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  1. Hi guys. Been playing FM since the CM days of Amiga and always managed to find success in one way or another, however I always try to change my tactics to suit my preferred style once I get more into the game. I end up being top heavy and have 6-7 strikers(I love buying strikers), so I tend to transition my 4-2-3-1 into more of a 4-4-2(more of a 4-2-4 with AMR/AML) to accommodate more strikers. I have tried on numerous occasions to try and get a 3 striker tactic to work, play ultimately always breaks down in and around where the AMC would be due to either a lack of width of a break down in my midfield. This has always happened regardless of the quality of my midfield which just gets overwhelmed by the AI 4-1-2-3 or 4-3-2-1. Well I heard a lot about 3 striker tactics being en vogue this year, so I thought I'd jump in again. I read about the super tactics potentially game breaking due to how good they are, but hey, If I can get my 3 strikers I'll have a go for a few seasons. However, when I try it, it doesn't work. No matter how I try and set up. I don't see a way of it working(far be it for me to accuse people of cheating) without people constantly reloading to get a desired result. Opposition teams seem to have 30+ shots to my 8-9. We just can't cope with the barrage that was coming towards me. So I thought I was doing something wrong, maybe I should download a tactic and tweek that in a test save then take it forward to my actual save. The results were even worse, 40 odd shots a game for the opposition, 6-7 for me. So what the hell am I doing wrong? Currently deploying a variant of 5-2-3, 3 cb's, 2 wing backs, 2 cm, 3 strikers. I've tried changing it up to more of a 3-4-3 with just as little success. No matter how much I try I can't seem to shoehorn in my strikers. What am I missing? What are the key facets of a 3 striker formation that I need to rely on? How are people inviting so much pressure onto them and still winning games? Cheers
  2. Out of interest, with steams new gifting policy not allowing you to gift a game from a lower economic area to higher, how would purchasing a gift copy on the SEGA store work? Is it an ROW key or a steam gift? Can we even pre-purchase giftable copies?
  3. Im now around half way through the season. Drogba's been an immense tutor, as has Klaasen! Signed a Mexican winger as well with 19 det who has helped Nunnely a lot. Problem id just the sheer amount of talent available, one or two lads miss out on tutoring through the numbers game, simply because theres that many lads to tutor. Palombo popped up in an assistant recommendation, his wage demands were a bit high for what I wanted. I didn't think of Eidur(Bolton fan here), so thats someone i'll look into. Keisling from Leverkusen nearly joined but I baulked at the 30k a week wages(even though i could afford them).
  4. I'm loathed to do this as I like to scout/find players on my own. However this is a bit different as I'm hoping to find existing "names" I'll already know rather than fresh new talent. Started a new save at Ajax for the first time ever, after years of being excited at the prospect. First day in the job I notice the embarrasment of young riches at my disposal to develop. However when I look for the old heads TO help then develop I came up short. I tried initially to bring in Van Persie, at 32 he is still amazing and has years left in the first team, whilst passing on his great knowledge. He wants 275k a week, max I can offer(smashing the wage structure) is 30k. After a bit more searching I came up with Di Natale(who joined PAOK), Drogba(deal in principle agreed but at 38 and retiring i'll only get a year) and Clint Dempsey(100k a week demands). So my convoluted way of asking a question is this, what strikers are available to join Ajax, who can first team/rotate with Dolberg, whilst being a good tutor(above 15 ideally for det with good personality). A second less pressing matter is a backup CB who can tutor my CB's, the CB's I have are very good and can easily start every game no doubt. I'd still like a tutor to help out Westermann and Veltman. I've got an offer pending for Ricardo Carvallho but he's probably too expensive for the role he'll play(23k a week, top earner whilst probably not making the bench).
  5. Its taken 10 years but I've finally got Blyth into the Premier League. Got "stuck" in the Championship for 3 seasons, every other league has been a one or two year job. I've found picking up the kids that Prem teams offload to be a Godsend. Scouting Wales helped massively as well. Amusingly, my board has taken the option to not upgrade our stadium every promotion. Its lead to us being a Prem side with a 2,000 capacity stadium. 1,900 of which are season ticket holders. Finally the Prem was deemed enough to upgrade by 3,000. That means we're ground sharing with Boro for 9 months. 5,000 still doesn't see us comply with league regulations though. Also, Boro L1, Newcastle and Sunderland in the Championship. That means Blyth are the biggest team in the North East !
  6. Great job on League One play offs, such a rapid rise after all your years in north/south shows how close the lower leagues can be!
  7. Multiple saves I have yet to see Fischer leave for above 3m. He seems neglected by Ajax this FM, probably due to their insane amount of talent within the squad.
  8. I survived my first season in League football, really proud of my team, I'm going to win the League next year. How can I make such good progress going from just avoiding relegation to winning the league in one year? Please note my goals scored and goals against column in this screenshot. 2nd highest scorers in the League, but conceded a staggering 104 goals. All I need is a new defence and we'll walk the league.
  9. Our scouts are good enough, we could find players but not attract them to the club. I managed to bring in 2/3 players which saw me promoted to League Two which changed everything. I made a comically bad signing, James Wallace was a League Two/One standard player. He joined and got injured for 8-9 months with cruicate ligaments making him our highest paid player who was missing for most games. During the run in he finally got back to fitness, brought him on for 20 minutes in a dead game to get match fitness. The NEXT DAY he did his cruciate ligaments AGAIN, 8-9 months. In his two years at the club he was the highest paid player, club captain, he played for 20 minutes and retired at the end of his contract aged 28.
  10. In my 4th year in charge of Blyth Spartans, haven't posted an update or my screenshot as I'm more of a lurker. In the Vanarama National and I was wondering how people attract such top class players to their teams. Screenshots all seem to be better than I can get. The good players we DO get are non-contracted and get pinched or refuse to sign new deals a year or two years into their deal. Does League Two see a significant rep increase?
  11. Started a Saints save as i like the youth set up. Intended it to be a side project lasting 4-5 seasons(longer if i enjoyed it) as a break from my Blyth save. Well...I was doing well but not pulling up trees and before i knew it i went into the last day knowing a win for me and id win the title unexpectedly. I lost 2-1 to Spurs, however, City Vs Chelsea who were both my title rivals needed a result, anything other than a draw saw me 2nd. Chelsea were 0-1 up going into the 92nd minute when Kelechi Ianacheo scored with the final kick to make it 1-1. I won the title with a record low points tally with 71 points. We won because people were crap rather than us being good. Got screens if people wish to see. Signed Barbosa, Pavon, Cubas, Butland and Veltman. Sold Mane to United tor 30m.
  12. Yeah my point was basically to show there are late developers, hell there are late developers that show up not at the big clubs. Just one common example is the big clubs who obviously get the better youth, the release them. Your main issue OP is that you are assuming that Jaime Vardy's of this world do not happen within the game. For that to be true you'd need to know ever single regen, at every single club, at every single level and see their development. You can't see that. Its really hard to argue that Johnny Newkid on my save had a similar career to Jaime Vardy because the same kid on your save stayed at Colywn Bay his entire career before retiring at 27. I would argue the onus is on you to prove that not one single regen on any fm16 save you've had has started low, developed late and ended up in the Premier League. It's a neigh on impossible task. It is far more realistic that young kids that do well in lower leagues get signed by big clubs and either develop or fall by the wayside for every Rickie Lambert and Jaime Vardy there are 10 Gareth Bale's that were sold in League One to the prem as a youngster and go on to have top careers. Just like there are 10 John Bostocks who dont cut the mustard.
  13. I actually just think you are flat out wrong about no late developers in the game. The big English clubs always sign kids or bring through a host that get released at 23 and go on to have great careers. Go on your most recent save, look at Chelsea, pick a regen with good potential but poor CA at 23. Sign him and give him game time. 10/10 times he will go on to be a Prem player.
  14. Finally lost Rajkovic to Valencia for a poor 7.5m minimum release fee. I would highly recommend him for any Rangers save but try to get a higher release fee. Valenica have slapped at 38m release fee on him and he's worth 19m now. A youth player I had signed for Chelsea for 4m, just sold his sell on clause for 7.5m which was fantastic for us. I signed a Brazillian center back for 5m and ploughed a lot into wages. Our poor wage structure is stopping us from landing many of my targets so we're still heavily reliant on loans and frees. The moneys there to spend i just cant match wage demands. Hopefully that'll improve now the league rep is upto 14th and Celtic improved the coefficient so 2 Champions League spots.
  15. O'Halloran was really disappointing, I tried him out wide but Kenneth McAvoy and Junior Hoilett were better. Adelaide was far too good for Scotland. I then tried him up top but Jason Cummings was on fire and as a rotational player he was hampering Hardies development. I ended up offloading him for around 250k to save on his wages. As for Celtic my major hurdle was Patrick Roberts. He was insane for them on his two loan spells. He's now worth 21m and doesn't look like he's returning for a 3rd. Serge Gnabry has just joined them on a free though so that could be a problem. I brought in Vladimir Weiss in my own attempt to strengthen with real quality, he's ripping teams apart. Scotland just upped their co-efficient so 2 Champions League spots now. Hopefully even second place will see real money seep in. Interestingly, Lucas Boye is dubbed the new Mario Kempes and a french lad i cant remember the name off hand is the next Michel Platini, so i may have a real side on my hands soon.
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