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  1. dannyrefc

    View-only leagues

    and the system ? good enough to run a few leagues ?
  2. dannyrefc

    View-only leagues

    how about a 2.5ghz on a intel i5-7300hq 8gbram ? also on loading leagues in , is just loading the one league the rest in view only making the experience alot less, or is it worth sacraficing the speed and adding more playable leagues ?
  3. dannyrefc

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    how would this perform, dell insipiron i5 7000 gaming windows 10 64 bit intel i5-7300hq @ 2.50 ghz 8gb ram nvidia ge force GTX 1050 thanks
  4. dannyrefc

    FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    Stop refering to them as fc sexy
  5. dannyrefc

    How to add benidorm cf to spanish leagues?

    Forum of clueless people then haha
  6. Start your own thread please kopite
  7. Hello , i see benidorm cf are in the fame but in division inferior? I can get a spanish lower league db but how can i add them to a league without messing up the db? would i have to remove one team from the league then add them ? Also what league is suitable they are a professional team with 1 star rep
  8. dannyrefc

    FM Best Scandinavian Bargains

    Roland sallai if he is scandanavian haha
  9. As title says, should i wait couple weeks to start long term save ?
  10. dannyrefc

    database setup advice?

    thanks very much for your help
  11. im looking for some database setup advice.... so, say im looking on managing one teams, would i get longevity if just that league was playable then say 5 european leagues (the main ones) as view only ? would the players in them leagues develop the same or less? would regens be affected? or am i best say loading all top leagues in europe as playable then a couple more as view only? should i focus much on star rating ? i am looking for long term save so dont want my game to be crawling after say 10 seasons so i am a bit wary of loading up too many leagues!
  12. hello, i am looking to start a journeyman save but im not sure what will be good for my system as ive heard the star rating isnt representitive of speed ? i have a dell inspiron 7000 gaming, i run a i5-7300HQ at 2.5ghz 8gb ram ? thanks i know answers will be mainly guesswork but any insight may be helpful
  13. dannyrefc

    Team To Build A Dynasty ?

    Made seem odd looking at the suggestions but i think ive settled on: Preston North End founders of the english leagues first team to go invincible first winners of the english top division (first double) havnt been in the top league since 1960 (or around that time) my other half lives close to deepdale so i think this is a team i can get into
  14. I am looking for a team to build a footballing dynasty with. some of the qualities im looking for are; team with a large potential fanbase anf potential to grow into a huge club team who should be more succesful than they are team with decent finances to help build a dynasty im thinking in my head someone like hertha berlin they seem to have the above qualities (large city with potential fanbase , decent league, big stadium) psg to finish there project but probably get bored of them too soon. thanks look forward to getting some ideas.
  15. dannyrefc

    Brexit is awfully implemented

    but the point is , why implement something which is only being talked about? no one knows how itll affect football, it hasnt even affected the uk yet properly. considering a game like fm where they usually wait till somethings 100% fact before implementing it i just dont get this one