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  1. Hi @tenthreeleader, do you have any plans to continue this story? I'd love to read more!
  2. Still reading, still gripped. Great story pal!
  3. Been reading this but keeping quiet - however I couldn't remain silent any longer. Please say you are continuing the story, it has been fantastic so far.
  4. late i know but do any of you who watched the youth team game remember any standout performances from our lot (burnley)? we do actually have a decent youth setup at the moment, got to the semi finals last year and a lot of those lads were 1st year scholars so were involved for us on friday. our midfielder archie love is donald love's brother.
  5. decent interview with freddie ljungberg on the bbc sport page that i thought you chaps might be interested in - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19719628 i loved him as a player but was surprised to see he had won the EPL player of the season.
  6. has anyone got an opinion on warren joyce? he is being linked with our managerial vacancy, probably mainly because he used to play for burnley, and the latest rumour going round is that nicky butt has been called in to 'help out' with your reserves adding some fuel to the flames.
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