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  1. I know Players like Samper, Javi Espinosa, Adama Traore, Maxi Rolon and Sandro to name a few have barely featured for me so far - a shame really.
  2. First season done; won the Liga and Champions League - fairly happy with that. Trying to replicate how Barca play in real life but struggling with possession (and with Messi being injured for 3/4 of the season). Bartra, Montoya, Thiago and Tello all developing nicely. Grimaldo, Sergi Roberto and Deulofeu also looking good. Don't think I'll buy anyone before next season - just try to develop an even more possession-oriented tactic and blooding more and more youngsters in to the first team squad. Have any of you guys played for more than a couple of seasons? Would love to see how "your" Bartras, Tellos and Grimaldos have developed...
  3. If you give him playing time from early on I think he can become a decent back-up in the poacher role.
  4. Almost finished my first season with Barca and it's going along nicely; 7 pts in front of Madrid in the league and a 3-1 win away at Anderlecht in the Champions League quarter-finals. But Messi has just got injured for 4 months with a broken foot Second time this season which means he has barely played. Just me being unlucky or is he still injury-prone on the game (if so, the researcher should really take a look at himself)? And to top that I also got Iniesta injured with the exact same injurt; broken foot, 4 months out. Bartra, Montoya and Thiago has developed nicely, especially Bartra who've established himself as first choice next to Piqué in central defense. Thinking about buying Neymar since he's supposed to be on his way in real life.
  5. Just started the game and I also play Messi as a Trequartista. Have him on default settings except for 'Run With Ball' which I changed to 'Often' and 'Cross Ball' which is changed to 'Rarely'. Didn't get of to the best of starts but now he has 8 goals in 5 matches (including 5 in one game, against Valencia). Often he gets the ball close to the center circle and just runs trough the whole opposition defence. Away to Puta Madrid in the second leg of the Supercopa he did this two times - very resembling of his second goal in the 10/11 Champions League semi-final. I wonder what his PA is on this version - 200?
  6. Alexis in great goalscoring form I'm really looking forward to him getting back from injury IRL...
  7. I'm about halfway trough the first season, really enjoying it. Currently 1st in the league (close race with Madrid), semis in the cup and have Inter in the first knockout round in the CL. Only downside so far are all the injuries; Xavi, Cesc, Messi and a few others have been out for over a month. In Messi's absence I'm playing Alexis as a trequartista - so far it's working great; 33 games, 23 goals, 13 assists Also got offered Agüero and bought him for £35 million! Bartra, Fontas, Montoya, Deulofeu and Dongou all developing nicely. If anyone already has played a couple of seasons, I'd be keen to see some pics of Deulofeu and Dongou.
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