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  1. I am looking for a team to build a footballing dynasty with. some of the qualities im looking for are; team with a large potential fanbase anf potential to grow into a huge club team who should be more succesful than they are team with decent finances to help build a dynasty im thinking in my head someone like hertha berlin they seem to have the above qualities (large city with potential fanbase , decent league, big stadium) psg to finish there project but probably get bored of them too soon. thanks look forward to getting some ideas.
  2. Brexit is awfully implemented

    but the point is , why implement something which is only being talked about? no one knows how itll affect football, it hasnt even affected the uk yet properly. considering a game like fm where they usually wait till somethings 100% fact before implementing it i just dont get this one
  3. Ok, i understand that they have included it as its a thing which will happen. but i think its awful that they have included brexit when its just speculation in terms of football. The chances of it being hard brexit football wise is slim due to the money in the prem more than likely going down the entertainer route. And fair enough that it is random to either soft or hard but it feels heavily weighted towards hard brexit which i dont think is right until we know the facts. It should be biased towards softer for now at least
  4. Im in the prem first season there with preston , got the all non uk need work permits debating if its worth continuing
  5. Brexit

    I have just had a hard brexit as preston , first season managed promotion to prem , im halfway through second season and just got the message that from next season , all non-uk players will require a work permit. has anyone had this or similair how does the save become? Not sure wether to continue with it or not
  6. has anyone had a hard brexit similair to (non-uk players now require work permits) , how has it panned out, has it damaged your game or is it enjoyable? just got this myself and wandering to keep going with the save or not!
  7. so is it absaloutly no chance of signing young foreign players no more, only experienced internationals ?
  8. And when your in the prem.... is it just uk players your able to sign ?
  9. hello, i have just had the message that uk has left the european union, and all non uk players now need a work permit, so i assume this is hard brexit. has anyone had this ? is it fun? how difficult is it? i am in my second season with Preston North End, got promoted first season struggling in the second due to having a weak team, and now just got a hard brexit where from next season, anyone not already based in the uk and is eu or non eu needs a work permit? worth continuing this save ?
  10. just a general feeler, in my career, england , leicester, burnley 3rd and 4th (442) spain atletico, villarreal 1st 2nd (442) germany rbl, leverkusen 1st and second (442) , seems like teams are having success with the 442 anyone noticed this ?
  11. struggling to find a final save

    i know dont know wether to save them till 18 though
  12. How do you rate FM17?

    Btw the what was wrong with the math engine pre 13 wasnt rhetorical id like to know why they needed a drastic change
  13. How do you rate FM17?

    So what was wrong with the game before the big change fm13 onwards if i was to look back (i like the new fms) then id say pre match engine change fms 07-12 specifically were the best ones, too much macro management for me now after all its a GAME, its always been about making a legacy with your supported or small club not ai adapts to every single thing and we want the realism of a small club taking 20 years to progress as this is how it is in real life , thats alls i see now in responses to things "but the percentage of this in real life" "this happens irl". Thats si's problem in a nutshell its been going downhill since they stopped viewing it as a game
  14. yeah im thinking of adding more, as was concerned when i read that itll be hard to find players at that level, but at the same time as i said im looking for it to be a long term save so not sure how my laptop will handle it long term wouldnt want to go long into it just for it to go very slow haha