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    thanks mate that explains it all cheers
  2. can you get them to show up in 2d match view in fm20 ?
  3. cheers i thought that might be the case
  4. can you train a player to try tricks i can not find the option when i ask a staff member.
  5. Shakhtar Donetsk is a brilliant save Brazilian take over snm
  6. interested to know what has been your clubs biggest overall bank balance, and is there a limit that game sets.
  7. i find you have to be true and have the wingers high up the pitch not ML and MR for the Carrileros to work, this system the old Van gaal system wont work against the very best teams there wide players will tear you apart, but you can get some great flowing football ive dominated the league but when it comes to Europe not so good PSG with Mbappe and Di Maria gave me a beating ill never forget.
  8. must be some day job you have i have been reading a lot about this topic and i put your write up better than anything i have seen about this subject. I have holidayed and tested with top teams and also with my current save and the results have been really good but no major success in Europe but i think with me actually going through game by game i can see where the system needs tweaking. ill try and upload it soon.
  9. i agree a great league and team to get your players confident and winning week in week out. and benfica have a lot of technical players suited to the system.
  10. Also i believe the best teams to test it with from the get go just due to the type of players you have are Bayern Roma Ajax Barcelona Juventus.
  11. Seriously great work that was a fantastic read you should think about going into some kind of written journalism work i have been trying and testing for the past week trying out different things to get this style working in fm. Biggest problem i found was the back 3 i found making the De Boer and Reiziger role as full backs works but im still tinkering with the setting and roles of the full backs. will be interested how you get your back 3 to work though.
  12. omg exactly what i have been waiting for im going of to compose myself and the have a good read of this later when the kids are in bed but from first glance this looks special crusadertsar.
  13. i was reading this that is what got me thinking about a sweeper http://www.zonalmarking.net/2011/08/29/barcelona-5-0-villarreal-tactics/ it describes Busquets as a sweeper
  14. i agree with the examples you have given there, i guess that is it for the old style sweeper role then.
  15. not entirely true but i get the point, how many teams use a libero though
  16. Just a quick question why did Fm get rid of the sweeper role ?
  17. Litmanen was amazing i cant believe how good he was for Ajax, shame injury ruined his time at Barcelona. i have also watch the whole Cl campaign ive been trying to find some of there league games that year as well.
  18. would be great to see a good write up about this, its became a obsession for me right now, so i cant wait till Monday.
  19. that does not work you cant change it
  20. training for me is the most important thing in moving forward in fm there is so much that can be done to improve this.
  21. Is there any way i can stop the chairman selling the club
  22. Nice thread mate, interesting you playing Neres upfront i have never seen him play there, also De Jong always dropped into the back on the left side i would of thought a half back role would of worked better.
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