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  1. That's random and makes sense as the English players coming up on my search had African dual nationality. And I signed a Mali striker and couldn't work out why he was counting as EU.
  2. Do English players count as Non-EU in Spain. Same as Brazilians etc? All the rules say 3 non EU players in swuad. But when I search players and filter for EU only it's bringing up English players
  3. So after hoping for a quiet summer it was a bit active. Man Utd matched Solers min fee release. Which I was sad about, but he turned them down. I sold Guedes to Juve for £18mill. Not a lot but all I could get. Replaced him with Rafael Leao from Milan which I think is an upgrade and he was cheap for some reason. Then week before opening game, Chelsea came in for Maxi Gomez and he handed in a transfer request. Offered him out for £60mill which was too rich for Chelsea but AC Milan bid it so off he went. Replaced by Santos Borre. Then Racic handed in a transfer request because I deemed
  4. Bologna are a really good side on this FM. Hickey, Tomiyasu, Orsolini and Nicolas Dominguez are super prospects that will be main stays of the team forever. Skov Olsen, Schouten, Svanberg, Vignato, Musa Barrow are all really good prospects too if maybe a notch below the first lot. The problem is holding on to them.
  5. Valencia Season 1 done Terrible finances but amazing wonder kids. 2nd place. At one point I was on for the title. In the end I'm delighted with 2nd. 2 games to go the top 6 was very close. Table below doesn't do it justice. I beat caretaker Patrick Kluivert's Barca to secure top 4. And then just had to win away to Granada last day to claim 2nd. Fortunately Atletico drew so comfortable last day. As you can see I was efficient and boring. Low scoring and solid defence. Domenech broke the club record for clean sheets. I think this is down to my tactic. This is my tactic. And
  6. Similar with me and Coventry. Made one signing. Lynden Gooch from Sunderland (so no world beater). Finished 3rd and then lost playoff semi final. Didn't change tactic at all. All season. No tweaks. Rarely changed mentality. Last 3rd of the season I was on autopilot. Picked team, let it play. Kept winning. Would have the odd defeat and think maybe my bubble has burst and I'll start dropping down the league. But usually get back to winning ways with no tinkering It's a bit annoying as I want a tough season. Toil away in the Championship for a bit. Build those foundations where when
  7. Serie B but I quite like Brescia. Good young players. Cistana and Papetti at the back are great. Spalek a good young attacking mid. and 2 experienced top Serie B strikers (and could do a job is Serie A) in Donnarumma and Torregrossa. Tonali is an optional fee for Milan so hope they don't take it up in the summer.
  8. This game drains my battery so much. It's make it kind of unplayable on my travels. Even in airplane mode. And it's not my phone as I've a new Samsung S10plus which is not even a week old.
  9. Well obvious answer was England's shoot out win bur away from England. I also quite enjoyed Argentina/Nigeria as the pressure and emotion on display was ridiculous. Also the last round of games with Spain/Morocco and Portugal/Iran was superb entertainment. Knockouts lacked a few great moments. France/Argentina was fun but I missed the last 20 mins. Brazil/Belguim was good too I guess. Oh and Japan Belguim! Probably the best 45 mins at the tournament.
  10. So the general consensus is our midfield wasn't quite good enough against Croatia. Maybe we will revert back to a back 4 at some point. Either way will still have a 3 man midfield likely so which players can improve that the future and near future. Lallana, Cook, Winks, RLC rtc. What should our midfield be looking like in 2 years time?
  11. Christ this thread has gone down ill since we went out. Don't ruin the previous 30 odd pages please
  12. Pretty much happened with Wales at the last Euros.
  13. To be the first to miss too and then bounce back. All of us back home assumed it was done when Henderson missed. 'Oh here we go again' Christ. The rollercoaster of emotions I felt during that game. Conceed last minute. Be turd for first half of extra time. Be better for 2nd half. Then winning on pens. That final 45 mins probably too a few years off my life
  14. Yeah once the disappointment dies down. I'll look back fondly here. The ride was great. Christ. Just remembering the Colombia game. That's up the top for England moments for me.
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