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  1. Yes I agree. But for sheer dribbling ability he is one off the best in the world. To say he can only dribble as well as Jesus and Pogo is ridiculous. And nobody would argue Aguero is significantly better than Salah at dribbling.
  2. After the Man City game a few weeks ago, where Salah scored a dribbling style goal of the season, and then again today where he scored a similar amazing dribbling goal, both very Messi-esque... And after he has a whole highlight reel of scoring great dribbling goals where he goes past multiple players over the last 5 years in the Premier League... When he is currently being lauded in the press, with the demise of Messi and Ronaldo, as possibly the best player in the world right now. You have to ask...only 16 dribbling? Really? Come on guys. Thats a lower dribbling score than Aguero (18) and Pulisic (18) and Sancho (18) and Coutinho (18), that's less than Silva (17), and its the same as Gabriel Jesus!!! The same as Pogba! This needs fixing badly.
  3. Messi is the only other player in the world who could score an amazing goal like the one he did against Man City yesterday! I know other attributes influence dribbling eg Agility, but on a fundamental level his dribbling attribute should be higher, minimum 18 and probably 19.
  4. LOL SI have been overpowering Man Utd for so many years, it’s become a joke.
  5. Rashidi Please share what tweak you made to improve the possibility of getting crosses into the box without being blocked? Ive been trying to work it out for weeks but no joy.
  6. He failed the work permit but I signed him anyway because it he was out of contract. Figured if I loan him out then he'll play enough games to come and play for me. But when I offer him for loaning no one wants him and theres a message saying hes only just arrived at the club and has no interest in leaving. Surely he would understand about the work permit failure and accept loaning is necessary?
  7. WORK PERMIT REJECTED If a transfer falls through because the work permit is rejected then the immediate journalist questions asking what went wrong should have a response to explain this: 'his work permit fell through, thats why we had to pull out of the transfer'
  8. Is at West Ham I bought him in the second season of the game after I got promoted to the Premier League. But his work permit was turned down. Is that possible? He was already at West Ham for one year!
  9. Im with Blackburn Rovers and halfway through my first season I made him a promise to give Armstrong a new contract end of season. A couple of weeks after the last game I offered him a new contract but the agent rejected my negotiations with a red response and closed the negotiations off after I went too low with my offer. Then a few weeks later Armstrong comes to me asking why I havent kept my promise of a new contract. Im given no option to say 'I tried', only that 'I forgot'.
  10. If Ive just been promoted to the premier league, how can i find out the maximum wage my board is willing to offer to a new signing, eg a star player? Theres not point in me scouting him and negotiating a transfer fee if his wage demands are beyond what my board will allow.
  11. Somewhere out in FM World, a certain 5'5 inch Argentinian 15 year old Second Striker with 20 for dribbling has just re-genned.
  12. but how do you make it so when you try to pull some columns left so that they eat into a specfic column like 'position' rather than a different column that you dont want to eat into? And how do you elimnate that crazy super wide column on the far right?
  13. Does anyone know how to get Team Cohesion above GOOD? Ive got excellent for Manager Support and Dressing Room Atmosphere, but cant get better than good for Team Cohesion. Im winning the Championship and done a few Outreach blocks to try to improve cohesion. Is there something else I should do?
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