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  1. struggling to find a final save

    i know dont know wether to save them till 18 though
  2. How do you rate FM17?

    Btw the what was wrong with the math engine pre 13 wasnt rhetorical id like to know why they needed a drastic change
  3. How do you rate FM17?

    So what was wrong with the game before the big change fm13 onwards if i was to look back (i like the new fms) then id say pre match engine change fms 07-12 specifically were the best ones, too much macro management for me now after all its a GAME, its always been about making a legacy with your supported or small club not ai adapts to every single thing and we want the realism of a small club taking 20 years to progress as this is how it is in real life , thats alls i see now in responses to things "but the percentage of this in real life" "this happens irl". Thats si's problem in a nutshell its been going downhill since they stopped viewing it as a game
  4. yeah im thinking of adding more, as was concerned when i read that itll be hard to find players at that level, but at the same time as i said im looking for it to be a long term save so not sure how my laptop will handle it long term wouldnt want to go long into it just for it to go very slow haha
  5. im starting a long term save in the czech republic premier league, what would be an ideal setup, i was going to run my usual main nations on view only then this league as playable on large which gives me around 9,000 players but ive read that i may struggle along the way to get players for the team? i also read that i dont want it too big if i plan on it being a multi year save, not being experienced in small club in smallish european leagues long term, what am i reccomended to do? my specs are , intel i5-73000hq 2.5ghz 8gb ram
  6. just trying to learn how the mechanics of the ME and TC work so i can learn to spot things that arnt going right and knowing exactly what needs changing basically instead of guessing
  7. help me break this cycle. played cm/fm for years and used to enjoy the game so much, used to be able to sit without looking up or going off the game for hours and days weeks months on end getting 20-50 years into saves having so much fun building legacys and domination. the past few years (fm11 onwards) i have lost the enjoyment in playing mainly as it isnt as easy as it once was. the thing i have realised is limiting my enjoyment is this, i spend more time on forums and guides trying to get better at the game than i do playing the game, for example i have spent the past 3 days due to frustratingly doing poorly in game, reading every article , guide, thread , video i can that i havent opened up the game once for days. i have done this for years now and its no wonder i look back lately not enjoying the game, its because im never on the game im always reading something. do others find themselves doing this? how the hell do you stop it. not a bad thing on the forums btw there so helpful and thats the problem because now im in a cycle of needing to learn more whenever something aint going right instead of when i didnt know all this was around so id just have to learn myself.
  8. yes i follow rashidi (bustthenet) , id like to know, especially if he sees this, how did he manage to know so much about fm, i want that sort of knowledge where i know exactly what every little thing does so i can maximise my fm experience, i am a long time player, just not the best informed like most
  9. I know theres some guides but most the ones like cleon etc dont have the images no more
  10. Whats the best way to take in all information and learn the match engine and learn as much as possible about the game and tactics creator etc
  11. where is cleon nowadays , i dont see him much posting in here no more, and doesnt seem si sports centre is active no more
  12. American Football

    hi vince, brilliant thread, as a american football watcher myself i see alot of useful things in this that i wouldnt of thought could be relevent to the two sports so amazing thread eye opener im sure. on a side not though, i can just picture you sat in front of your computer shouting ''green 88 green 88 hut'' at your screen haha
  13. struggling to find a final save

    youd think id be tempted to do an everton save being an everton fan haha but i feel its too close to fm18 to get into a long term save, dont think id be able to get past 10 seasons, so im swaying to a hertha berlin save mabe
  14. not to sure who to do a final save with, being so close to 18 now i dont think its worth doing a long term save? this is the usual path i take but as i said not sure now who to go with due to not wanting to leave an unfinished save, so im wanting someone who will be able to win ucl, build a legacy you get the idea , a club with big potential who isnt reaching it or a sleeping giant type club but not a top top team, any of the top divisions will do for example im thinking someone like hertha berlin (club with big potential) or someone who once was a solid team but now fallen down (Leeds etc ), someone who arnt a big team but have the potential to be so within 1-5 seasons