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  1. Have you ever tried playing in another country? It might be an active league thing rather than a Man City thing. The FA Cup/league thing is probably just confirmation bias.
  2. Previously such suggestions have been made and seemingly dropped without any further mention, I'm hoping for the same again.
  3. S4C is over 90% funded by the license fee so he doesn't want to upset his Westminster paymasters.
  4. Come on @enigmatic Nigel doesn't believe that, he just doesn't want to get accused of Welsh bias!
  5. I have seen multiple times that if a player juggles the ball and it hits the chest of an opponent, say, then it's a knock on, so I can't see why the 'hit the ground' thing was discussed, unless refs have been applying it wrong before. It also seems a bit bizarre that a player juggling the ball running forwards, only to then eventually touch it backwards having travelled x metres isn't considered to have knocked it on. If the rule has been applied correctly then I think the rule is wrong.
  6. Iirc 10 is the age of responsibility here so she is both legally a child and responsible for her actions at 15 in the eyes of the law.
  7. Only half watching, are there some big turners from Leach that I've missed?
  8. Is Kohli being dropped off Anderson some sort of inside joke in the dressing room
  9. Other than Brexit, which has now happened, Boris doesn't stand for anything either.
  10. Seems a bit crass to speculate why he might have crashed based on basically nothing.
  11. Very considerate of the third umpire to check whether Broad had hit either of those
  12. The thing with publishing dates though is that falling short of them may be perceived as their failure so I think things would need to be substantially worse than expected for them not to adhere to it.
  13. They won't admit it but I am fairly sure that December is such an important month for hospitality/retail that they went all in then, knowing that they would rather close stuff in the dead Jan/Feb months. It was ludicrous that pubs near me were still open in mid-December.
  14. Long covid should obviously be a consideration when forming policy but a significant proportion of younger adults will likely be vaccinated by the time the crowded places are open anyway. There is a sliding scale, if the number of deaths and hospitalisations is much lower then we don't need as stern restrictions. I've seen 10-20% long covid quoted but iirc it was 10% in the most publicised study, which might be an overestimate based on asymptomatic people not getting tested which is likely among younger people. So the point is when the consequences are less severe, of course restric
  15. Not many dance acts produce bangers so far apart, sad times.
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