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  1. Thanks for the response, much appreciated! I think 100m may have been hyperbole, but I definitely was quoted 77m for a 21 year old who had never kicked a ball for Chelsea which I think was a very high price. I was also quoted I believe 50m for a CM from Chelsea too and 40m for a 23 year old from City who is also likely to never kick a ball. These prices feel gamey as its a case of "this player has good stats and PA" more than him actually having proven anything, in real life would people pay that for potential? I dunno, I'll leave it up for debate. I think Liverpool have signed 2 Argentin
  2. I'd love the option to watch the match in 1st person as a gimmick, but long term no, it just wouldn't be fun for me. But each to their own! Like I said in my original post, we've had loads of QoL improvements these last few years. However, having some improvements on one hand doesn't excuse the removal of others. A pause button isn't a QoL feature, I think that's a stretch, as much as you want realism in your game, it's still a game. A pause button is essential because in reality we're not football managers, we're just playing as one. Being able to pause to go sort out your son, go get a
  3. I would like to think everyone would adhere to your wishes, its one thing to not agree to someones playstyle, its another to try and actively spoil it. I hope you have a lot of success! I've always been intrigued with the LLM way of playing, I just couldn't follow it through personally. It definitely has a large amount of merits.
  4. I never suggested anyone was stopping anyone from doing anything? I literally just explained how I played the game when managing lower league sides. You've totally missed the point. You don't need to "win me round", I was quite explicit with my thoughts which are anyone can play however they want. Why would you need to win me round when I already agree with you?
  5. I came here ready to argue with you if you hadn't started as Bolton from your title...then I saw you were starting as Oldham and now I just want to apologise.
  6. Hi Ben, I posted a similar post here But never got a response. Are we to assume our current version of Brexit is the one we are getting moving forward, as I'd implore the team to balance it just a little. I'm not bothered about no foreigners but the entire market seems to have taken a huge hit because of it and some things like club visions, prices of players and wonderkids haven't been balanced around it.
  7. I never understood the hate that gets piled on when debates like this happened, so long as its single player, people can and should be allowed to play however they want. Be it hyper realism, to downloading super tactics, to editing to give all their players 200 PA. Who cares right? I play 'sort of' realistic. I don't want to inhibit myself to the degree most do, especially in the modern day. For example the whole "i dont sign people my scouts dont find" was great 15 years ago, but now FM is literally used as a scouting tool for clubs. It'd almost be more realistic to find players Ca/Pa an
  8. I don't buy a "realism" argument. If we are going for that level of realism I should be watching the game in 1st person through my managers eyes. It's a game at the end of the day, and managers do now have equipment allowing the re-winding of play to re-watch stuff, even during games. As for do I miss it? Yeah, I used it a lot tbh. Once a save becomes dominant, I can autopilot and play without giving it 100% attention and do miss things. I liked rewinding to watch funny/good things on the fly too. It's really a quality of life downgrade tbh, but we've had a lot of QoL upgrades the la
  9. That's great, but this isn't beta, this is a full games release which they want feedback on. Some of us just want to play the game and don't have the time to delve deep into the code or run multiple scenario's, I just give feedback on the game because I enjoy it. Being rude or telling people to just put their feedback in the bugs section defeats the point of asking for feedback. This thread should just be re-named the "tell us why you like the game" as every single comment that says something someone remotely doesn't like about the game gets labelled as a "bug" and needs to go into the bu
  10. Some of the things mentioned here are obviously not bugs. I get being uppity when someone comes in and is rude themselves, but people post genuine feedback, in a feedback thread, and they get petty curt responses. It doesn't really make people want to carry on with their feedback or want to post the "bugs". It's not the telling people to post PKM's or Saves in the bugs that's the issue, it's the brushing off/dismissal of issues or the "just post it as a bug" which is the problem. If someones gone to the trouble of actually trying to give feedback, the least that could be done is accept th
  11. I've mentioned this before, there is a lot of immediate jumping to the defence of things that don't need defending. This is a feedback thread, people are giving feedback, not everything is a "bug", not everything needs a frosty harsh response.
  12. Has anyone tested the game with Brexit for the balance issues that were discussed earlier? Did anything change? Are there still very small amounts of players to sign from? Are the club visions still unrealistic? There are probably others like me who don't want to remove it entirely, just have a better balance to it....
  13. If id carried on my beta save i was about to get relegated in my first season after being promoted from the Championship to the prem. I'm 18th and in the league cup final, i had a very poor transfer window so i doubt id close the gap.
  14. I've mentioned it once, I've never been part of the day one rush on the forum, not everyone has time or the inclination to know every single FM release standard practice. If they don't, they don't, fair enough, I'm not here to argue if they should or not it's their game and their prerogative. I gave my initial opinion of its hard to give feedback different to beta feedback if I don't know what's different. I'm not going to repeatedly report things as a bug, it's been mentioned, there's threads for it. I don't have the time or patience to repeatedly tell the creators of a game that it's
  15. Why? How can I compare the beta to the final version without knowing what's been change? What if something was rare and difficult to replicate? I've already reported both the bug of scouts only suggesting people who can't get work permits and the balance of brexit which lead to club visions that are impossible to meet due to the new restrictions. How do I know if the balance of a game has been addressed, if there's no notes telling us what they have done to address the balance? I can only assume no balance changes have been made, as such the problem still persists. It's pretty standa
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