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  1. This thread is absolutely hilarious. Deserves a shout out in the Athletic or the next book on FM
  2. Has anyone seen a response to this issue from SI? It raises so many questions about what's actually happening under the hood versus what players see, and our ability to impact that. This seems potentially game breaking if what we see is not what's actually occuring
  3. I'm having similar issues. Lost a match I had no right to lose. All my defenders seemed to underperform massively. I head to the post match analysis and there's absolutely nothing of use to show what errors my players are making. In-game commentary mentioned a player making a mistake leading to a goal, but analysis doesn't reflect this. If this is a widespread issue it really needs to be addressed as it raises tons of questions about what's actually happening with the match engine and the players ability to recognise that and make impactful changes
  4. I'm finding the same issue. Do you need more pkms or is the issue being resolved. It seems like it could be almost game-breaking depending on when it happens.
  5. What could be causing his inability to get into the England squad? His ability and reputation should mean that it takes a lot to be left out completely, but he's nowhere near the squad
  6. Is this possibly why from the get-go Rashford can't get into the England squad? He may not be having the best season for me, but he's on course for 15+ league games and I don't see any reason other than database changes for why he is cut from the first England squad and hasn't made one since. Shaw, who has been second choice for me has made the squad.
  7. Any advice as to how this will handle fm 17 and 18 when it's out? I don't imagine the processor would struggle with a large number of leagues and players loaded? Will the graphics card and RAM be okay? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-yoga-720-2-in-1-15-6touch-screen-laptop-intel-quad-core-i7-8gb-memory-256gb-solid-state-drive-platinum-silver/5722736.p?skuId=5722736
  8. Hi, can anyone please explain what the 3mb updatethat installed today was?
  9. I know Zim is known for it's "interesting" names, but a Nigerian regen named Sunday Monday takes the cake for me
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