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  1. Tbf. Can't say England have overlooked him or disregarded him. He got a few caps off the back of some good games for Chelsea, and look alright. Then got injured and yet to really kick on at Chelsea. And wasn't he captain of the u21s this year? He's still only 20 though. Think it will be a bit rash to switch npw (unless he just really wants to play for Ghana)
  2. Yep. 100%. Can see him going Dortmund or something and absolutely tearing it up.
  3. I need to see more of Bellingham. I can see he's good but not 100% sure what type of midfielder he is. When I saw him against Man City in CL he was everywhere. Box to box, all over the pitch in a 3. How tidy is his passing though?
  4. TAA will go And I think Tomori will be in there too
  5. The thread has gone full circle hasn't it. Just need someone to moan about TAA not going and the circle is complete
  6. The words from Southgate about his contract, not wanting to overstay his welcome are encouraging. The job he's done on and off the pitch means the FA are never going to sack him. They gave Hodgson 3 tournaments and it took a monster disaster for him to go. I don't want Southgate to stick around so long that he becomes the villain and it seems he's aware of that. If it stops working I think he will walk away. I don't think he's the type of man to stick around for as long as possible and wait for the sack. Which is good. The vibe I'm getting is he will see lay of the land after the WC. Which I'm happy with. It's a short turnaround to WC, hopefully maintain momentum and he continues to improve as a manager. Because he has improved. And hopefully that improvement helps bring more success in Qatar. Then after WC if he leaves, there is an amazing set up for a new guy to freshen up.
  7. I'm not having Pogba. He was good but France won 1 game ffs
  8. Ahh I'm so annoyed I didn't think of adding him. Would have been perfect 5th
  9. Lets lay off the bickering and discuss something that 100% will lead to no bickering at all. No chance. Top 5 England players this summer in order of greatness. 1. STERLING 2. SHAW 3. MAGUIRE 4. STONES 5. PHILLIPS Think top 4 are quite set. 5th a bit tricky. Could be number of people
  10. All I remember from the Denmark thread was Gunman forgetting who got sent off between France and Croatia at WC98
  11. I feel like Federico really wants to stick it to the England fans on here but the problem is vast majority on here A.) accept Italy deserve it and were the better team and B.) while disapointed we lost, are just happy with England making a bloody final
  12. Winning titles doesn't matter. Most important thing is the friends you make along the way
  13. Southgate and the FA with St George's Park have laid good foundations for the next manager. I think it's a more attrractive job then it was 10 years ago.
  14. I really like Mings. Saw plenty of interviews with his this summer and comes across as a really good bloke.
  15. Yeah I know. But he played at left back. If you picking a team of tournament right back back he should have played that position. Seems odd other wise
  16. Walker at right back and I agree. But saying that feels a bit wrong not having a Denmark player.
  17. Why's everyone shoehorning Maehle in as right back?
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