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  1. Hello, im looking for some advice on how to get the ideas i have to play out on the tactics creator and wether or not this is possible. so my base shape will be of a 3-4-3 or 5-2-3 the formation name isnt important to me the player positioning is:), in a defensive transition i would like it to fall into what would resemble a 5-2-1-2, going forwards a 3-4-3 The bit im struggling with interpreting would be my striking trio, ideally i would like a front 3 that roams around and causes havoc but at the same time i would like them to do specific things such as the two wider forwards i would like to get in behind and press up against the defensive lines in the half spaces, so essentially id like them to split wider, now im not sure how i am going to be able to this if its even possible, i could try it with a front 3 or i could try them starting in winger positions and coming inside but id prefer a front 3 as i would want them to be more compact and together most the time, my central striker i would like to stay central and move up and down the center , as in , if the wide forwards are wide in half spaces and are not getting in behind i would like the central striker to push on, if my wide forwards are getting in behind and pushing up against the back line, id like my central striker to drop deep and provide a link for the midfield. , but in most situations i envisage my central striker dropping deep centrally to provide a link to the 2 central midfielders. As you can see in my idea for attacking shape, i have the two wide strikers splitting and the central dropping, i could play the central one as a f9 or a dlf-s to create this, but im unsure about the two wider strikers. i would like them to push up and wide so mabe adv fwd with run wide unsure, i want them to be in the half spaces and the channels causing problems for the full backs and centre backs so any suggestions on replicating this then please give your opinions, i will add a picture to show the areas of the pitch id like my wide fwds to operate in. As for the rest of the team, i would like to have the back 3 pretty standard, fanned out across the back providing cover in the half spaces and channels etc. im unsure to go with the 2 outer defenders as my 'ball players' providing direct balls to the wing backs or the channels for the strikers to attack, or to keep it tidy playing safe to the two sitting midfielders and have the central defender providing the direct passes. but you get where im going with that part hopefully. the wingbacks id like bombing forward providing the width on the flanks for the team which i think im able to push them very high due to a back 3 and 2 sitting players. the midfield 2 again im unsure, in my head them sitting in front of the back 3 giving options to play out from the back and progress play to either the striker or wing back sounds good but i dont know if this will be too static or not?. with the 3 strikers and wingbacks will i need a runner in there or is 2 supporting players from behind play sufficient?. also another issue i see playing in this shape is there will be space for the opposition in the middle, as i will have my front 3 pushing up with the central one dropping deeper, and 2 sitting players so the area in the AM strata will be quite open i imagine, i also expect to have to find a solution for what may be a gap between the centre midfield duo and the front three, im thinking either play in a more fluid shape or playing more direct will negate this plus the central striker dropping deeper? mabe even have a player in the AM strata and 2 fwds pushing wide is my solution to that but id like to try a front 3 first. so here is a picture of what i envisage being my teams progression up the pitch, i have blue arrows for the positional movements of players and red lines for what i envisage the passing movement to look like. So what i would like to see is all my players having 2 or 3 passing options or atleast space to play a ball into for players to run onto. i as of yet havent fully decided on what im going to do about that whole of sorts in the middle of the pitch between centre mid and strikers, also im not sure how to set up my midfield duo, i would like to have them both sitting, one will certainly be a deep lying playmaker i imagine but i dont like having 2 of the same role directly next to eachother so mabe a ball winner or put them in the DM strata and have a volante mabe but then i think that will just further increase the gap between back and front. anyway i will now fiddle about and try to put this into the game. i would love your opinion on how you would set this up thanks
  2. i have a quite annoying in game graphics bug when playing matches, when in 3d mode, the goals specifically net areas always flicker blue ?
  3. i am running custom logos yes and competition name fixes etc off steam, running england, france, germany, italy, spain playable and few as non playable, with approx player count of 44.000 DxDiag.txt
  4. not sure where this thread should go but, i command the sports interactive team they make a great game each year and do a wonderful job but they fail to get the TC working efficiently since its conception. can they not just go to some of the members in these forums for example and have the TC descriptions re written into terms that they actually do. because for years its just been a case of descriptions saying one thing and the instructions performing another! in a nutshell, i believe the TC should be made a lot more simpler and less finicky after all, IRL tactics are only a part of being successful they dont need to make it so complex
  5. Hello, i have an issue with my game when i hit continue to process. the issue is , sometimes, randomly i will hit the continue button but nothing will process it will get stuck on the screen processing where you have the bar accross the top with days and results etc, it will not simulate nothing or advance to next day etc, i am able to click browse and browse as normal but it will not process, i then have to go back to start screen and re load then it will process?
  6. and the system ? good enough to run a few leagues ?
  7. how about a 2.5ghz on a intel i5-7300hq 8gbram ? also on loading leagues in , is just loading the one league the rest in view only making the experience alot less, or is it worth sacraficing the speed and adding more playable leagues ?
  8. how would this perform, dell insipiron i5 7000 gaming windows 10 64 bit intel i5-7300hq @ 2.50 ghz 8gb ram nvidia ge force GTX 1050 thanks
  9. Hello , i see benidorm cf are in the fame but in division inferior? I can get a spanish lower league db but how can i add them to a league without messing up the db? would i have to remove one team from the league then add them ? Also what league is suitable they are a professional team with 1 star rep
  10. As title says, should i wait couple weeks to start long term save ?
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