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  1. Whats your all time longest/memorable save that stands out the most ?
  2. capaljr - can see the barkley one dragging on for couple of weeks at least mate , spurs are in no rush to buy , everton are in no rush to sell, hes just had groin surgery so probs be at least a week or 2 before anything happens there as he wont pass a medical just yet
  3. please can someone move this to tactic thread sorry
  4. hello, im looking for some help and advice to improve my 5-3-2/3-5-2 tactic in terms of possesion and also creating and scoring more goals. id like to do this without really affecting too much the semi- solid defence i have with this setup (2nd least conceeded in league so far) i am struggling to score many goals as my two strikers get a little isolated and have only scored around 7-8 goals between them in 14 league games (not exactly average strikers either), and even though bbm and rpm do play well they have good av ratings and assist and score a few there not really getting as far up the pitch in attacks as id like (without changing roles and taking away from the solid back 5 and 3 sat in front when defending). they do usually sit on the edge of the box and dont tend to venture in which is understandable giving thats what the rpm does and bbm dosent tend to venture into the box. ive noticed when i am attacking the opposition does tend to crowd the box as i am playing as AC milan so its hard to create chances so i have work into box and pass into space to try and encourage a couple more through balls? (not the best at understanding how these are implemented in game) so i rely alot on crosses from the wing backs. in terms of possesion, i struggle to get over 45% regardless of opposition and most the time in the 30's even though i am playing a control mentality so again not sure about this either. my idea is, i enjoy the 5-3-2 as i like the look of how the team is setup in game and it also slightly combats for me the OP crosses this year also i enjoyed the conte 3-5-2 he was known for at juventus so my setup and roles is slightly brought in from that with the BPD-Cover basically to sweep up any through balls and also bring the ball out and play it with 2 solid CD next to him. Wing backs to provide my width stay wide and crosss into the box or recycle to a close by CM also helps out defensively with the crosses in and opposition wide players. CMs center as a dlp s to be the passing option from defence bring the ball out and either look for one of the CM's or a direct ball to the wing backs (rarely ever plays up to the ST ive noticed) , lemina my rcm i have rotated between RPM (changed to this to try and get him on the ball round the box a bit more and find the ST (not really worked out so far )and bbm - i set out as bbm as i want my BBM's to help shield the defence in defence and to be a passing option and support the forwards in attacks (good at coming back just not too effective going forward) , left CM same idea as right cm so BBM Complete forward S - to drop a little deeper and link more with the midfield and open up space for my other ST whilst also being a goalscoring threat (not been any of that so far haha) and Adv Fwd - to run off the CFs and distract the CDs and be on the end of through balls/crosses. i want to go for that juve 352 style i mentioned nice and solid at the back, but in attack nice and direct and quick (my tis say otherwise with short passing but im just experimenting with different instructions to try and create more for my strikers i have been running mostly direct passing) as i said its not going bad for me im 3rd in the league solid defence record, im just lacking much going forward other than crosses in and the odd bit of skill and finishing in the box but im finding my strikers arnt that effective and most the time after my team have brought the ball forward they usually have 3-6 players around them in the box (higher tempo pass into space was my solution to trying to get more intricate balls round the box and putting them through on goal (hasnt really worked) possesion - i understand that i may lose out a little with this formation but going forward its more of a 3-5-2 so should be able to keep more of the possesion but struggling most games to even get over 40% despite control etc. any help would be fantastic hope ive gave enough info but let me know if more is needed
  5. what about AC Milan , downloaded the transfer update, they got a nice squad and a big transfer budget
  6. i am on the new transfer update (pr0) so lukaku is at man u
  7. there might not be many farmers in game
  8. dont know who to go out of these two , Everton are my supported club, already done a save with them but have the new transfer updates, and other bonus is the prem tv money AC Milan, has the money and also the very good squad, havent done a save in the serie a so not sure on the rules and finances etc ! who would you go ? (latest transfers so AC probably have the better squad well definetley do)
  9. well said barside haha, so anyone else want to share there preferred in match setup
  10. Whats with everyone playing fm16?
  11. Looking for a team that i can build into a quality european side within 3-5 seasons, also with a good amount of money to be able to buy players in to fit my 352
  12. interesting to see you havent done a season on 17 yet barside being a regular on the forums, resons for this ?
  13. hello, whats everyones setup, i usually only comm but feel the need to switch to key and 3d now the game is more mico management and simulation than older versions. also how long does it take you to get through a season with your preferred choice.
  14. hello, may seem silly and obvious, but a few days ago my fm crashed and not responding had to quit, i removed all installed graphics and community transfer update, will i be able to re install the transfer update? id hate to permanently not be able to use addons now ? thanks