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  1. I hope they fix the 5-2-3 in FM 19, but it works if you want to win easily !
  2. This is the best logopack for the game in years
  3. probably the best take on Zidane's tactics I've seen anywhere in the FM community
  4. Has anyone had any luck replicated Lucho's tactics in FM 16 ? seeing as the tactical options aren't as limited as 15
  5. I am trying out out your tactic but I am still not able to get any of my players to record over 100 passes in a match as of yet >.>
  6. Hmm maybe it would be best to create separate files like last year ?
  7. It's the way the game is coded mate, unfortunately
  8. Has anyone created a tactic specifically designed to emulate enrique's barca of this season ?
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