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  1. Did they send someone out to hit it with a hammer ?
  2. Not necessarily the ships, these can be assembled in low earth orbit, but if the fuel can be more efficiently produced on the moon/Mars it makes things much more efficient.
  3. Don't think race or sex here is anywhere near as important a factor as Biden is almost certain not to run in 4 years, nobody on the left of the dems wants Harris to be their candidate as she's to moderate / centrist So any excuse to take a swing now Normally a president has 6-8 months after an election to get things done before the campaigning for the mid terms takes priority for congress, Looks like Joe doesn't even get that
  4. MRO Captured an Image of Perseverance under its parachute during the descent
  5. Indeed The spin thats being put on this action by facebook is probably more interesting than the action itself From a basic perspective Aus says Facebook will have to pay for every piece of Australian news media content shared on its platform or face fines Facebook bars Australian news content from its platform to avoid both charges and fines Australia cries that its being bullied and that Facebook are somehow being unfair
  6. Think it's a fair bet that they will merge Its just that our current understanding of the science / math behind the merger falls apart when they get really close (hardly surprising when dealing with singularities) but that says more about the limitations of our current understanding / models of the physics of gravity than providing any kind of absolute barrier as to why they can't merge
  7. Logo's there on the rear of the car back end looks a bit tighter than last year but not surprised the differences are subtle being as Mclarren had to spend all their tokens getting the new engine in there
  8. It's not really a trial, Impeachment is a political process The result of this one was never in doubt only an idiot could have even hoped for yet alone expected a different result The last few days have really just been a waste of time that if anything will have further entrenched positions and views between the 2 sides
  9. for those who survived the blip and lived the 5 years, then i imagine the event's of the battle of wakanda including visions Death would be widely known
  10. It's taken someone how long to notice that finger fudge up ?
  11. Of course it's not, there aren't 17 Republican Senators willing to vote to convict, Whole thing is therfore a pantomime WIll end up something like 57/43
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