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  1. yeah i think thats all down to whatever they have done to 'the new pressing system' in my opinion, whatever they have done it seems like no matter what settings, teams will not press until their own half, allowing teams playing on a defensive mentality to just circulate round the back with 0 pressure!
  2. its a very difficult one though aint it bud , i would have to say fm21 in that case , but hoping with couple of tweaks , fm22 can be on the same level, with the new additions edging it. we shall see in a couple weeks time!
  3. do you mean FM21 beta vs FM22 beta ? if not then its unfair to compare a full released game with a beta, for obvious reasons. beta vs beta , probably this one for all the new ui and skin changes , new animation etc. of course things need re jigging and re working, but so does every beta? lets wait till at the very least full release hey!
  4. seems to be a reoccurring issue , i have this problem also
  5. i have also posted about this , cannot upload screenshot currently but similair to this, i have a seperate thread open i shall add an example when i can
  6. hello , i am playing 1920X1080 zoom 110% as i have eye issues , i cannot see the acknowledge button , it does not fit on my screen , is there anyway i can solve this without changing zoom as i cannot read text any less , thanks
  7. ahh , no wonder i cannot see it then on my laptop zoom110 , guess ill never be acknowledging players scout reports then, for the sake of being able to read the text cos i have bad eyes. is there anything going to be done about this or just bad luck for being visually impaired and not having a giant monitor lol.
  8. good too see ya buddy , ive not been so active past couple years , still been getting my fix of FM though , im getting nostalgic visual flashbacks of sheffield united examples and santos ones also lol , look forward to it !
  9. question/observation... so the stamina / pressing / fitness has been changed, well some part of one of those im not that informed. but yeah so there has been a nerf to full intensity 90mins gegenpressing, fair enough that will naturally bring tiredness, look at bielsas leeds, liverpools first 2-3 years under klopp, leeds seem to tail off 2nd half of seasons and tire out , liverpool had the same problems and muscle injury issues i think , so yeah , they had to tone it down a bit, how i visualise what they done in TC terms is drop the line of engagement to higher instead of all out, more calculated pressing triggers and keeping more possesion to recover , so in turn they are using less energy per full 90 mins. i believe something has been worked into the new system regarding better pressing triggers? so SI could be trying to work in more methodic pressing / energy conservation along with the nerf to doing it 90mins 40+ games a season, ok. my issue is this , even if i have dropped my LoE to higher , higher DL , dropped pressing to more pressing , removed prevent short gk dist, dropped passing intensity to standard. then usually i will droped it all to standard/standard mostly playing on balanced/positive , my players are still getting exhausted!. mostly half amber fitness by 65 mins, utilising recovery sessions etc , no one ever really goes above normal intensity in the rest thing etc. i feel like the stamina drop or something has been nerfed a little too far! , i still see top teams liverpool,city, probably couple others round the world who still use a high press, well most top teams at the minute are using a high press , with a high paced passing system! just check liverpool at old trafford yesterday , all over united like a rash , quick football, then utilised keeping the ball 60mins plus. when trying to use this in current ME , im still getting tiredness as if full pressing all the time! , im even getting players tired using a more pressing from a mid standard/standard block. p.s , some form of pressing intensity is a must for me , wether that be from a low block 442 or high press 433 , dont like passiveness lol. anyways this is not a rant , just my findings and opinions, would like to hear yours too and any tips on what use are doing!.
  10. hello @Neil Brock , i have uploaded a save called 'beta save newcastle utd.fm' , it is saved right at the problem, i will try to find a back up if this is not of use from earlier, let me know!
  11. i am able to confirm him which i did when i signed him and confirmed new squad reg , as normal! , i then continued and got the confirm squads next messages, i clicked confirm squad , which then took me to the squad reg page, again hit confirm squads at bottom as normal! only it jumped back to the diego llorente message and the squad confirmation still there as if unopened with must respond! , i have not tried to holiday past this i shall try this and get back to you! i tried to upload my save but too large? i also just noticed that when i hit screenshot on my news items page , i got a screenshot of liverpools staff page so cant show you that either lol, i will raise that one too incase, i know its a minor one
  12. without reading anything after 6 hours of playing, pretty impressive beta , compared to previous! enjoying the polished UI , the match engine / animations seem smooth and it is nice to see some variety in the animations too (bit jittery in parts , not sure if my graphics or not but rated max stars). im loving the new wide centre back role ! couple of bugs here and there on the UI , and other than the fact i cannot confirm my squad for pl and therefore continue past the 30th of july. i am enjoying it! alot better than i expected. (i have raised this bug in the relevant sub forum). thanks for the hard work as ever SI ! , 8/10 beta so far , lots of potential for a great game this year
  13. i am asked to confirm my squad on the 30th jul (PL) , i am confirming but then it is jumping back to previous message and remaining as a ''must respond'' i have saved , exited etc , cannot pass this date as not letting me confirm my squad
  14. no problem , good to see, i noticed ancelotti done it with us last year with his son and duncan! , is it possible for us to develop that or no
  15. hello , i tried to sign brian kidd as AM , liverpool also came in , they got him (whilst pepin ljinders is AM) they now have kidd and ljinders as AM's is this a thing or a bug ?
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