They retain and distribute the ball well, looking for passes into the feet of central midfielders, or to play it into space on the flanks as we try to punch a hole in the opponents. If we wanted to focus more on retention I'd be using a central defender in there, rather than 2 x ball playing defenders. I use the Control Possession template primarily - this is a little less extreme than Tiki-Taka. It allows us to play comparatively a touch wider (which suits the fact my wide players are my best attacking creators), dribble at the opponents a little more as well - which is useful to break down sides which sit deep and compact. A couple of set piece bits that are quite crucial. Throw in's - the focus is on retention of the ball, so same as we want 2-3 good passing options in open play, there's no reason to change that for a throw-in. See how I keep the forward and opposite winger forward, the opposite side central midfielder in a central position as out-balls, as well as my other defenders in a good position to cover if we lose the ball. I have 3 x players all available to receive the ball - the central midfielder, attacking midfielder and winger of the same side. Corners - we keep at least 2 x players back, along with one of the central midfielders. I have a player outside the area, who both helps cover defensively if the ball breaks out, as well as to recycle possession or take a ranged shot if needed. We keep a mixed aim, as we have players attacking each post, along with a couple of other players in the box, and a short option. We remain defensively secure at all times. So in the league our record is very strong: As you'll see we don't concede many goals and have got more prolific in attack. We're yet to lose a league game, with only 2 away draws. We're overperforming our xG (scoring 2.31 per game, expecting 1.86), we're also slightly overperforming defensively too (conceded 0.62 compared to expected 0.72) - we may well regress to the mean at some point. We're taking plenty of shots per game, keeping the ball well. We're getting shots in good areas as you can see, converting most of our high xG shots. Defensively, we're not allowing many shots in dangerous areas. Most of those that are have been saved. Essentially, the stats are backing up that we're playing well. We're mildly overperforming, but nothing to suggest this is going to come crashing down.
  15. Hi @bigman- I'm making some assumptions that your team instructions are all default vertical tiki-taka... Basically it's generally quite close to being just right. I think your front 3 all on attack duties, all trying to occupy narrow areas is a bit of an issue. If you could vary that by mixing up the duties a bit, and/or changing a wide player into an IW, it just opens up some different angles of attack. I really like the Mezzala on the same side as the Inverted Winger. Basically the way to think about how the duties behave (in general, there are some exceptions - notably playmakers) is that attack duties will make runs ahead of the ball, support duties will stay with play and want it into feet, defend duties hold position. If your front 3 are all on attack duties, it can mean your front 3 get separated from your midfield. One of your attackers needs some link with the midfield. I'd consider making Lacazette a DLF/CF(s), forming a diamond with midfield, Aubameyang an IF(a) and Pepe an IW(s) - but frankly there's so many variations in there you could use.
  16. The spread of home to away fixtures is very unusual in the Premier League - there are too many consecutive home/away fixtures. In real life there are no more than 2 consecutive home or away games, most often it's 1 and 1. I'm seeing several chunks of 3 home or 3 away in a row.
  17. Europa League fixtures - I have played away twice in a row in the group stage (20/21) to open my fixtures. Teams away in matchday 1 are always reversed for matchday 2 and vice versa.
  18. @santy001its a loud minority giving us a bad name.@Dan Ormsbyhas done an excellent job with the data. He always does and there is very little reason to gripe. It’s bang on that we (the paying customers as a whole) should remember a little more courtesy when talking online. I think we’re privileged to engage over ratings with a researcher in the way you can’t for many other games.
  19. Same issue too, when trying to add real fixtures - can't test them because of issues relating to total teams in other leagues Premier League Fixtures.fmf
  20. Injuries are only included if the player was injured at the start of the season - VVD & Gomez were fit at the start of the season.
  21. Hi @Pete Sottrel, Bit of an odd one, screenshot of the sponsors in-game... Now the editor (straight load, no changes): Most of that actually looks correct. It's missing stadium sponsorship. In-game it's listing main and away kit, although the values and durations match up well with the "kit sponsor" and "kit sponsor secondary" entries in editor. Club membership is the same too, although it's missing the general sponsor already in the editor too, which might be because the expiry date is after the season starts (should be changed to 2021) - equally it should be labelled "shirt sleeve" which is an option itself. So, decided to experiment, by removing the total commercial income entry, correcting the end date and labelling for the sleeve sponsorship, updating the stadium sponsorship, plus most crucially, I re-labelled the income type for the Emirates and Adidas deals - it looks like having "kit sponsor" plus "kit sponsor secondary" automatically changes it to "main kit" and "away kit" in-game. I referred to Adidas as kit sponsor and Emirates as general sponsor. In-game it now looks like this: Which in the editor looks like this: I think it would be a useful change in-game to have the label "kit supplier" or "kit manufacturer" to go with "kit sponsor" - i.e. differentiating Adidas from Emirates in this case. This then got me looking at our debts/loans - these were re-structured by Kroenke in July, to significantly reduce the annual burden on the club. So according to pieces by the Arsenal Supporters Trust & Swiss Ramble (both excellent sources): There is an existing £15m debt for debentures and £24m for derivatives (which we have reflected in-game) The rest of our debt has been re-financed, so the £112m & £48m (worth £160m) should be removed, replaced by a loan of larger value, but costing a much smaller rate of interest AST estimates this to be £184m owed to the ownership, estimated that we'll be reducing debt servicing & interest costs from £20m a year to £5-10m a year on highly favourable interest terms. Most likely on extended terms. This is something that you'll need to judge yourself, but I'd estimate that it should be a £184m loan, with no or negligible interest (as the penalty payments to take this loan are included in it's value), extending it's date of completion in order to reduce the annual cost. So, probably 20 years from now looks in the right ball-park. So, in my view, it should look much more like this: Contract expiry and Chips Keswick bits still need adjusting, but the finances bit needs some work.
  22. On the beta thread I gave updates on some of the sponsorship and financial things that were incorrect at Arsenal. Sadly they've not made it into the full edition. The changes needed were: Chips Keswick has now retired, we don't have a chairman anymore Emirates Stadium capacity is 60,704 (Premier League handbook - Arsenal pages 3-4) The sponsorship page lists our sponsorship as £40 main kit and £60m away kit - our sponsorship should look like: Main Kit (Adidas) £60m a year for 5 years (2019-2024) Other Kit (visit Rwanda) £10m a year for 3 years (2018-2021) Stadium (Emirates) £2.8m a year from 2006-2021 then it becomes £4m a year from 2021 to 2028 General (Emirates) £40m a year for 6 years (2018-2024) Contracts, according to Transfermarkt: Chambers expiry date at 2022 Sokratis expires in 2021 Maitland-Niles, Smith Rowe & Nelson all expire in 2023
  23. All of you at SI should be really proud of yourselves for producing this in trying circumstances. I loved FM20, but what a great improvement this is - hats off and hope you all get a well deserved rest!
  24. So, in theory - yes. What you need to think about is if the roles and duties match the instructions you’re using. So, for example - if you’re playing quite route one, is an AP what you’re after? Most possession based systems will be ok with an AP. The issue I could foresee is if the AF pushes high, against a deep line, the AP might struggle to find him. So, if you’re attacking space, that AP will have options to look for.
  25. Have a think about if the issue is with the roles and duties, or with the team instructions. it's often a small tweak or change that makes a big difference
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