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  1. Legit looks slimmer then the last time I saw him (and that was when he was playing still)
  2. Probably the worst tournament I've seen? Unless I'm missing an obvious one. I just totally lost interest once the knockout round started for some reason. The quality of football was astrocious. if they increase the number of teams in the WC then that'll be another death nail in international football
  3. Never had it for the Euros. Just WC Surprised they haven't added it in. They seem to enjoy ruining the format. Maybe next time
  4. French defence has been awesome
  5. If you ignore WC14 (and I know that's a big ignore). Germany are the ultimate nearly men of international football. Runners up in 02 and 08. Semi finals in 06, 10, 12 and potentially 16
  6. The state of that semi final. Terrible match. This tournament has been pretty rubbish really and that game summed it up in a nutshell. Didn't even feel like a big semi final game that. Bloated 24 teams, then the rubbish top heavy knockout round draw has really killed my interest this summer. Already nostalgic for the 16 team format. But then maybe it's not the new tournament format but just a drop in quality amongst international football who knows. Either way just hurry up and end this tournament.
  7. Miss 3 pens still win. FO Germany
  8. My god what a terrible penalty from Zaza. What the hell was that
  9. Yeah. Germany so winning this.
  10. Unbelievable stuff from Wales. I think before the tournament the thought of Wales out performing England would have been embarrassing but I can't help but love their team spirit and achievements so far. They've been superb. Contemplating jumping on the Wales train, which was made easier by England's train not even getting out the station. Plus Belgium are hideously overrated so great to seem them get beat.
  11. I felt that once we got past the bloated group stage things would heat up a bit but they haven't really.
  12. On the positive side those Icelanders where bloody brilliant. Tell you what if that Sigurdsson doesn't win player of the tournament there is no justice. 3 cheers for Sigurdsson!!
  13. Sums up how bad it is that Allardyce sounds quite good right now.
  14. The only positives about this tournament is that we didn't lose to Wales.
  15. There was some actual improvement over the past 2 years. Just completely messed it up when it mattered so has to go really.