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  1. Panama HR Sporting San Miguelito should receive upgrades to their youth facilities, as they have the most youth players in Panama's U-20 team despite them having basic facilities in game and one of the worse in the league.
  2. Spanish HR Spanish newgens should have a chance to be generated with Dominican Republic second nationality, as most of the current Dominican Republic national team are dual nationals from Spain. There are also players that play for Spain's youth teams such as Raúl de Tomás, Junior Firpo, and Mariano that hold dual nationality from the Dominican Republic. I have never came across a Spanish/Dominican dual national newgen from Spain in a FM game ever even when checking with tools, despite seeing dual nationals from much more obscure nations such as Kyrgyzstan and Sudan so hopefully this change isn't much to do.
  3. @V50 Liga Dominicana deserves a reputation increase after their clubs won the Caribbean Club Championship back to back, also here are some nation transfer preferences for the Dominican Republic that would make transfers more realistic in the league:
  4. Taylor Kemp has a extremely low Home Reputation in the editor which results in the game fixing it to a value that's extremely high when you start a new save. Aodhan Quinn's father Brian Quinn was born in Belfast, therefore his nationality should be changed from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland. Mohamed El-Munir should be renamed to Mohamed El Monir and have a CA increase of +5 or more to represent his form in the 2018 season. Other players that should receive CA increases based on their performances in 2018-19 include Corey Baird (USMNT), Peter-Lee Vassell (Jamaican International), Forrest Lasso (USL Defender of the Year), Maxime Crépeau (USL Goalkeeper of the Year), Foster Langsdorf (14 goals in USL), Matt Bersano, Graham Smith (72051183) (USL starters), Andre Shinyashiki (MAC Hermann Trophy runner-up), Benji Michel (USC All-American Second Team and Haitan call up), Diego Campos, Lalas Abubakar, Reggie Cannon, Paxton Pomykal, Diego Rossi, Ken Krolicki, Brandon Bye, Andreas Ivan, Florian Valot, Brenden Aaronson, and Nouhou Tolo (MLS starters/rotation players)
  5. This is because in the game D.C. has more international players than slots, which isn't the case in real life. Luciano Acosta and Frederic Brillant have received their green cards which means they should not count towards an international slot in game, but they do. Proof: https://www.mlssoccer.com/rosters/2018/dc-united
  6. Uriel Macias doesn't play for Colorado Rapids, he plays for Colorado Springs Switchbacks.
  7. You should try to go to a bigger league (maybe in the US or Europe) and see if you can develop top Grenadian talent there in an effort to possibly make Grenada qualify for a tournament such as the Gold Cup or World Cup and try to do well in them.
  8. Why are all of the US competition reputations so much higher? I downloaded this save to play US Lower Leagues, and not to have an overrated US.
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