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  1. You've ticked virtually every instruction under the sun there - what is it you're actually trying to achieve because I can't really tell! On roles and duties - you've got a lot of attack duties, all the way up the flanks and in the final third - so there is very little dynamic movement in there. Whereas for your secondary tactic, your central midfield is ultra conservative and little link between them and the attack.
  2. A few ideas for you in here about setting up a back 3:
  3. Corners specifically I do the following: 5 x players across the 6 yard box (back 4 plus tall midfielder) 3 x "go back" - basically zonal again in the area 1 x edge of area - a good dribbler and/or passer 1 x pacy attacker I don't put people on the posts.
  4. I'd just suggest swapping a CWB on 1 flank from attack to support - just helps change the behaviour on each flank and create slightly different angles or types of chance
  5. Any quality striker can score goals in the right system - so you could list virtually every attribute as worthwhile in there potentially. What matters is the right ones for the right system. I think your core ones are on the money though.
  6. I think it would lead to a lack of dynamism in midfield with an AP(s) - he'll play passes, but your HB & DLP already do that.
  7. Low tempo I don't think is the issue, because it does encourage more considered play. I'd say your right flank looks like a challenge to me. A Mezzala drives wide, which is counter to what you want with attacking underlapping runs. The Central Midfielder (Attack) doesn't sound like a sexy role, but it's exactly what you're describing you want. He can contribute with the ball, but he will absolutely make penetrating runs beyond your False Nine. Additionally your right wing back isn't really contributing much - I'm not sure what he adds to your team. If you get him overlapping and getting forward on the right it might create more space. You also need to consider that a Winger (Support) is basically there to get early crosses in - if you don't want crosses, consider a change of role. Passing into space could help, but only if you have space to exploit. That depends on how high you're pinning them in - considering you want to pin sides back and suffocate them it won't help much. Width helps you break sides down, stretching opponents towards you before passing round them. Your defensive line and line of engagement can be altered to let the opponents out, create space for you to attack into - consider sometimes a high line but lower LOE to do this.
  8. It does surprise me the amount of people who don't seem to use preset systems and adapt them, rather they go straight for custom. There are tools there to help out which aren't always utilised as much as they can be too.
  9. Good mental attributes for pressing - teamwork, work rate, aggression the primary ones, but determination, decisions are useful too
  10. Roles and duties look pretty sensible. The Mezzala you could consider making a BBM, CM(a) or RPM - but only if something is missing in your team. A BBM will stay more central than the Mezzala and a touch more cautious. A CM(a) will attack the space from deep a touch more aggressively.
  11. One of the presets. I start from there, then make tweaks when i see it in action.
  12. Take it back to basics then - what are your squad's strengths and weaknesses and what style of play do you want to play, that suits your squad? The article I wrote in this guide at the back explains how I analyse a squad and pick a style - blow by blow of how I do it and what my thinking is - might help.
  13. You certainly need enough space for the runners to break into and for the Raumdeuter to exploit, so I wouldn't push that defensive line or line of engagement too high up the pitch. You need to let the opponent breathe to give you space. I'd say roles like a CM(a), BBM(s), WB/CWB(s/a) are the kind of deep, penetration runners you need. I think a role like a DLP would be good for distribution and recirculating the ball in and round the WTM and attacking full back.
  14. My pairs & combinations guide is designed for a straightforward idea of what works and why. Give that a read. Rashidi's channel on youtube (Bustthenet) is worth looking at as he gives you ideas that you might want to look at with breaking down defensive sides and where/how to press. Stuff from other FM's is all still relevant too. Your team roles and duties look pretty balanced on the whole, no major issues there. I don't get what you're looking to achieve with your team instructions though. I'd wholeheartedly recommend sticking to a default style and then tweaking it rather than going for a custom style. I suspect just getting the team instructions lined up and a bit of advice on breaking down a packed defence will work wonders for you.
  15. A lot of us here aren't familiar with Preston. Can you describe the kind of style you're looking to replicate?
  16. I quite like the roles and duties for the most part. I don't think the Mezzala is giving you that much. A Roaming Playmaker or CM(a) might balance the side a bit better. I think your team instructions are very very aggressive - your defensive line, line of engagement, tight marking and attacking mentality are basically pressing ultra-high, so I'm not surprised you're giving up chances on the break. Well depends on a few things - if your player fitness isn't optimal then a smaller pitch sees you covering smaller distances to press and compresses space better, but larger gives you more room to attack into (provided you draw their defence out enough)
  17. Can all happen late. On 3rd season of my previous save I overhauled a 10 point lead with a 92nd minute winner against Man Utd on penultimate game - first time I led the league all season. Guendouzi bursting through was shades of Michael Thomas!
  18. A defensive system isn't inherently supported by having more players in defensive positions. I think that type of system could see you really pinned in without as much of an outlet. So defensively you want to be more compact, which you achieve with many of those instructions you have for transition and defensively, it is your offensive plan that is a bit confused - how are you planning to attack? Is it direct balls over the top, is it quick passes and ball carrying? The instructions you have there for in possession look like what I would be doing for a Control Possession style, not for a counter style. I'd probably set your team to a 4-1-4-1, it's still very compact, but you can control the space a bit further in front of your own area and can break out a touch easier. The Wingers being back in shape will be a much tougher block to break through.
  19. Likely formation - so for context I play a 4-2-3-1, I need to know if I am going to get outnumbered in central midfield, or if the opponent is likely to sit particularly deep Opposition playing style - am I playing into the hands of a rapid counter-attacking side? Do I need to be more cautious instead? I tend to have 3 x clear presets - my ideal style and formation (4-2-3-1 Control Possession), my ideal style with alternative formation (sufficiently different to be of use) (5-2-2-1 WB, Control Possession), a plan B style with suitable formation (4-3-3 DM Wide, Fluid Counter) I look at them in general for stand out information on form, goalscorers etc., but overall I will generally keep to my presets, with slight tweaks to instructions like defensive line and line of engagement
  20. Basically the thing with width is that someone needs to offer you width from somewhere - if you have the wide attackers going centrally and the wing backs going centrally or staying back you're going to lack that. This formation has the default strength of natural width and a solid centre - so there are things about this that can/should make this work. Basically if it is a Wing Back or wide attacker, make sure someone offers width in the final third. As for the Segundo Volante, my thought is to make sure someone gets forward out of the deepest line to support transition and the attacking phase. I wondered if a Regista would lack people doing enough running around him and expose him too much. Perhaps a DM(s) would get forward but show enough positioning discipline. I like what you're doing, thinking outside of the box somewhat!
  21. It's only your MR that I don't really get. He's cutting into quite simply the most congested area of the pitch. I'd be looking to get him a bit further down the flank, looking for the overlaps in the final third with Semedo. That improved creative option might help Lautaro Martinez too. My only other thought would be to get your ST (LC) and AM (RC) to swap duties, so that Almada gets forward and Martinez links play - but I don't know how well that suits either.
  22. I think having a support duty centre forward would be a good idea. Especially with a Mezzala breaking forward from deep too. Your duties are otherwise well spread I'd probably change your FB(s) to a WB(s) to offer width in the final third when the IF(a) moves inside I think having a FB instead of a WB is a useful adjustment to allow you to keep the Mezzala. Basically the right hand side looks fine to me. A DLP(s) CM(s) are both absolutely grand. What kind of style are you looking to play, because its only your roles and duties that we can see for now...
  23. I also agree with @SD that you're on the right track. I think your right flank has quite a large disconnect between the W(A) and FB(D) - they're just so far apart. I'd consider a FB(S), just to help close that up a touch. I'd probably switch your Carrilero and Mezzala around - so the attacking player is next to a support player. I'd also just think about the roles themselves actually - both naturally sit wider, and I am not sure that you really need that in a system with a wide pair on each flank. I'd concentrate on roles that stay in the centre a bit more - a BBM(s) and CM(a) are perfect and offer a really balanced midfield - they will do similar functions to the current roles but better balanced and sit a touch more central. Of course with central midfielders pushing to support the attack, consider a support duty for the lone forward (recommend it if you want possession play as his link play will be much better, but if you want to play on the break or direct, then an attack duty will probably be more worthwhile). I'd strongly suggest using the presets first, then tweak them. I really don't understand why both tactical setups you have picked are so wildly different from each other. I don't really understand the overall game play in either case. I'd recommend starting with a default, then tweak instructions after you see how it plays.
  24. My 2 cents here: Surely the great advantage of playing like this is to be extremely compact - either pressing or counter-attacking. Given that this is with no defensive line it would lead you more to being a pressing side Thinking about roles and duties, I'd probably setup with something like this: W(A) - AM(S) - SS(A) - AP(S) - W(S) IWB(S) - A(D) - SV(S) - A(D) - IWB(A) Basically my thinking is - as you play wide wide players anyway, your wing backs might help you out centrally playing as Inverted Wing Backs. I'd set a pair of very disciplined central, defensively minded players (like Defensive Midfielder or Anchorman). I'd make sure that you have someone pushing out centrally with some forward movement (so either a DM(S) or SV(S)) - this gives you up to 5 players who can link up centrally and play passes into each other (AM, AP, IWB, IWB & SV). I'd focus on having a possession and pressing focused system of play. I'd look at experimenting with your defensive line and mentality to make sure you set up a defensive line high up in your own half.
  25. Yes, but you asked about using a DLP - I've explained why I don't feel you should use a DLP in an MLC or MRC position. Again, if you want to use an Anchorman, don't press high - I've suggested using a fluid counter style system which you could make work with a 4-1-2-1-2...
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