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  1. Garbage test. Test Cricket is the nuts when working from home. Day night too which is perfect timings. Pink ball. Was excited to some decent cricket. Now it's back to Homes Under the Hammer as my background noise.
  2. Did his contract expire? Or was he released. I assumed he was contracted forever to WWE
  3. Hasn't this been looked at before and there's a reason they can't do it. The sea is too deep or too rough or something.
  4. You like to live dangerously on the edge with your beans! If that's a runny yolk thats a nice egg.
  5. To be fair I take it if he has died, they don't announce is straight away, as they have to get things in order. Probably sneaks out somewhere Edit: or what CC said
  6. I watched a 10 min youtube video on the history of Wales so I'm now an expert. England trying to invade Wales was done on and off and mostly by stealth. And since like 1300s or something it was over. There were Welsh kings, Henry 8th gave equal rights to Welsh people etc. Peacefully annexed Wales and made an effort to maintain culture etc
  7. War on woke is so embarrassing. You are an MP, use your position to do something meaningful. Work to reduce poverty, improve infrastructure, you know, make the country better for everyone. Pissing about with stuff like this. Embarrassing
  8. Roast Beef Monster Munch Flaming Hot Wotsits Flame Grilled Steak Doritos The normal Tangy Cheese Doritos too. I forget about them as they are pretty standard and you often start looking for more exotic stuff but they are up there Branigans Beef and Mustard Smiths Bacon Fries T Bone steak Roysters
  9. Yes. Amazing I grill some onions, then stick on a roll, lay on some cheese. Melt under grill quickly. Then add plain salted kettle chips and bbq sauce.
  10. I'm having mine with Weetabix
  11. If you gonna post a Nice Guy video just use Sorrow TV
  12. Is anyone in Wrestling not a Republican? Old school guys at least. Minus Cornette obviously.
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