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  1. Could be wrong, but I don't think tendency to punch "improves" over time. One of those attributes like aggression, except I am not sure whether it can even be modified by on/off-field events.
  2. Yeah I have this problem as well. Takes an awfully long time to save. Previously I could just choose not to compress save games, but somehow SI have removed it. I have around 50,000 players too. Wonder if anyone knows how to fix this.
  3. Yeah well done on highlighting the words out of context but still failing to understand what he meant. I'm not sure if you still can't see it or just don't want to. If you look at the screenshot in the OP and actually read his post properly it's pretty clear what he meant.
  4. You can disagree with him, but he can take the game's recommended attributes as key if he believes them to be for his formation. Anyway, was just pointing to herne that he definitely didn't interpret what you said as "every" attribute. FWIW, I am pretty happy with at least 14 in all key (the game's recommendation mostly works for me) attributes, and maybe over 16 in a few of the especially important ones.
  5. Likes to try to beat offside trap? Improving his anticipation would help too.
  6. Regularly buy and sell wonderkids for profit, but the most I have ever managed to get for one is around the 70 million mark. Can't figure out how to sell for more.
  7. Yeah it also has to be done in a realistic way. Managers in real life adapt to specific types of play, and don't have the ability per se to "see" another manager's tactic down to the team/player instructions set.
  8. Takes 3 years in Bulgaria and Serbia. 2 years in Spain for South Americans.
  9. Glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing this bewildering issue.
  10. 1. Has anyone ever managed to get a 100% for squad harmony? I've only just started my second season and it's already at 90%...but my captain and vice-captain are both in the twilights of their careers. I reckon it would be very very difficult to attain and even if somehow managed wouldn't last for very long. 2. Do coaches gain any scouting knowledge? For instance, the coaches that I hired at the beginning of my first season apparently have gained no knowledge of Canadian players, despited having lived in the country for over a year now. Yes they definitely do. 3. Why does every member of the press dislike (best case) or hate (worst case) me? I answer all of their questions... Not too sure about this actually as I never do press conferences. Which attributes don't count towards CA? I've heard natural fitness doesn't, but what about stuff like flair, determination, and bravery? As far as I know flair doesn't but determination and bravery do.
  11. Don't quote me on this as I've never tried it before but I'm fairly sure FMRTE can do the job.
  12. Check if you're putting it in the right folder. I recommend putting it in all folders named 'lnc' anyway. Did you reload the game? I don't know if rebuilding the cache is required but you can try that too.
  13. Yes I'm sure you can Just follow the instructions above.
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