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  1. b28937

    FM difficulty...

    This is great. Less information by definition makes things more difficult. I’ve always wished SI would add an OPTIONAL setting to make the numerical ratings on a scale of 1-10 or 1-5. It wouldn’t change how the game mechanics function (to my knowledge), it would be purely cosmetic.. For example, changing the 1-20 scale to 1-10: 0 = 0 1-2 = 1 3-4 = 2 5-6 = 3 7-8 = 4 9-10 = 5 11-12 = 6 13-14 = 7 15-16 = 8 17-18 = 9 19-20 = 10 In terms of programming, it wouldn’t take anything more than does converting pounds to kilograms or dollars to euros (I wouldn’t think). The underlying ratings are the same, the only difference is how they are displayed to the user. Seems like this could easily be done in a patch.
  2. To me, the best way to play is with no faces at all -- no faces that come with the game, no facepacks, no regens. i find the faces to be nothing but a useless and annoying distraction. The game looks so much cleaner without them. (of course, I recognize many people like them, nothing wrong with that, but if you're one of the people annoyed by them, get rid of them and see how you like it). In any event, complaining isn't going to change anything, no matter how spot-on the complaint.
  3. b28937

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    I'm buying a pc for purposes other than FM. Standard specs: core I-5 7200u, 8 gb ddr4, ssd, etc. question is, it comes with a NVIDIA GeForce 930M is this capable of running graphics 3d matches in FM18?
  4. SI, please print and post on the wall(s) of whomever is responsible for look and feel of in-game match experience.
  5. It should be noted the OP said nothing about commentary or chants. He said the in-match crowd noise is very dated and boring and could and should be improved. He is right. SI has focused on improving 3D graphics, switching to roles and duties, etc., etc., doing a variety of things to make the game more realistic and enjoyable to play. But why implement such changes if "a large chunk of users" don't want them? Bring back the sliders. Stop working on this 3D nonsense; a large chunk of users only want top down 2D view. Holding back on addressing obvious shortcomings or making improvements, because the mute and watch tv crowd doesn't want it, is a poor strategy. The goal should be making the best game possible, not making a game that will not disturb the game player while he's watching tv.
  6. This guide more than anything else taught me how to build my tactic way back in FM15. Read it again today and it's still the best guide out there.
  7. I agree. It's inexplicable that they don't provide a simple option to turn player faces off. How hard can it be to provide that option? Not everybody wants a hodgepodge of real faces, silhouettes, and horrible looking zombie regens. But, it turns out it's easy to fix this yourself. I can't express how pleasant it is to have every face in the game replaced by a simple silhouette.
  8. If it's technically possible, there should be a customizable keyboard shortcut for changing the camera view during a match. For example, I usually watch with TV view but a few times during the match I want to take a quick peek at the 2D view, such as during set pieces to see how the opponent is lined up, or sometimes to switch the view to close so I can better see something that just happened. It would be nice if I could just hit a key and see the 2D view or close view, then hit another key to go back to TV view. The way it is now, it's such a hassle, for example, to click the gear icon, carefully scroll down to camera, scroll the drop down the menu to select 2D from a list of about 20 options, take a quick look at the 2D view, then go back and click the gear icon, carefully scroll down to camera, scroll the drop down menu back to TV, and clicking the field to get back to the game. All the clicking and scrolling through multiple drop down menus really interrupts the flow of the game, so much that usually it's not even worth it. Being able to switch views by typing one key would be much, much better.
  9. b28937

    Loans vs Transfers

    The permanent guys should have better tactical familiarity and cohesion. If you have half a team of loanees, they're going to have trouble playing together for a while even if their attributes are better.
  10. The more specific you get, the worse the results. Instead of searching for a particular role, try scouting for a basic central midfielder but check the bravery and aggression attributes as being most important and the scout should come back with more ball winning type guys. In my experience, just checking one or two key attributes a particular role usually brings better results than being specific.
  11. b28937

    How to make him stay?

    If you have a good leader sometimes he work wonders in these situations with ambassadorial duties, it's worth a try at least. I just had a similar situation and my captain solved the problem. Every situation is different though, of course.
  12. Good point, I hadn't thought of lower leagues. I suppose what SI should do in that case is just make it a board request, like it is for improve junior coaching or whatever -- if you don't already have one, ask the board to hire a data analyst. If the board says yes, you then have one and get the reports, if they say no then you don't (same for sports scientist and their benefits). No need to go search out, hire, and have to renew over and over the contracts for a half dozen additional staff members when it's irrelevant whether you hire this guy or that guy. I like that SI is constantly striving to make the game more realistic, but realistic isn't better when all it does is add busywork that doesn't make the game more fun or even challenging. In any event, I'm sure this is a horse that already has been beaten to death many times before.
  13. The sports scientists and data analysts should be default roles at the club, just like your personal assistant or groundsman. It's pointless having to hire them when their attributes are completely irrelevant. it's Just one more bit of busywork you have to do rather than enjoying the game. Adds zero value.
  14. Not that I can see, he's not perfect but is actually quite good. He was hired on June 13, 2018 and the game date is now April 9, 2019. The player in the screenshot joined the club two years ago on July 1, 2017, though I also see the same "little knowledge" even with players who've been there four years or so.
  15. When I get a pop-up from my assistant coach telling me of player's current ability change, for example, it says confidence = little knowledge and squad management = little knowledge. I'm assuming it's because he's only nearing the end of his first year on the job, so he isn't that knowledgeable about the the players, etc. If he has little knowledge about the squad, that would explain squad management. But little knowledge of confidence? Not sure what that means. I remember in previous versions there was a tab on staff members that gave bar graphs for how good they were with certain areas of backroom advice, but I can't find that anywhere in FM17. Am I missing it? Where do I find this info? How long does it take for them to gain proper knowledge? etc...