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  1. No, I seems like something I would have done but I don't remember doing so and can't find it anywhere. However, I do have some oddly named saved games here and there so I'll check those and upload if I find it. Thanks.
  2. I have this young Spanish footballer who the media "Touted as the next Quini." Then I noticed it changed to say he was "Labelled the next Raul". Then I noticed it changed again and he's now "Dubbed the new Fernando Torres." I have no idea who these guys are. If you were to imagine a footballer who has been compared to all three of these guys, what type of player would you expect him to be? By that I mean, in FM terms how would you rate him, ie would you expect him to be a big target man or a fast little poacher, any PPMs, any attributes that might stick out, would he be described a physical, creative, technical, intelligent, leader, etc. Hope that make sense.
  3. I was the OP. I ended up using task manager to terminate the game. Believe it or not, there definitely is some kind of bug that people keep reporting here (and it's a heartbreaking bug). In the screenshot I posted above, I was a second division team playing Real Madrid in the final of of the Spanish cup and against all odds miraculously made it to penalties....then the match engine stuck right before switching to penalties and there's nothing you can do but terminate the program. The exact same bug is being reported multiple times in this thread. Although It never occured to me to mention it in the OP, I had subbed in a striker who specialized in penalty kicks at the beginning of extra time and when it came to penalties the game stuck and wouldn't advance. divij13 reports that he made a triple substitution at the beginning of extra time and when it came to penalties the game stuck and wouldn't advance. Powerchicken (great name) reports that he subbed in a player during extra time and when it came to penalties the game stuck and wouldn't advance. Look at the screenshot I posted above. Extra time has expired, the "score" is Penalties 0-0, the opposing team's body language widget is up showing calm and anxious players before penalties, the other team's players have all left the field, my guys are frozen statues on the field. If you look at the screenshot, it should be obvious there is no possible way the game should ever be in that state (ie, clearly in penalty mode but one is alone on the field attempting a throw-in). I did a lot of research on this problem back when it would happen in FM17. I might have even uploaded a save to SI but can't be sure it was so long ago. The one thing that seemed consistent then and now was a substitution at some point during extra time. I have no idea if this has anything to do with it, however. When this bug happens the game feels like it's simply paused, though in the screenshot you can see it is not paused (the pause button doesn't work when the bug hits; you can click it all day but it's like a grayed out menu item, nothing will happen). Everything else works exactly as it does when you pause a match. You can look at any in-match widgets, exit the match and look at rosters or examine scouting reports, etc., etc., Other than the inability to advance to penalties, there was not a part of the game I could find that did not function as it normally would when a match is paused. In desperation, I even went into preferences and did things like switch skins, change text zoom, tested audio, everything hoping to somehow get the game to advance, but no luck. The skin change and text adjustment worked fine, but no matter what you do it's impossible to advance. I'm probably violating some bug forum reporting format rule, but I'm just trying to give as much specific detail about what happens so people will believe there's a problem. If it does have something to do with substitutions in extra time, naturally it would be very rare because it's not often you are (a) playing a match where a penalty shootout is even an option, (b) still have an extra sub left as you go into extra time (most people use all subs trying to win in regular time), and (c) the game is still tied after extra time. This situation doesn't happen very often. Anyway, I hope you guys fix the problem even though it might be rare. My worry is the bug is rare enough that it's not worth the time to fix.
  4. I just went through this. When I took over a team in the Spanish LIGA 2 for a new save the requirement was to win the league. Also required was signing players under 23 for the first team, no contracts over 1 year to players over 30, and work within the wage budget. Meeting the contract/budget requirements were easy because that’s what I do anyway. But we choked and finished fourth, then lost in the promotion playoff. I was worried I might get sacked, but it was never an issue. The board just gave me the same vision again the following year as if nothing ever happened. What I took from this is, do an excellent job on the requirements you can control (eg contracts) and come as close as possible to the league position requirement and you’ll probably be fine for the moment as long as you have the support of your players. My speculation is that boards have a hidden ”patience” rating and some will let you slide a bit on club vision and others will sack you half way through the season after a blowout loss, sort of the the way some agents will patiently go back and forth negotiating a contract whereas others will shut the talks down immediately if you don’t give them exactly what they want.
  5. btw this is a screenshot of it. Game is NOT frozen, every menu etc even going outside the match and looking at scouting or whatever worked fine. The only problem was that half of the game (scoreboard, body language, some of the menus etc) switched to penalty mode but the graphics engine or match engine or whatever just got stuck and would not switch over to penalty mode. The game was unpaused and progressing exactly as usual and right after the end of time whistle blew the screen sort of flickered and I noticed the scoreboard and maybe some other things on the screen changed but the players on the field and the crowd just froze and from that point on there was nothing to do but crash the game.
  6. fwiw I tried to uninstall and reinstall the graphics drivers while the game was still running/stuck and as I expected, the game crashed and gave me the error: FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2019.12.27 00.21.40).dmp
  7. it's the default SI dark skin, Definitely the latest drivers. Oh well, we should have been blown out by Real Madrid in that game anyway so no reason for tears. This exact same thing happened to me a few years ago in FM17. I remember it distinctly because it was a cup game, one of the biggest games I've ever played.. It went to penalties and....stuck, won't advance, Same as here. And that was on the Mac version on a MacBook pro. I figured it was just some glitch that you sometimes get in the Mac version. So I just force closed the program and re-simmed the game in instant mode and to my surprise my team won so I just forgot about it. Probably some bug that's super rare because it only shows up in penalties. FWIW her is my dxdiag dxdiag _b28937.txt
  8. Anything I can do? Game went extra-time. Whistle blew, the scoreboard switched to penalties, the players' body language switched to penalties, but the game just says "pause" even though it's already paused. Nothing is frozen. I can look at stats, analysis, tactics, go to the home page, try to reload in preferences, but no matter what I do it just stays stuck before going to penalties. Any help appreciated. The game is running, I just have to decide whether to end the process or not.
  9. These are fantastic! I love all the graphics the articles. They will be great reads on the commute.
  10. My negative feedback is, yet again, facegen is atrocious and SI should be ashamed of it.
  11. My feedback is that FM is so good, last year I bought FM18 on pre-order and never even installed the game. Did the same thing this year with FM19 and still haven’t installed it either. Reason is, I feel like a prisoner on death row. Installing and starting to play is like volunteering to be taken to the gallows. I know my life will be over... FM is like poisoned wine, I have to resist the temptation to drink it. (My opinion on how good it is despite having never played it is based on addictively watching “let’s plays” on Youtube.)
  12. Wow this is what makes FM the best sports simulation game. I don’t say this out of pro-gay sentiment (I just don’t care and none of my business). Rather, to me it’s a real testament to the way SI has been able to model players like real people rather than just names and attributes and maybe a superficial personality. FM is as much a role playing game full of NPCs as it is as a traditional sports sim. Really need to fix facegen though))
  13. I wouldn’t run the game in portrait mode, that’s just the reason those are the options as opposed to others people might recommend or as just a smaller 1080p monitor. I work in portrait mode but pivot back to horizontal for normal applications. So I’d be running FM19 horizontally at 2560x1440.
  14. An gtx 1060 6gb and either: Samsung 32” WQHD LED Monitor (S32D850T) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L3KNOF4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 or Philips 328B6QJEB 32” LCD Monitor, IPS Panel, 2560 x1440 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CLMDH3L/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 (both pivot to portrait mode which I normally use)
  15. I’m building a Windows 10 desktop pc and plan on buying a 32 inch monitor with a resolution of 2560x1440 (aka WQHD or 1440p or 2k) and will have a graphics card sufficient to power it. My question is, does anybody know if I play FM2019 on it will I have any problems, such as text too small to read, blurry text/video, other scaling issues, or anything else I should be aware of? As I recall, 1080p is the game’s maximum resolution. I’ve read differing things about running 1080p applications with Windows on higher resolution monitors. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
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