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  1. i have used a mixture of all three tactics during the season but the 3rd tactic it feels the most solid tactic
  2. this is my final tactic this has been the best so far. De Toekomst 3.fmf
  3. this is a second version of the tactic i also use. De Toekomst 2.fmf
  4. this is my latest tactic im having so much fun with it please give it a try retrain your good midfielders to the wide playmaker role De Toekomst.fmf
  5. why dos my tactic familiarity never stay at maximum the bar keeps going up and down and never sticks to fully familiar.
  6. do you think i should retrain this guy as a striker or maybe as a shadow striker i just love his 17 finishing
  7. This looks fantastic @zabyl i can not wait to give this a try later really looking forward to seeing how the shape looks in the match engine great work, and its a very tough group Galatasaray are in but you got off to a good start against Lazio they have always been my favourite team in turkey.
  8. here is my interpretation of Marseille Brave.fmf
  9. @ zabyl great breakdown i watched the game yesterday and it left me very confused the way they transition in shape and movement i was finding it very hard to see a clear shape but when i paused the game a few times it became clearer they were in a 442 shape when defending, i am really intrigued how you would set up Marseille in fm and what roles you would use.
  10. this is the shape and formation i want to get a genuine 3 3 3 1
  11. this is a game i watched this season that made me really love the shape and formation Sampaoli plays im still trying to get it right in Fm but i am having great difficulty with it.
  12. I really like your shape with possession trevomac can u post your up your formation and player roles.
  13. very interesting i am going to set this up and see how it plays out and if it gets the shape right.
  14. thanks zabyl this has gave me a lot to think about and some fresh ideas, have you got any formation in mind or roles that could be used in fm to achieve this.
  15. My inverted wing backs would be midfielders that i will retrain i am hoping they will push high up to create a diamond but also be ale to give more cover in the wide areas than a carrilero.
  16. i have had a read it the analysis very good piece wish it was a bit more about how he has set up this season with the players he has but the principles are the same, im now looking at this shape
  17. looks a great article ill have a read of this later, thanks Crazy ivan.
  18. Has anyone tried to set up how sampaoli does i really love the idea of a 3331 formation i just wanted some advice on this set up this is what i have gone with as a starting point
  19. Thank you@Cult of Football ManagerSeeing your great season you have had with Rangers and the football you had your team playing i am thinking of starting of fresh in a different league and really have some fun with it
  20. Great Progress @ Cult of Football Manager really love how the thread and the tactic has evolved i had to put my save on hold as wife has just had a baby so i have not been brave enough to fire FM back up yet but i have been brave enough to have a read through this thread again i just can not wait to play fm again when everything has settled down a bit.
  21. Yh i found that out i downloaded and it did not work that's a real shame hope Mr Wazakii will bring out a update.
  22. will this work with the new patch i am very interested in this as this looks like its gonna happen for real.
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