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  1. In slot 1 i made some adjustments to the tactic and tried to save it but in the box that comes up the save option is greyed out. Any help?
  2. Is your midfield a narrow or wide diamond? or is it a DM with 3 central midfielders on the next strata?
  3. OK great - thanks for all the feedback everyone - time to experiment.
  4. I can score a couple of goals with my primary tactic which is a more aggressive version of the same formation with stronger pressing, higher DL and LOE, using underlaps, higher tempo, more expressive. But when I revert to this tactic to try to hold the lead, other teams dominate more and I usually end up drawing or losing. Any advice for alterations? When defending a lead should I still counter attack (wont regrouping make for a better defense? Still counter-press (should I hold formation better instead?) Should I bring the wingers down into midfield to offer better protection? Is it possible to defend a one goal lead by holding formation and defending and not creating shots on the opposition goal? Because it feels like when this happens that the pressure starts to build towards the inevitable conceeding of a goal or two.
  5. I want to find a backup player who can come into the first team for big games. My scouting team has a long list of players theyve scouted and I should be able to filter this list according to the scouts 'Big Matches' rating of the players on the list. I should be able to ask the scouting team: tell me which players youve scouted have great Big Matches rating because I want to find a super-sub type player..
  6. Its only about staying fit when not in training, or between matches, or maintaining attributes after peaking - according to the description anyway. How would any of this cause what scout reports say: lethargy in the game?
  7. control only of this players training or control of ALL players individual training? If the latter, then there needs to be an additional option to take control of this players individual training for more than just one month.
  8. 'Dives into tackles' is completely mis-leading in its description, if you only want to say that the defender engages in tackles more regularly.
  9. I have Director of Football set to initiate and negotiate offers for young players for future U23 and U18 and that I should finalise them - it keeps happening that he makes offers then for some reason it gets stuck and the game wont allow me to continue. The only way out of it is to go to withdraw the offer.
  10. the player concerned has a very high PA rating. Anyone know if this is this true?!
  11. - It should be easy for coaching staff to change their contract to go from an U18 or U23 role to a senior squad role. In real life, this happens quite often I think (eg. Pep Ljinders at Liverpool moved from youth team to senior team), but in FM it is always a big hassle to try to change a youth staff members contract, theyre always super fussy and negotiations break down easily. There should be an option to have a chat with the staff member first, to say 'We really like your work in the youth team and would like to reward you with a new role with the senior squad', then the negotiations should be much more agreeable. - I also think a similar thing should happen with staff changing roles in the same team, e.g. going from a GK coach to general coach, or fitness coach to general coach.
  12. It would be helpful if the report allowed you to quickly see the attributes of each player. Currently, if you glide the mouse over a player, it flashes up with some not very useful statistics. But if it instead flashed up the players attributes, then you could quickly see for example: the CB has slow pace, or the right winger has high Off The Ball, etc, and this would help inform how you are going to play. The quickness of this would mean you wouldnt have to click the fiddly attributes icon for each individual player separately too, massively improving convenience.
  13. I cant find pass into space anymore - i thought theyd removed it?
  14. 'Cos I signed two players with this, and only one of them turned out to be as good as I thought he would be!
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