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  1. I didn't get any offers for Ramsey for 20m either. My point is that if you offer good players for reasonable value, then it should be easy to sell. it's a seller's market right now. mediocre players are being sold for stupid amounts of money in real life. I don't buy that other top clubs would not buy a good player for a good price regardless of the size of their squad. The same with wages. Where is the chinese clubs in game?
  2. I find it extremely unrealistic that when i offer players to clubs I get so little value from them. This does not reflect reality most of the time. Unless the player has been outstanding, he is so hard to sell. I tried to sell Aaron Ramsey in my third season by offering him at his valued price 30m. I tried 25m but no. that's not realistic. english top players should automatically be interesting to other english clubs just because of the home grown rule.
  3. Arsenal's new japanese striker, Taukuma Asano, is not even in the database. That must be the first time a signing for a top club that is over 20yrs is not in the game at all. At least I can't find him.
  4. He's a really good winger. I had him in my milan save for many seasons. Very reliable. I used him on the left and another similar gem in Espinoza(argentinian, don't remember first name) on the right. Those two are some of the best for value I''ve had on fm15.
  5. You need to ask yourself what your goals are. You are most likely content with just establishing yourself in the premier league. So the focus should be more about attracting young talents that will grow so you can use them or sell them. Alot of these recommendations will be expensive in the third window. You will be very lucky to get the likes of Pavon and Ajer for cheap now. A good option is to get some guys on loan. There are probably some great options for that in the third window.
  6. Wing backs with attack duty are too powerful. This is unrealistic and should be looked at.
  7. Morata is good, no doubt. But Berardi is a much better buy. He demands less wages and is a better player. Morata is also injury prone on my save. Berardi is like a better version of Barbosa.
  8. I can't believe people are buying Morata and not world class players like Berardi or Dybala.
  9. I can't believe you got that much for Candreva. I also play with Lazio and sold him after the first season. He had similar stats, but I only got £25m for him. I also sold my best central defender to Real Madrid after the season for about £25m. I only got third place, but i'm happy with that. I've never even heard of the Bernardeschi, and my tactics leaves alot to be desired. Now i'm in my third season and gunning for the title The economy is very good, because my philosophy is to sell any player if a reasonable bid comes in. Also, not overspend on players. I sold Keita for in total £45m to Monaco(£35m initially and later £10m on various performance addons). I've also recently sold my star purchase, Carlos Fierro for about the same.
  10. as mentioned, Ayew, sisto, lucas romero and balanta are all exceptional buys. kranevitter, lucas boye are also very good.
  11. It IS highly unrealistic! I have no indication than my players would be unhappy. In their profile they are all happy to be playing for the club, no negatives at all
  12. How can a raise the moral of my players? I find it very unrealistic that over halfway into the season, and i'm second in my division with the best point avarage, and most of my players have ok to very low morale. Even all my regulars have just ok now. Why is this and how can I fix it?
  13. The new attribute graphics is horrible because i can barely see the different skills now. I'm not colorblind. It takes me much longer to asses a player as it is now. and it looks like a lego game. Why on earth is there not an option to revert it to the old style?
  14. Do you know what stats are good for fighters?
  15. Is this issue because they have just used the old code that was not made for widescreen, so now it won't scale? The game is pretty much the same as the 2007 version.