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  1. I would love to know your take on the whole formation. Id rather be patient than progressive.
  2. Im curious: why is It not defensively sound? What changes would you suggest to improve It?
  3. Hello everyone, I have been unable to play the Game for a while. I mostly play in the lower levels of England where I use a very Direct 442 (I love using TM). I recently got a different computer (I cant access my regular save) and I am triying out a new save with a different philosophy. I want to play a posession based style with either a 532 or a 433. But, the thing is, I dont really like to use a high defensive línea, nor a lot of pressing (at least not high pressing). Could I sit deep and eventually try to keep a lot of the ball after winning It? Or is It imperative to be very agressive with pressing? Also another thing I have a bit of a problem is recreating the Giroud role at Arsenal. I want to have a player that acts as the main point of the attack but more of an enabler (kind of like a center in basketball, where he screens a lot and gets other players good looks). I tought about setting up something like this: Dlf (s) If/iw (a). W (s) Cm (s) or BBM. AP(s) Dm or hb. Wb (s). Bpd (d). Bpd (d) Wb(a) Are there any changes you guys would recommend? I am unsure about how to set Up the midfield 3. Also I dont really know what to do with the right wing spot.
  4. It is one of the hardest things to pull of with a TM. Its kind of the Giroud role on Arsenal. I would still use DLF (s), I feel they get into the box a lot anyway.
  5. The "Target Man" role is one of my favorite in all of football (be it Football Manager or real life football). I have had quite a bit of success utilizing a TM in various iterations of FM, I will never forget Callum Brittum (that was legit his name) a Welsh tower that won me the EuroCup with Blackburn. I just wanted to open up this thread for two reasons: I want to hear how do you set up your tactics to get the most of your TM and what players (be it real or regens) have been good for you.
  6. This is my opinion (and I don think it always aplly) but... I tend to see way more production from wingers (or inverted wingers) when playing them on midfield rather than on the attacking midfield. I guess it has to do with space, since they are coming from behind they have more space (which is helpful to exploit pace and also helps finishing and crossing for guys who arent really elite).
  7. If anyone has any questions about where to manage I can give some advice. I would suggest going with my boyhood club Newell´s Old Boys. We are currently having a good season IRL but because of the "promedios" (look it up if you dont know what it is) we are in danger of loosing the division. We are one of the best producers of talent in the world (Messi, Batistuta, Poch, Samuel, Martino, Maxi Rodriguez, Heinze, Bernardi, Scocco) and there are some great youngsters coming up the ranks. Bonus: not only you can coach the living legend that is Maxi Rodriguez (you can also coach both his cousins who are first team players).
  8. This post is usually quality. Thanks to @Ross Ingersoll for getting it started. I used some of the saves on previous FMs. I dont have much to add now, just wanted to give a thanks and say Im looking forward to see what tycoons get posted.
  9. Damn, that starting eleven seems so much fun. I cant believe a front 3 of sturridge, elmander and chu won the PL.
  10. Thanks to everyone for the answers. I have decided to take my chances, as people have said, waiting for a few weeks and seeing if there are any players who would rather play for my side than sit out the entire year. Each and every answer has been super helpful, and made me understand my situation better. If anyone is interested I might give a quick update regarding how my season went. Lets hope I dont get relegated (sort of unlikely).
  11. Hello everyone, I had been away from FM for a while, but decided to play again since I got some more free time. I fired up a new save, and went to the Scottish lower leagues, playing with Edinburgh City (i know its kinda op, but please dont judge). I Won the 4th division, and somehow I managed to win the 3rd Division back to back, which leaves me in the Scottish Championship. I dont have the squad to get promoted, I just managed promotion because Blair Henderson is a goalscoring-machine, and Thomson the right back has a very sweet right foot for corners and set pieces. I am currently in the offseason but there are no players interested in playing for my squad. When I go to the player search I only get players that tick the "interested in transfer box" who played 4th or 3rd division last year, none of the players who became free agents from the championship want to come play for me. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Do I have any way to improve my recruiting strategy? If not, it seems that I will most likely get relegated since my squad wasnt even good by 3rd divisions standards. I do have two scouts, I got some reports on some better players, but they really dont want to come. If anyone might be able to tell me if there is something I am doing wrong I would aprecciate it.
  12. Those mentals are pretty solid for a big man. Tell us how that new striker partnership gets along.
  13. Great post. Looking forward to this. Any insight on the kind of striker you want to sign?
  14. Hello everyone. In my Journeyman save, I have come across the job at Hellas Verona in Italy. The offer was at the middle of the season, so without much activity in the transfer market I made sure we stayed up relatively safe. In order to achieve that I used a very solid 451. On counter duty with Structured mentality. Something like this: Gk (D) Wb (At) CD (D) CD (D) Wb (S) DM (D) Wm (S) CM (S) BWM (S) W (S) DLF (S) So, I have quite cultured cms, who could treat the ball right, so my question is this: which would be the best way to transition to a more open style to take more initiative, without loosing the defensive stability that got me here? Thanks in advance guys for reading.
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