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  1. I'm 100% sure this is intentional since the Japan national team and league is not licensed, so what's the point of scouting the nation if it has no players? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. It should be like most European countries like France and Germany, where there's a lot of 15 and 16 year old regens along with the occasional 14 year old.
  3. As you can see in this image, Canada has some really good newgen dual national percentages... If only this was the case for the U.S. 🤦‍♂️
  4. I started a new save and the issue seems to be fixed, but the percentages seem to be the same as FM19 which is a shame because it should be much higher. Similar to what I've mentioned before, the chances of American newgens with Latin American and Caribbean second nationalities should be doubled for a much more realistic balance.
  5. This might be a weird thing to ask for, but there's a lot of somewhat populated cities and towns throughout the US that don't have entries in the database. If even hundreds of these cities were added to the database, there would be a lot more variety in newgen birthplaces. I'd be happy to provide examples if asked, but if not, a good way to locate and add these cities to the database is to go through every U.S. state and look for the most populated places that aren't in the database yet.
  6. Hey, could you upload the editor file please? I would love to use this change in a save.
  7. Thanks for the update, hopefully this issue gets patched soon.
  8. Sadly this 'feature' is not working correctly and in fact, even less newgens have second nationalities.
  9. Great analysis @Ikthop. I wonder if this bug is not on the Touch version of the game because if so, I might play that until a patch is released for the main game. And hopefully, that patch triples those newgen dual nationality percentages (and increases them as the game goes on!) because if those percentages end up being on par with or slightly worse than FM19, that advertised 'feature' just ends up becoming a lie which would certainly would not be a great look for SI. Hopefully, that won't be the case and this issue gets fixed properly ASAP so I can start my long term save.
  10. England shouldn't be a huge preference, MLS teams rarely sign players from England anymore and usually they prefer Latin American players such as Venezuelans, Argentinians, and Costa Ricans more.
  11. Nope, they only have French nationality, and no Basque second nationality. Thanks for reviewing.
  12. French newgens from Basque region don't have Basque nationality (you can see 2nd nationality column on the far-right):
  13. To clarify, an exception to this bug is with English newgens that are born in England who have Irish/other British second nationalities.
  14. As in it says in the title, this issue is self explanatory. Seems like newgens who ARE BORN IN THE NATION of the clubs they generate in will NEVER have a second nationality, whilst the ones who generate with a different nationality than the club they are generated in will ALWAYS be BORN in a different nation rather than that club's nation. For example, a French newgen generated in Germany will always be born in France and not Germany. Therefore, this means any newgen born in a certain country is limited to only 1 nationality unless they are Basque/from a territory for example or were generated in a nation different to the one they were born in. This is a very frustrating bug that impacts long term saves and I thought it would be fixed for release as it was advertised as a feature by Miles. Now I cannot begin a long-term save as all of my newgens that are generated who are born in the country I'm playing in will never have a second nationality which ruins the immersiveness and realism of the long-term save experience. To prove this bug, I started a new save with "Add players to playable teams" selected so newgens can be generated from game start. I used the IGE to identify almost 15000 newgens with about 500 with second nationalities. After a long and extensive look, all of the newgens with second nationalities were born in different countries to the ones they were generated in, proving that this bug is indeed real. I hope this bug can be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks.
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