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  1. No defense 3 strikes and all that Lifetime worldwide ban
  2. London Olympics is an anomaly Legacy and costs were put at the core of the London Games planning and construction and given the focus of the British Press on the issue, no politician was going to allow them to spiral. The whole cost base of the bid was based on the anticipated economic boost from hosting with the aim of breaking even as this is the only way you could host the games in the Uk with public support Nowhere else has really given a stuff about cost as it's all been about prestige and hang the expense, so games like Bejing, Soci and Athens have made massive losses
  3. Picked up Wilfred and Babacar in the first window and they were doing OK but it needed some spark Had a young lad named Jese on loan from Real sitting behind the front 2 who was keeping Cahill out of the team and a big bid came in in the Jan window from chelse so Sold Tim and *****ed the proceeds on Doumbia, The guy has been immense alongside Wilfred, he's been averaging better than a goal a game for 2 seasons now
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