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  1. Not sure if these count as hidden gems since they're from Barca/Madrid... Oscar from Real Madrid, I had him on loan for 3 seasons before getting him on a free transfer once his contract expired. Easily the best player I've had on this year's FM regularly gets double figures for goals and gets a good amount of assists. Sergio Akieme has been a very solid LB for me, got him on a free after Barca released him at the end of the second season. I got Mbuyamba from Barca for £1.4 mil. An absoloute steal, he's a mountain of a man and a fine centre back.
  2. Does anyone know why the option to postpone a match because of international call-ups is only available sometimes? It's completely ruined my season. I'm in the Spanish second division, earlier in the season I was allowed to postpone matches because of international call-ups, but on the final day of the season, in a match that I must win, I'm expected to play with my star goalkeeper and my star forward away playing for their countries. I do have a back-up but he's injured, but that shouldn't matter anyway, I shouldn't be forced to play while my players are away with their countries. It's cost m
  3. Gael Alonso for me has come along really nicely, picked him up for £18K in January of the first season from Celta Vigo but could have waited and got him for free at the end of the season. This is him about 3 months into the third season, I've been concentrating on getting his physicals up, he's a bit inconsistent but I'm hoping that will fade once he gets older.
  4. Really enjoyed reading this so far, hoping it goes well for you at Mainz, they're a great little club!
  5. Exact same as me. When I first went on my save this morning several of my players determination had gone up or down by over 10. My star centre back had his taken down from 12 to 1. But you can reload the game like you said until you get their determination to a reasonable level.
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