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  1. It is one of the easiest alcoholic drinks to chug down tbf
  2. I think we all suspect stewards can't really do anything (and presumably are legally limited on what they can do physically anyway?).
  3. I don't know why so many teams have Dolberg in, he played 2 and a half matches all tournament. Gifted a goal against Wales and took two goals very well. Schick had a range of finishes and looked a class above those playing behind him.
  4. My worry for next tournament is that Kane regresses a bit or gets injured, the back up options as a striker aren't great atm.
  5. No I know but that isn't my point really. I don't want to speak for Baptista but I think he interprets biased = insincere. Like I don't deny Grealish is good but I don't know how he can seriously argue that his club allegiance has no impact on why he defends Grealish.
  6. I'm sure you believe he is that good but of course there's club bias. It's why Barry always defends Sterling, ajw always defends Saka and Pukey always defends Phillips. You are kidding yourself if you think that you would act in the same way if you thought Sancho deserved to play more because of his ability.
  7. Southgate has his way, and tbf to him I think other managers wouldn't beat that Germany, who are still a good side if not imperious. There is no guarantee that going more attacking against Italy wouldn't have seen us lose 2-1 or still lose on pens. But he didn't maximise our chances of winning. Juhlman took England to extra time but I didn't think their tactical set up was as good as it could be even though it took a lucky penalty to beat them. Who looks at the Italy eleven that played extra time and thinks your best chance is to take them to pens?
  8. Chiesa comes up badly on whoscored metrics because he often loses it despite obviously being capable of stuff Italy's other attackers aren't. I thought only Barry would have Sterling in a combined eleven from yesterday. My team is more 'players who played at a higher level than I might have expected' bar a few obvious ones Schmeichel Coufal - Bonucci - Maguire - Shaw Hojbjerg - Modric - Forsberg Chiesa - Schick - Sterling Didn't really rate Coufal but despite not looking great technically he is actually really good at crossing and creating space to do so and can defend. I thought Forsberg was meh and Sweden just lacked options but nope he's good. I feel if Schmeichel could kick better he wouldn't be at Leicester and Chiesa surprised me. Overrated based on a few good moments: Damsgaard, Dolberg, Dumfries, Spinazzola
  9. Well no, they forced their way in because they thought they could get in. Apparently it happened in Athens in 2005 CL final as well.
  10. Have you read Gunman's post before this tournament? Surprised he hasn't blamed Agnelli or Juve yet.
  11. Big game bottler. Managed to tie the work league at least, I'll take top 5.
  12. Same, Carl Anka on TFS said good until HT, poor afterwards. And apparently lots of complaints from people saying I paid £££££ for my ticket, get these chancers out for those that broke into Wembley.
  13. 2014: go behind twice to Italy, go behind twice to Uruguay 2012: grimly hold on for pens against Italy. 1-1 against France from 39 mins onwards having led for 9 minutes and have 31% possession in the last half hour 2010: concede early and get done on the counter when behind against Germany We are absolutely terrible in big games when we haven't taken an early lead too.
  14. When is? Nips ignorant comments about Shaw or Grealish in the bud. It's not only Keane saying it.
  15. I'm not saying that, I think we hold onto the 0-0 and still drop deep. We happened to score against Germany from Sterling running past their midfield, on another day we concede from Werner's chance or a corner. Germany isn't a brilliant blueprint. Edit: and I think we still drop deep against Italy at 0-0 because their midfield is technically better. There were interchanges in our third from Verratti/Insigne that just don't happen with our midfield.
  16. Turns out Baptista was right about Jack I thought he was just chatting nonsense. Edit: on the goal too early thing, do we think we'd have really had a go at 0-0? I'm sceptical.
  17. He looked back at how Portugal and France won it so he will clearly now be inspired by Italy to have a go next tournament It's going to be like Blair, next time he'll be more radical. And he won't be. Like last time when Gareth only played 3/5 at the back because of the personnel we had in defence.
  18. I feel really bad for Pickford, saves two penalties including Jorginho, and an amazing save that leads to the goal. You couldn't have asked for any more and his passing was still good.
  19. I have a lot of comments from broadsheet journalists on podcasts along the lines of "Finland and North Macedonia haven't stunk the place out, so 8 more teams of similar quality is fine" They forget that 8 more teams means a much greater proportion of matches being Austria vs Iceland or Slovakia vs Greece, great for their fans but not so great for the neutral.
  20. I don't think Saka was that crucial a decision, if he scores you command the bravery of Southgate to empower young players to step up. I wouldn't have that much faith in Grealish scoring. It's unsurprising that Italy dominated the midfield from about 40 minutes onwards, it's what most people expected. Rice and Phillips made up for it physically in the first half, in the second Henderson wasn't good either defending or in possession, a few simple balls were just given away. For all that Italy still only made half chances and the first two were just individual efforts from Chiesa. This is how Southgate is, if you happen not to concede it's great defence, a scrappy corner and we've bottled it. Southgate only seemed to make the change when we conceded but it wasn't as though the goal came from nowhere, Italy had pressure but kept giving it away (I don't think they knew what to do in the final third tbh). Italy were so dominant on the ball in the centre I don't think there is a tweak or sub that can rectify it, but when you look at the Italian XI that finished the match there's not much in attack or midfield that really gets you worried. You can go for it a bit more without being really open, you just reduce the chance of a draw imo. Instead we were so deep we didn't even threaten to counter because there was no out ball, hence Maguire just hoofing it out a few times.
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