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  1. How wonderful ! : D I am totally addicted to friendly tournaments, it gives the game a lot of fun! Too bad I already started my save, but I will definitely put it in the editor data folder, thanks! Looking forward to the next!
  2. Two more tournaments that could be done: - The Ramón de Carranza Trophy is a friendly football tournament that has been taking place in the city of Cádiz, Spain, since 1955. It is popularly known as the Cup Winners' Cup. The tournament is normally played by four teams, the host Cádiz and three other guests, who face each other in two semifinals, dispute for third place and the grand final. 3 Teams drawn from the first division of the following countries: Spain Argentina Brazil Uruguay Italy Portugal ___________________________
  3. I explained above my observation ... congratulations for the work friend!
  4. You are really right ... I will explain Here in Brazil we always call the World Championship The European / South American Cup or European / South American Cup, Intercontinental Cup or Intercontinental Cup, or Toyota Cup or Toyota Cup (It has several names hahaha) So I just continued her history with the FIFA Club World Cup that started in 2005 ... But you are in fact right, as this competition is extinct it is fictitious nowadays. It would be nice to be able to make it happen in December to be the same it was in reality, but if it is not possible all these intercontinental cups
  5. Could do the Joan Gamper Trophy Barcelona against a team from any of these countries: 1 Division: Italy Brazil Argentina Netherlands Germany You could do the Teresa Herrera Trophy: Deportivo La Coruña is the home team. 3 teams making a semi final, teams from the first division drawn by these countries: Mexico Uruguay Italy Brazil Portugal England
  6. I thought it wasn't working on that patch nine, I had to check it out. I could notice here in my save that it has a wrong history in the Inter-Continental Champions Cup (ICCC): UEFA Champions League winners against Copa Libertadores de América winners 2008 - Manchester United won by Ldu (in the game another team appears as the winner) 2011 - Barcelona beat Santos (the game is reversed) 2012 -Corinthians beat Chelsea (the game is reversed) 2013 - Bayern Munich beat Raja Casablanca (in the game he beat Atlético Mineiro) 2015 - Barcelona beat River Plate (the game is reversed)
  7. These tournaments would be really cool to work on patch 21.4 will they be able to update them?
  8. These competitions for me are fundamental, can someone put it to work in patch 21.4? Or do they work? Because I'm in a save and I didn't even test it. Thanks in advance, friends!
  9. After patch 21.3 the game improved with more goals coming from corners, free kicks that I really like. I also wanted that there were fewer shots on goal in the statistics to better match reality and also that the goalkeeper had different goals from the goal, the movement always appears in the same way. I believe that what could still be improved are the tables and dribbling the game would be more real and more fun!
  10. I will test it as soon as a national update comes out with the structure of Brazil and I will tell you, before the patch worked perfectly I use this national update and the @majesticeternity files Thanks for the work! : D
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