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  1. Shouldn't be long now. This tail doesn't have much wag in it.
  2. I think they've been fine. Bess bowls a lot of filth but is capable of bowling beauties every few overs and has a knack of getting wickets. Leech got a bit of pasting from Pant but he was always in the game and can offer an element of control when he's in a rhythm.
  3. Beauty from Bess. Just consistency missing from his game at the minute.
  4. Yeah, the third test I think so I'd imagine Broad will play the next test and Jimmy will be back for that.
  5. Jimmy 😍 Staggers me that we don't make more of the fact that he's a Burnley lad. I'd just knock down our whole town centre and make it a shrine to him.
  6. Surprised Buttler hasn't come in ahead of Pope with quick runs needed. Joe Root is playing a different game to everyone else. India look deflated when he's on strike.
  7. Bess is looking like he might be one of those cricketers who just has the knack of getting wickets. There must be a little bit more going on with the ball/pace changes/line than we appreciate spectating.
  8. Fine with this Pant counter as long as Root holds his nerve with the field. The pitch is doing enough to suggest he will get one wrong sooner rather than later.
  9. So privileged to have been able to watch the whole careers of Cook, Root, Broad and Anderson.
  10. Root looks like he is playing on a different pitch. Stunning century.
  11. Brilliant show this week. Was worried about the direction of Team Tazz but it's been built very well to Hobbs joining. Think they could have built up the return of Death Triangle a bit more, seemed slightly forced and rushed, but who cares. It's Death Triangle I'm enjoying the Jericho comedy stuff too although MJF is the clear star. What a talent he is.
  12. Confused Clarity Icelander83 darren1983 LRJ Merry_miller DeafParrot Gizzy gus crazy Recky_D Pompeyboyz RickyButton craigcwwe andyinuk bazaod Pukey given1legend ssestig TM Tecmo Barnzy roykela Leftback in the changing room trueblue.85 oatsie
  13. Hi guys, been 'playing' a while but first post. Invested £60 so far and my portfolio is worth £85. My main strategy is grabbing promising young players and hoping they get a big move/become regulars. Seen values double on De Ligt, De Jong, Harry Wilson, Brooks, N Pepe, Haivertz and made decent profits from Lafont, Kouame and Lindelof. Currently down on Nkunku, Cutrone and Ndicka though. 'Insider' tip for you guys although his value has already gone up about 50p but I expect it to rise further... Dwight McNeil. Been sensational the past 4 games for us, only 19, England under 21 mana
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