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  1. Synthahols_for_Girls

    England fans in world cup racism storm in Volgograd

    In Stalingrad too
  2. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Westworld TV Series (Spoilers)

    That was incredible, I know its the calm pause for breath before the storm at the end, But **** me what a story,
  3. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Sugar tax

    I'd switched to zero a few years ago as the enamal on my teath has become a little thin
  4. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Coalition of Chaos - (UK Politics under Minority May)

    It takes 15% of Con MPs (currently 48) writing letters to the chair of the 1922 to trigger a confidence vote within the conservative party Its hard to see that May would win that vote by a clear enough majority to avoid a leadership contest in any scenario where the 48 letter threashold is passed (she's really not that popular and only won the leadership by default as last (wo)man standing) May carries on in the leadership at the moment because no one else really wants the poison chalace of negotiating brexit, once the deal is done she's ofski
  5. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Coalition of Chaos - (UK Politics under Minority May)

    Its not about winning a vote of confidence If Davies quit over no10 persuing an ultra soft brexit, May would have less than 24 hrs before the number of letters to the chair of 1922 hits the required 48, to resign herself and start the leadership ballott process Remeber Thatcher beat Hessletine by a clear margin and came only 4 votes short of the required 15% victory in the 1990 ballot and still felt she had to go, May has always been on borrowed time especially after last years election
  6. Synthahols_for_Girls

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    Corbs was nowhere near being PM May lost the majority, but Corbyn was never going to get the LD's SNP, Sinn Fein, The Green, Plaid the DUP & some of the independants all pulling in the same direction And a long way short of being able to command even a slim majority
  7. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Coalition of Chaos - (UK Politics under Minority May)

    Brexit The thing needs doing and it looks like the only way of doing it well is with a leader who believes in it, strenghtened by a leadership campaign
  8. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Coalition of Chaos - (UK Politics under Minority May)

    Wouldn't get too excited Youd end up with one of Davies Boris Gove or Rhis Mogg as PM Davidson isn't in parliament Javid is still damaged by his flip on the Brexit campaign and a europhile or soft brexiter has no chance
  9. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Coalition of Chaos - (UK Politics under Minority May)

    Davies quitting would bring about a leadership challenge which would bring down May
  10. Synthahols_for_Girls

    A50 Triggered, Brexit Talks In Here Please

    The people of northern ireland wouldn't allow it There's still a strong unionist majority in the north
  11. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Westworld TV Series (Spoilers)

    Does he, We see Delores testing robot Arnold at the start of the episode, in the same way William tested Delos and we know a large number of the hosts recovered from the lake have their memory cores missing, they have all gone somewhere
  12. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Westworld TV Series (Spoilers)

    Not bernard's memories, Bernard had transfered his conciousness into the cradel, essentially a giant backup server for all the hosts memories, The Cradel had been blocking Delos techs attempts to hack into the park / hosts and they wanted to find out why, The Cradel was percieved as Bernard as westworld with the hosts all on their loops, but then he found Ford,
  13. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Westworld TV Series (Spoilers)

    No your correct, They decouppled from the train which they used as a bomb (like chucking a grenade through the door before assaulting a room) The guy left on the train with the bullet was the Delos tech that 'fixed'Teddy, (smash the window and jump out ?) Delores, Teddy and the rest of the crew will roll up in the decoupled carrage, apply the breaks and slaughter the diorientated survivors on the arrivals levels
  14. Synthahols_for_Girls

    Russian bot people - what's this about?

    The Egyptians did something similar to the Lybians many years ago Lybians wanted a high profile discident, living in egypt, dead so they made contact with what they thought were criminal elements in egypt, turns out they were egyptian security service, who took the contract for the killing, staged the death and sent the lybians photos, emptied the bank accounts the money for the hit was wired to, then held a press conference