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  1. He took more half a season to develop into a beast. But then he was unstoppable for my Arsenal save. Probably one of the best strikers in game.
  2. I'm playing as Everton and they have many talents. If you can sell off some of the older and other mediocre players on high wages, you have alot of youngsters than can progress with you for many years. Most turn out to be good squad players and not worl class, so they are easier to keep happy and sign new contracts for.
  3. i have played 2 seasons with Everton I have some of the best coaches and assistand manager I could find. I have used the young players regularily in games but the progress is hardly there at all. I have done well in the league, but the training experience has been very poor. Maybe it's supposed to be slow like that, but some players have hardly improved at all even when they are supposed to be great talents.
  4. Who are these managers? It depends what you define as micromanagement. The point is that in order to see some real progress you have to spend alot of time setting up training yourself. It doesn't matter how good your coaches are. How can you "outsmart" anything with the new training system? Spending more time is not depth. Hard work should not be enough to succeed.
  5. The new training system is horrible. Just more micro management over actual depth. There's no way of even knowing how you should set up the training system, and I don't want to spend more time on it than playing games and setting up tactic. The point is that depth is about outsmarting your opponents and making intelligent and creative decisions. This means less micro-management. For instance, leadership is all about creating an environment where the employees can be their best. You shoulddn't be doing someone else's job if you are actually doing yours properly. Hiring good coaches, building good facilities etc should go a long way. The manager shouldn't have to put cones on a training pitch in order to get the best out of the talents.
  6. I play FM because it is a really good tactics simulator. It's not a social dynamics simulator. The format just aren't very vell suited to be that, but for some reason this aspect of the game has continued to grow to something that actually takes away from the core gameplay. You could say that social dynamics are also part of the tactical aspect in some way, but that is really reaching because 1) it has very little impact on your success in game and 2) if I wanted to play a social simulator I would rather play a game where the format is specialized for that. It is better for FM to concentrate on doing what they do best. I can't wait to have to manage what food the players can eat, deciding if they are allowed to see their girlfriends before matches and be mindful not to forget their birthdays.
  7. How are you doing with the new database? I just started playing a new game. I feel like not much has changed, even if we have some new players and some are lost. Mikhitaryan is not that good for me, but Auba is doing ok. The biggest change as to players is Eddie Nketiah who has been upgraded. I bought Arthur for 28m pounds, but i have later regretted that buy as the money would be better spend on other players. I bought Locatelli for about 15m also, which would be a good backup to Xhaka. DeLigt is just too good to not buy in the first transfer window seeing as he is 17years, so I got him too. Ideally I would drop the Arthur buy and instead invest in a right back and/or left back. A winger would be needed as well if you use wingers
  8. When signing Asensio for my Arsenal team I promised him that he would be the assigned penalty taker. In the tactics->set pieces menu he is on the top of the list for penalties and has been all season, yet now he complains that he is dissapointed to not be assigned and wants to leave the club. This is completely ruining my game and mind boggingly unrealistic. Surely this is a bug?
  9. He is good. Just not quite worth the price as there are better options.
  10. I'm wondering what is the difference between the two dialogue options when asking a player to tutor another? 1. As a senior member...i'd like you to tutor xxx as i feel you can help improve his game 2. As as senior member...i think it would be beneficial if you were to take xxx under your wind and mentor him off the pitch My logical understanding of this would be that the first option has a chance of teaching him additional moves like "places shots", while the second might change his personality to closer to the tutor's? Is this correct? and are there other differences here? Why should not a player be tutored by someone with a lower determination? I don't get this at all as realistic in the real world.
  11. I can't believe you get so much money from selling these players. I won the league first season and I couldn't sell Welbeck, Ramsey, and many others. First off I get no offers on them, then if i transfer list them for half their value I still get no offers. If I offer them to clubs for half then that again, I hardly get any offers also. How do you do it? I end up selling them for hardly anything. The only real offers I've got has been on Kolasniac(after first season) and Bellerin(after second season). I've sold both for around 40m. Second season I had some injury problems. I came fourth in the league, but got second place in champions league where I lost to Man Utd. Man Utd incredibly won the treble. Beginning third season I spent 85m on Asensio. He seems to be a beast. Dolberg is in and Lacazette seems to continue his good form. I lost Bellerin to Real Madrid(47M), but could not find a good replacement. I bought Diawara for 40M. sold Coq(25m), Seri(40m) and Koscielny(15m). Both new signings have wages upwards to 200k pr week. So me being unable to sell Özil who is on 175k pr week is not good for the economy. But my tactic tweak looks to work wonders so far.
  12. I'm half way on my second season. I won the first one after almost getting fired untill changing tactic and started winning around late october. I did not even qualify from the europa league group stage, I lost my first league cup match, and did not last much in the fa cup either. The tactic I changed to after being completely unable to get any tactic that didn't use wingers to work. Good tactic from some streamer. Player bought first season: Second season: I went abit bananas with the spending second season as my goal is win champions league. But I could never seem to sell my players for much money, so I rather just let them go for very little just to get rid of them. I find it highly unlikely that no club wants a player like Aaron Ramsey or Xhaka for more money. Things I would do differently: Not buy Savic(really good, but not perfect for my formation), Ødegaard (too high wages, reminds me of Canales, but is improving), Villar (will never become good enough), Tierney(not home grown, not quite world class and injury prone) first season. I also bough some insane talents that probably won't get work permits for many years like Barco and Martinez. Second season: Lemos for 17m was way too expensive and not worth it. Lafont for 55M probably not worth it on short term, might be worth it long term. Danilo Pereira not quite worth the price. Krychowiak is probably just as good in the defesive midfield role with defend duty and for far less and with much needed leadership skills. Romagnoli is worth 13.5, but he is not nearly as good as on FM17. Best buys so far; Nissen - bargain right back backup for Bellerin, Pulisic seems to be fanastic, Seri is great, Ceballos for 6m has been really good, Lozano is developing nicely for me as a right winger. Other players: Too many injuries. I'm sick of players being injured all the time: Iwobi, Welbeck, Walcott, Ramsey. Walcott did really well on the right wing when he was playing though. Ramsey is very good as roaming playmaker. But I have no patience for overpaid injury prone players. Elneny is great in all roles, meaning he is not world class but the perfect player on FM because he is professional, well liked, good, but not good enough to command insane wages or playing time. Sanchez was a beast as inside forward and probably the main reason I won the league alongside Lacazette who started to score alot eventually. Özil was also good the first season, but second season he has dropped and i'm looking to sell him before third season. Ceck retired after the first season, probably because I placed him on the transfer list (mistake).
  13. Why do players with rotation squad status complain about playing time when they get to start every third game or more?
  14. Elneny in my Arsenal team is just the perfect player. Good, don't complain much and versatile.
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