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  1. I haven't got the game yet but can anyone tell me... Does Origi have 'Thrives in big matches'? How good is Sadio Mane? What is Van Dijk's leadership attribute?
  2. Or have the option to conveniently fast forward this waiting
  3. Sometimes Robertson and Alexander Arnold will swap sides during a game temporarily, as a way to try to catch an unprepared team. I think they only do it for 5 or 10 mins? possibly add this option to the match similar to a ‘shout’?
  4. What I’d like to know is if I choose a head physio who has high man management, determination, discipline and motivation, then will the physio team work more effectively and will I see a general overall improvement in how quickly players recover from injuries, a reduction in how often they are injured and a reduction in the severity of injuries when they do occur? (taking into account the usual factors such as tiredness, recent recover from prior injuries, etc)
  5. I’m asking too - there must be a difference surely? I do know that some non highlighted attributes that a head of youth development possesses are relevant to the role.
  6. At the end of the season there could be reports from all the heads of departments to summarise what’s happened ‘our of sight’ in the season just finished. These could inform the player of some of the things that have happened ‘beneath the hood’. For example, head of youth development says in his end of year report that we have been losing promising youngsters to bigger clubs. If we upgrade our X facilities we should be able to reduce this happening again.
  7. Oh and please highlight all the attributes that a relevant to a member of staffs role, eg. head physio only has physiotherapy highlighted as a relevant attribute when it should also include man management. And head of youth development doesn’t have all the attributes that are relevant to his role highlighted either.
  8. But why does the computer only highlight physiotherapy as being relevant for a head physio then? Should the game be clearer here?
  9. Okie Dokie is way better than Loki Doki, so check him out he’s much funnier. Also there’s Hokey Pokey, Incey Wincey and of course the daddy of them all, Humpty Dumpty.
  10. Shortcut keys being made available for more screens. Some specific screens cannot be short-cutted to, and it would be extremely useful to be able to do so because after every game there are certain screens you want to regularly visit. Or if you are in off-season and dealing with lots of scouting and transfers there are specific screens you want to be able to short-cut to.
  11. Should there be more humour in FM? Real players are always giving interviews with twinkles in their eyes and dropping ironic takes on things or having a laugh. Seems like they find being interviewed funny because the culture of their jobs is full of humour. You see them all having a laugh in training sessions too. Same with managers at press conferences who crack jokes. But FM seems to miss this sort of thing so should there be a bit more representation of the humour that’s in real football culture?
  12. Is the head physio more of a manager who coordinates and runs the physio team? If so then does his actual Physiotherapy attribute matter much less than his man management, motivation, determination, level of discipline? If he is high in these areas then would it mean he’s able to get his physio team to work more effectively? Does his JPA affect his ability to perform the most effective physio work on a player, ie 20 means he knows exactly what physio work the player needs, whilst 8 means he’s not very good at knowing what type of physio the player should have?
  13. Van Dijk has only 17 for leadership (!), positioning and tackling . The man’s only been dribbled past once since about 1997 or something. And if he can’t get a 20 for jumping reach and strength I don’t know who can. And bravery only 15?!
  14. So do good FM players pick their teams according to the statistics of any given football player on the squad screen? Or do they pick based on other factors on the tactics screen such as condition, match fitness etc?
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