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  1. can we refrain from the term fm'd and start going with XG'd please 😂✌
  2. my english teams will be everton/preston if i want to manage germany then it will be with hertha berlin my main save im torn between either FC Andorra - build the team through the spanish leagues and hopefully improve the andorran national team Russian team - havnt decided yet but interested in a russian side as ive been watching alot of soviet stuff lately on youtube haha. may attempt to build a russian club and nation into world beaters !
  3. i dont think this is meant to be like this? leamington in VNLN
  4. hello si. im having issues when using 110% zoom on my laptop. it cuts off the club icons and legends on 1920 x 1080 laptop. never had this issue before and always use zoom. will this be sorted ? thanks
  5. great ME. UI needs looking at. some errors and bugs when on tactics screen, in match ui would much rather have a customisable match stats where the dug out is. or even give me a custom match stats where the dugout is and put that on the left. dont ubderstand the emojis shouts , looks like a kids game and takes away from immersion for me. team colours on titlebars of teams and players some layouts such as team talks etc are a bit more awkward but may take some getting used too. player staff search is sluggish as hell for me but thats not just this fm game feels s
  6. i have a small db , 4-5 leagues about 28k players full scouting package. on a razer blade i7 750h , gtx 1050
  7. hello, ive had an issue since fm20 that has carried through to fm21 beta. Whenever im in the player or staff search screen and i start a search filter etc it becomes very sluggish and can sometimes take a second or two lag between clicking things and then a reaction on screen? is this a known issue and is there something i can do? i dont think its a bug as it was the case for previous game also
  8. im having a couple issues on my tactics screen. 1. coloured borders sometimes round shirts on tactic screen ranging from red on some players orange on others and some green, i have put this in another thread with image. 2. sometimes analysis squares are full red when coming out of certain menus 3. im having lots of trouble clicking through the different menus in TI sometimes needing to click on the box a few times. 4. if i have a player in DM or AM i cannot drag the player into other positions unless i first move the CMs out the way first?
  9. brilliant beta so far in terms of ME. i think this game has the potential to be a great game this year. not much needs doing ME wise, that has pretty much been nailed 🙌. focus on ironing out and tweaking the glaring errors and tidying up the UI. little things so far like the players on my tactic screen displaying green, red or orange borders round thise shirts (bug??). also on tactics screen ui the analysis squares being fully red. another issue ive had is its a bit sluggish and slow clicking between the tactic settings (attack,defend,transition). and i am having trouble dragging central playe
  10. are the coloured borders round my players shirts a bug?
  11. could someone tell me what these different coloured border round the shirts mean please?
  12. just wandering, is this a bug? or am i misunderstanding , end of next season im expected to reach the euro cup proper, but then when i change it to qualify for euro cup the board think im being unrealistic?
  13. what level of jobs am i likely attract with a continental pro license and sunday league experience? i want to try a bit of a journeyman but dont want to start at the bottom? thanks
  14. Brilliant again. Let me go again. To me liverpool clearly have there wide men as inside forwards on attack surely? In attack they often resemble a diamond with mane an salah high and narrow with firmino dropping deep, but on here i would be recommended not being symettrical on both sides but klopp seems to go with symettrical roles on his wings and rarely with a midfield runner from deep, they seem to have the 3 mids cover for the wbs etc now
  15. I see herne a very detailed and great response. What i take from that is that while people may have a good grasp of a philosophy or tactical style but then when it comes to implementing into the engine some of us unnecessarily add things we interpret from what we see when the setup and mentality could be providing what we want naturally and roles and dutys the same. So it is more a lack of ingame tactic engine knowledge or understanding. Naturally then whats the method to taking an idea of football and implementing it? Also this is something related so o will add it here. This is i
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