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  1. I like to start at championship level teams and work up to premier league, so it would be good to ask the board to improve training facilities by two steps on the ladder rather than one, especially if the club becomes flush with cash from sales of players. Being able to improve facilities more quickly would improve how long it takes to build up a smaller club.
  2. If a club gains a lot of money from selling a big player, it would be good to see CLEARLY where that money goes. Some goes to the board, some to reinventing in facilities, some to reinvesting in new players, etc. Right now it seems impossible to read and understand this from the finance information available.
  3. A screen which summarises the pros and cons of the players at your club, as written in the coach reports. I don't want to be scrolling through each of my players individually, to look at their pros and cons one by one. This is very tedious, time consuming, and you can easily forget which players have which pros/cons. (pros and cons = things like consistency rating, injury proneness, etc) Please design a screen which can summarise all the pros and cons for each player in your team on one page. Something similar exists for Dynamics > Happiness, where the individual status of each players happiness can be viewed on one summarising screen. If this could be done for your teams pros and cons, then you could quickly look at this screen to find out which of your players would be best to select for your upcoming high pressure game (by noting players who thrive in big pressure games or struggle with big pressure games). It could help in lots of other ways too.
  4. Im on FM 19, cant find this option! My training is set to assistants control, is it possible I can request Woodburn improves his left foot, then let my assistant carry on with control of the training?
  5. How do you get match cohesion to increase? Mine has been stuck on 'good' for a few months, and there is plenty of space on the power bar for the rating to go higher... but how?
  6. Maybe praise the players who trained best each week, and criticise the worst three... or is that too often?
  7. nope, I started the game a few days ago, using Sheffield Utd. Assingments were workong perfectly, then I checked again in August after I added a late new goalkeeping coach and fired the old one. Thats when I say the assignments workload were screwed.
  8. The workload for all my coaches shows 'none'! Its supposed to be heavy, medium, or light!
  9. If I set the Assistant to b in control of training, there should be better options to allow be to tweak it. If I amend a players training, my only options are: 1) Change his training for the rest of this month 2) Change his training and take full control for all training. I suggest some more options: 3) Change this players training for the next three months 4) Change this players training for the next six months This would allow you to give instructions to just one or two players to get them to improve their ability in certain positions without having to keep coming back every month.
  10. Im playing Sheffield United and Billy Sharp got injured so now I have no players trained by club. Does this mean I have to restart the game? How do I find players who are HGC? Is there a way to filter it, because I cant see any using the little icons next to the names.
  11. Even Barcelona will play long direct passes when they are in transition. If they recover the ball, they're not going to reject an opportunity to play a long ball up to Suarez or Dembele if the pass makes sense. Some of the goals they scored against Real recently were like that (I don't know if they changed their tactics for this game?)
  12. New feature: Moves into nightclubs. Cannot be de-selected. Your player will randomly stay out late, go missing for days at a time, announce he is taking up rapping, etc. You have to use player interaction to persuade him to sort his life out.
  13. Imagine I have AML, AMR, STC in a formation. Lets say each of these players is maximum green (i.e. Natural in the position) for their main position, but only minimum green (i.e. competent or Accomplished) for the other two attacking positions. EG the AML player is a natural in AML but competent in STC and AMR. Now if i instructed each of these three forwards to 'roam from position', then when my AML has roamed over to the AMR part of the field, would the fact he is only competent in this area impact negatively on his ability to perform in this part of the field?
  14. It would be nice if the ratings which apply to the training facilities and the youth facilities (eg Good, Excellent, Superb, State of the Art, etc) could be standardised so they match - I think there is a difference right now between them. Why not use star ratings (like with players) instead? Then we could see how much scope there is for further expansion.
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