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  1. The new option to "ask agent about availability" with agents via remote chats re acquiring their clients is fantastic addition. However, I think a similar option really needs to be added to have a similar type of non-confrontational chat with agents for players on your own team. For example, if have an experienced midfielder with an expiring contract, I might be willing to offer him a new contract. But the only way I can find out what he wants is to start formally negotiating with his agent, making promises about future playing time, etc. Once promises have been made, he'll finally tel
  2. I use custom squad views to monitor player statistical performance and noticed the game is not displaying stats for "Tackle Attempts" for any team.
  3. Figured out how this happened. When you do a player comparison and look at the report tab, if you haven't scouted one or both players it will say you need to request a member of your scouting staff to compile a report on this player. If you click scout player where it says that on the comparison page, it shows up in your scouting assignments as report card only, don't watch. If you scout the player any other way (clicking scout player on his profile page or using drop-down menus), it shows up as being scouted for a match or week etc.
  4. yeah, finding the right affiliate is very difficult. What I did was look for the right manager and just hoped for the best on training facilities. In my case, I wanted future prospects to develop football intelligence looked only at determination, mental, and tactical coaching attributes. That led me to a team that had just been promoted from third division with average facilities and this type of coach. They had no resources and the quality of players that would have got them relegated immediately, no chance. I swooped them up as an affiliate and would keep my top prospects at the c
  5. Yes, I had almost the identical problem in FM20 playing in Spain with a team that started out in the second division. I had a u19 team and a semi-professional B team that wasn't in a league and never played any games. Certainly destination for any of my players. Try as I might, there was nothing I could ever do about it. I couldn't even find anyone to manage the B team. The way I got around it in FM21 was to play in a different league heh. I don't really know anything about the Irish leagues, but if they don't have B teams that play in competitive leagues, the only solution I kno
  6. 1. Yes, you are correct that "playable/view only" has more simulation details than just playable for the reason you state. 2. If you choose Championship in England and chose playable (but not playable/view only below), you will obviously see league tables, stats, etc., for Championship and Premier. League 1 will be simulating, but with an even quicker background sim engine (iirc) and you won't see the league table, stat leaders, etc., since you didn't select that league as viewable. To show the difference, here is a random example from my save. I play in Portugal, but I added
  7. Usually simply because his aggression attribute is probably something like 18-20, so actually a visible stat.
  8. I see what your saying, but I think the second one in particular is actually quite realistic. TS Sporting went into the game with a chance to win the title and must have been on top of the world confidence and morale-wise. Presumably there was a big gap in the quality of players in favor of TS Sporting. JDR Stars went into the game already relegated and playing on the road against the top team; they probably had given up before the game even started. Then JDR Stars were down 4-0 in the final minute of a humiliating loss in a humiliating season, uninterested, disillusioned, etc., might e
  9. I'm in control of scouting myself. There is a setting in staff responsibilities, but there's no option there for report card only, just the usual options of week, 2 weeks, month, 1 game, etc.. I'm using the Rensie Dark skin that's on Steam Workshop.
  10. right, that's what I personally have it set at. Just to be clear, the feature request I am making is that in addition to autosave after matches, SI add an option in the preferences so that the drop down list you show includes everything that's already there PLUS additional options such as autosave type > After Matches AND Weekly (or day, fortnight, month, etc.). As mentioned, autosaving after games is fantastic, but it's no help for times during the year when you aren't playing any matches, which results in months and months of no autosave protection.
  11. I thought this had been taken out of the game, but I noticed in my scouting priorities some were card only, others watch 1 week, which is what is set in scouting responsibilities. I don't remember doing anything differently when I added these players so I was surprised to see this. I want to figure out how I did it, because sometimes I want a get quick report card on players, not a formal scouting evaluation.
  12. I want the match automatically saved as soon as it finishes so I don't lose that progress if I forget to manually save and the game crashes due to mods, etc. However, there are times like the summer break and international breaks where there are no matches and therefore the game is not being automatically saved on a frequent basis. Right now it's pick your poison - choose either/or. If possible, I'd like to see an autosave choice of either/and so that (1) every match is saved automatically and immediately AND (2) the game is automatically saved weekly (or monthly etc) as well.
  13. please excuse my ignorance, but does this mean there is some way to extract something from FM20 and continue playing your "save" in FM21? I've always wanted to do that but thought it was impossible. If this is what you guys are talking about, is there somewhere I can find out more about this? If not, let me know and ignore me, I don't mean to hijack a thread.
  14. Honestly imo the best thing you can do is PRACTICE set piece routines during the week. I don't think any of the default training schedules have set piece training worked into them (although I know there is one default training schedule specifically for set pieces and I think the big match schedule has a couple set piece training sessions worked into it). That might be the biggest "bug" - the lack of set piece training in the training schedules. Maybe I'm wrong, but It seems like a lot of people focus too much on telling players where to stand etc. but never actually practice set pieces duri
  15. Obviously, i know i can sign any youth player and move him to my u19 squad, no problem!!! However, I don't want to use my senior club to sign the player then move him, mainly because I have a club vision objective to sign high reputation players, and if I sign even the brightest youth prospect the board gets very disappointed and it will lead to my sacking for not fulfilling the objective. Also, my transfer activity manager performance always gives the signing an F because the fans can't see the player being good enough for the first team. I want my u19 team itself to make the signing.
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