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  1. I don't recall if this would go here but Diogo Dalot of Man Utd should have a 'Good' level of speaking English (currently has nothing). He answered a few questions post match of the Southampton game which is on United's YT channel and seemed pretty coherent.
  2. iirc other players to have left at 18 year olds have their respective clubs though. I.e. Rooney, Aaron Lennon, Mbappe. Sheyi Ojo left MK Dons at I think at 14 or 15 yet has "Club trained at MK Dons". Although his is set as "3 Years Before 21" so perhaps the same for Milner?
  3. I think James Milner should have "Club trained at Leeds United"?
  4. Those two would have been rated by their previous club researchers so probably need to wait on any changes until later.
  5. Hi, I have done a sweep of various MK Dons stuff. A few things: Jordan Moore-Taylor's contract should expire 30/06/2020 but with an optional extension of one year (Source: https://www.mkdons.com/news/2018/june/moore-taylor-moves-to-mk-dons/) Liam Sole signed a pro contract expiring 30/06/2019 with an optional extension of one year (Source: https://www.mkdons.com/news/2018/may/sole-signs-first-pro-deal/) Rhys Healey's loan should expire 05/01/2019 (Source: https://www.mkdons.com/news/2018/august/healey-heads-to-stadium-mk/) Aidan Nesbitt should be right footed Also, various new under 18 profiles (https://www.mkdons.com/teams/u18-team/). They are: George Rose, Finlay Brennan, Ollie Leach, Jamie Robinson, Jamal Sule and John Freeman. Finally, I'm not entirely sure on these ones but the staff roles could perhaps be tweaked. Source for this is: https://www.mkdons.com/club/whos-who/ As far as I know, Mike Dove is no longer at the club, so perhaps Simon Dwight could become HOYD. I believe Edu Rubio could be Under 23s Manager
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