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  1. Brilliant again. Let me go again. To me liverpool clearly have there wide men as inside forwards on attack surely? In attack they often resemble a diamond with mane an salah high and narrow with firmino dropping deep, but on here i would be recommended not being symettrical on both sides but klopp seems to go with symettrical roles on his wings and rarely with a midfield runner from deep, they seem to have the 3 mids cover for the wbs etc now
  2. I see herne a very detailed and great response. What i take from that is that while people may have a good grasp of a philosophy or tactical style but then when it comes to implementing into the engine some of us unnecessarily add things we interpret from what we see when the setup and mentality could be providing what we want naturally and roles and dutys the same. So it is more a lack of ingame tactic engine knowledge or understanding. Naturally then whats the method to taking an idea of football and implementing it? Also this is something related so o will add it here. This is in no way a dig at anyone on these forums merely an observation. Say ive become highly influenced by arrigo sacchi jurgen klopp and rinus michels, i want my FM team to display a hybrid of these guys philosophy, one look at a sacchi milan and im clicking mh dl mh loe extreme urgency and an offside trap. I believe if i came here with that it would be labelled suicide. Therefore how would one hypothetically produce the sacchi style of press and high octane football without comiting through ball suicide, as in my mind theres no way arrigo lowers that line or turns off the intensity of press or stops using a trap, is this the limitations of the game where certain styles as sacchi would just work poorly ME wise? Hope this makes sense to you people :=)
  3. Tetsuro make your own thread please i dont want mine derailed, im not interested in your post of why things happen the threads about peoples tactical approach to the game and quite frankly you spout nonsense cheerio.
  4. I think the issue is most teams irl do well with 3 left at the back or more often than not win a ariel duel or cb duels with a player making a run, in fm cbds just stand and wait till its passed/over them then have already lost the foot battle so 1v1 99percent of the time where as i bet irl alot less result in a 1v1
  5. So what about real life implementation, do people try to carbon copy principles of play or adjust to suit match engine
  6. What is the best way to approach football manager? Is it to learn and understand real footballing ideas and tactical principles of play. Is it to learn more the weaknesses of the games engine and manipulate your tactics to a way that takes advantage Or is it a mix of both? How do you approach it? A simulation of the real game or the arcade style learning the games vulnerabilities and maximizing the advantages taken of this Id like to hear what people prefer to do
  7. thanks that is a good response. i wasnt sure how to word it apologies for that. essentially if i want to play a possesion style and i hire a coach to train possesion or attacking etc and they prefer a direct counter play style, will the players be trained my possesion style or will the coach train a direct style as he prefers that and would that affect overrall style. in a nut shell, do i select coaches who's preferred styles etc are similair to mine or does that not matter?
  8. as the title says, let me be a bit more specific, im playing a possesion based slow looking for the space to open up style hypothetically, would a tactical possesion coach with preferred style of defensive direct counter influence the philosophy of the tactics or does that no matter per say ? hope this makes sense
  9. Only com. Is it possible to have match overview on the left, match stats on the right? Widgets dont work or look right. Seems like im being forced into 2 and 3 d?
  10. Thanlyou very much, i have added these and im struggling to make it just overview and match stats, i cant remove the bottom left box any ideas?
  11. Hi, im having an issue where some items from a custom skin are displaying in my default skin even after removing from folder reloading and clearong cache, specifically the fonts and colours in my competitions page league table
  12. Hello im looking for a way to have my in match layout the old school fashion. I am an comm only player and would prefer to have my match layout as match overview on the left woth both teams and score on, and match stats on the right. Alls i can do is add them as widgets but i cant get them how i like and the overview is wrong style, is there anything that can be done thanks
  13. Hi first off i have read many guides and kind of have a grasp on the mls. I am struggling and need some advice regarding wages etc. 1) does the mls work now on fm20 ive read alot that theres alot of bugs and the rules arent used well by the ai? 2) i have a wage cap of 4.2m per annum but in my finances i have a wage budget of 27m per annum i guess this is for wages that fall outside of the cap. Which is where my problems lie, i seem to be missing something, i am trying to sign a player as a designated player i can offer them the dp contract but no more than 300k per annum? I thought this was the point of dp. A portion goes towards salary cap and the rest out my "other" wage budget which is 27m per annum and im currently spending around 5m per annum, i also dont get new budgets the following season is this normal? What am i missing?
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