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  1. As someone who loves learning about other cultures and experiencing them through food, music, football etc, I think this is an area Football Manager can improve alot. By incorporating a stronger cultural experience unique to the league you play in, it would make the game feel more fresh each time you play in a different league. This would be easy to implement for the big leagues at least. Now this experience is not one thing. A sense of culture is many things that adds up to a unique experience. I'm no anthropologist so there are probably many more ways to add to this. First off, i'm guessing the reason there aren't that many pictures in game of footballers and stadiums etc has to do about copyrights. I get that. But how difficult is it to make some backgrounds and pictures that has some connection to the league and country you play in? Small things like that adds up so much on a user experience level. I can't stress this enough how important the interface experience is, especially for bringing new people into the game. New people, or even most veteran players never download the facepacks and interface coustomization packs. Making custom packs with culture specific images is therefore not an optimal solution. As it is now the only visual clue you get in game is that the colour on the navigation bar is set depending on the club you choose to manage(red for arsenal, white for tottenham). For instance, If i'm managing Barcelona I would love to see a low hanging, orange sun over the city in the backround once in a while(If you think that is silly you are wrong). Of course you should always be able to turn it off or modify it. If you lack the resources to get hold of pictures; use the community! Which brings me to another point; There is absolutely no sense of time passing in game! This point is about culture and it's about atmosphere. This is far more important than you obviously think it is, not only because the game is all about time passing. As it is now I click continue and I see a short calendar that disappears when done loading and that's about it. It's fine day to day, but there is no sense of change. I would also like to see a difference in day and evening. When playing a game in evenings in champions league or a late game in La Liga - those should bring about a bit of a different feel than other matches. The same with finals(the only thing indicating a final is special is some confetti at the end of the match in game). But I'm not talking about the game engine, but the look of the general dashboard views. This does not need to be done on the nose. Allthough a small picture in one corner with a sun/moon dotted with time and weather would help. A daytime picture of a stadium and a nighttime picture as backgroud could work also(or something more subtle or artistic). The same with a bit of change for each season(spring, summer, fall, winter). I have no idea what "boxing day" is, but I would like to see info on that in game, not on wikipedia. I'm sure there are many such culture specific words and traditions in each of the big leagues. Furthermore, it would add to a feeling of importance that thus would be different in each league. The FA cup is big in England, but I don't feel that in game at all. A sense of time is important, but what is unique is a sense of time and space. That is why I want to see markers for time of day and season(fall, summer etc). Add a map where we can see where the next game is going to be played, and you have a much better sense of propulsion throughout each playthrough. You can have one general map of europe and one more detailed for each of the big leagues. Before each game you see a small cutout highlighting the city where the game takes place, Click it to see the bigger map with all the cities in the league.
  2. Carlos Bacca Replacement

    I sold Bacca after my first season in Milan and replaced him with Dembele on Celtic. So far he has not been great, but hopefully he will adapt. Belotti went to Monaco when we both had bids and contracts offered. I don't find that logical, since I offered Belotti alot more in wages than what Monaco did.
  3. FM2017: Kasper Dolberg - the Great Dane

    If he is trained right and avoids too many big injuries he is certainly world class. For me, he played in Arsenal as a complete forward and provided alot of assists as well as goals. He actually performed almost as well as Dybala, who is one of the very bests in the game, in that role.
  4. I haven't played this game for years, but does those stats really reflect Sidney Crosby in real life? Didn't think he was so strong and fast as well as a playmaking genius.
  5. Wouldn't be much to do really. Give a few instructions, sit back and wait. It might appeal to people with an authoritarian personality, like Trump. Of course then you have to add paranoia related content, since that goes with the personality. Like spies, and phone tapping and propaganda management. Maybe even a moat with sharks around the HQ.
  6. Looking for a Center Back

    I would go for Rugani, he is probably the best value. And he is pro and turned out really good for me after a couple of seasons. He never stopped developing the four seasons I played. Murillo is very good too, maybe even better value for money in the short run.
  7. Key attributes

    Would be interesting to see if there actually are players who fit almost perfectly, or who fits the best
  8. FM2017: Kasper Dolberg - the Great Dane

    I got him on my first trasfer window with Arsenal. I had him loaned out first season. Secon season he scored alot of goals and had many assists for me as a complete forward support. He was a rotation player. Third season he really shined, then I sold him to Bayern for over 30M pounds, with 15M in future fees
  9. You should not concern yourself with CA/PA. At least if you want to have a fun experience. The stats reflect how good a player is more accurately than looking at his CA/PA in the editor. So if you see a defensive midfielder that looks good in the game stats wise, but then you see his CA/PA in the editor are much lower than you world class winger. This doesn't mean he is worse. Some stats will eat more ability points than others. A ball winning midfielder with the right stats will be better than a ball winning midfielder without the right stats regardless of CA/PA. The only thing that might misrepresent this is the player's natural footedness. A player that can only use one foot will have higher stats normally than if he could use both feet. CA never matters. PA matters if you want to cheat and find out how good a young player can become. Good scouting should still be sufficient to find talent regardless.
  10. FM17: Arsenal

    I'm in my third season. top of the league and everything is well. I feel the squad harmony is an all time high. Then the january window opens. I get bids on Adelaide, Dubala and Özil. They all want to go. I eventually sold Adelaide for a little over 30m plus 30% next profit. I sold Özil for 42m. He is getting older and he is on a 250k contract with 50k appearance fee. Dybala, who has been insane this season, I've agreed to sell if a bid gets made for more than 55m. Hopefully it doesn't materialize. I bought in Rabiot for 65m as a potential replacement for Xhaka too. I had him scouted for a long time by Wenger himself, ultimately rating him 4 star potential. But now he is only 3 and a half. So that was potentially a waste of money haha. But his stats are good. I'm also probably selling Ramsey, as he wants way too much money for a new contract. Looking to bring in either Locatelli or Mangoni(not sure how he is spelled, he plays for Atalanta) in the summer.
  11. Female Staff in FM 2017 ?

    Carneiro should be higher rated in game. Chelsea went to **** the instant she left. The coolest football club ever, Hambur St Pauli has a female physio called Lisa Gehrke. Interestingly it seems like all these female physios have pretty much the same stats, with 12-14 physiotherapy and high adaptability. I call sexism.
  12. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    He looks decent. But he will never be a world class striker in the current version unfortunately. Maybe mid premier league standard? I'm pretty sure on the next update he will be one of the best prospects, because then he would be more famous. I think it's strange that he is not rated better.
  13. FM17: Arsenal

    central midfielders in general does not do very well in this game. Their ratings usually are much lower than the rest. I'm happy with Ramsey for me. He had a rating of 7.14, scored 4 assist 2. Not very well, but for me that is as good as any of my other midfielders. I play him either as a box to box or a deep laying midfielder with defend duty, in a fluid system. He has been my best midfielder alongside Xhaka (who has scored and assisted even less).
  14. FM17: Arsenal

    His stats, especially his physical stats, goes down the drain after the first season. He doesn't justify his salaries then. Mainly his speed is detoriating fast. But maybe speed is not as important as I think? I think for golekeepers acc and pace of over 6 is the minimum in my opinion. I recommend Oblak or Rulli as replacements.
  15. FM17: Arsenal

    Gibbs played well for me for two seasons before I replaced him with Gaya. But Gibbs is slightly injury prone, but a great rotation player for me. Another option you should look at is Jetro Willems, - i got him for cheap after first season.