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  1. Here I notice the stuttering when I select to appear the crowd and I am playing in window mode. This problem happens in a corner, thrown by the sides of the field where the camera expands and the fans appear in greater proportion. Even though I put the graphic configuration of the crowd at: low, this occurs. Actually I can not figure out the low setting difference for high setting in the crowd, this option seems to be out of order. In full screen mode, it's perfect! I always played the FM in window and never had this problem, it's being the first time, my computer is: I 7 4 generation, 8GB RAM and my video card is a Geforce GT 720. The drivers of my video card are up to date And the game seamlessly processes the passing of screens and processing as a whole. I hope you correct this problem, because FM 2017 is very cool.
  2. Hello friends, this lag (stuttering) happens a lot here. It is exactly as it has been said up there, the lag occurs in window mode when the crowd is enabled and especially in side-kicks (which is when the camera expands and the crowd appears more). Even putting the crowd with average quality, low lag (stuttering) happens. Already in full screen everything is normal, I believe this has happened with Nvidia graphics cards. I'm also expecting patch, fixes since the game is very good just this problem that has happened.
  3. Hello my friend Claassen! As in every year, I am here to prestige your wonderful work! The world's best spare leagues for FM! I am very anxious to be able to start my game with the leagues of South America, besides the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Japan. I would also like to ask for you if possible the expansion of Argentina, Mexico. I am a great supporter of your work, my friend! Hug!
  4. Hello friends, I am sad about the situation in Brazil and at the same time I'm excited about the future launch of the new FM 2017! I hope the match engine has been very tight in relation to the match engine FM 16: Have more passes through the field center with players passing the ball with proximity, more goals from long shots, more goals from direct faults so as more movement of players. At the same time I am awaiting news of tactics and especially interaction with the media and with the players, the AI has to be deeper, more transfers occurring throughout the season and featured players from small clubs being hired by large teams. This FM 17 if an update of the 16 mainly in ME and with some new features would be the best ever!
  5. This 2016 version has everything to be the best of all time! The match engine has many vices (the goals are from crossing rolls and the absence of almost any raid down the middle, despite the tactic being made for this). I hope that in 2017 the FM kicks off, dribbling and mostly short passes made by shipowners become more evident in the game!
  6. Hello friends, the forum was very good with this look! Here in Brazil we have forums with a similar look, it is much easier to interact and navigate! Bring on the FM 2017!
  7. How to improve the signings of the teams? - Increase the number of exchanges between first division teams - Hiring bowlers who twist the club (players operating in Europe to return to Brazilian football?) - Times address freer players (proven quality) - Times of smaller reputation sell their outstanding players for the teams considered great - Small Times hiring very Experienced players at the end of career Among other things... I play in Brazil, here the teams hire many players during the season, I believe this happening the game would be much more realistic and fun. And I realize that the editor has no data on hiring trends in several countries, I try to improve the transfer market since the FM 2012, and I see no reason for this to happen, someone could help me? Thank you! Hug!
  8. I really liked what I saw in the match engine. I just think the tactics are still taking to be understood by players and realize many goals out wings and a few kicks from a distance. As well as goals coming from free kicks which are very common in today's football and FM leaves a little to be desired. Will we still have a patch in January? Or now just what comes with transfers?
  9. My friend, congratulations on launching this magnificent amount of extra alloys, which work well done! I am your fan! You really is not intended to launch the expansion of any league? The Peru for instance, Mexico or Uruguay, Chile and Argentina? I know the hard work, and I completely understand if you do not do! Thank you for always providing that work for all of us! A hug!
  10. Hello guys! Very nice to see that just like me, many people like to play in Japan! The Widehawk do not plan to release a version for this Fm 2016? The game is sensational, we always look forward to this wonderful work!
  11. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar ... Costa Rica and Honduras ... Egypt... The 4 remaining in South America - If possible: The second division of Peru. - If possible: The expansion of Mexico - If possible: The expasão Chile Japan I think the widewak (I forget the name) always does, is a complicated country that would give you a lot of work my friend! Congratulations for the work already! Thank you!
  12. Hello everyone! I am very sad to see a file that worked perfectly on FM 2015 be fully buggy on FM 2016. We develop project from FM 2012, trying to make it as real game with edited data: - Reputation leagues and clubs - Economic Factor and state of development of countries - Trends in national and continental hires countries - Career paths of some players I wonder, how do I move the transfer market? Game in Brazil and I see teams just not hiring anyone, the market is very weak! I entered the editor yesterday after the launch and saw trends hiring of countries that their teams usually buy and sell a lot like Germany, Italy, England, France and Spain and realized that has virtually nothing contained data, and in some sempresmente countries not have nothing! Is it possible to move the market by the publisher? Or is this already the same game? Something Hard code. Thank you in advance for those who help!
  13. Hello friends, a feature that always caught my attention in FM is the transfer market. I'm from Brazil and I usually play a lot in Brazil, and in the game happen a few moves in the transfer market, teams sometimes do not buy anyone a whole season! one Absurd, something totally unreal !!! Here happen in real life many transfers: - Great reputation teams hire the highlights of state championships (players of lesser reputation for times) - Times are quite loans and exchanges - The big teams seeking Brazilians who work in Asia, Europe (who are elderly or who have emotional bond with the club of origin in Brazil) - Times rivals never make exchange of young players - In general first and second division teams are on average 7 or 8 hires throughout the year, we have teams that hire up to 11 players! And the harassment is always great to major markets: European market as well as rich teams in asia! I realize that the Argentine teams employ a lot, as well as European and South Americans leave very still, this could well be improved to the game become much cooler! Thank you!
  14. I'm just stating what I see in the game. Despite the accurate data of database research, my edits are right, something has changed in artificial intelligence of the game in this patch 15.3 Is very difficult to sell a player, clubs manifestation interest do no more proposals and when they do the proposals are ridiculous! I'm on a save when loaded into the database 100 000 players, I put active major South American and European countries as playable, and has some extra alloys Asia also charged. And just do not see the market place, the teams are very still. I edited a lot from the FM 12 and always had results until the patch 15.3 so my indignation regarding this matter. I'm not very good at touching the editor, created this topic to also ask for help for those who know me edit indicate what poso do to improve this situation.
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