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  1. Not sure if this is the right place, or if there is a topic just for the Spanish Cup (I couldn't find it). I'm in my tenth year, I've gotten to the Spanish Cup semi-final but the second leg is being played during the March international break. Surely this is a bug.
  2. Any update on this cos I'm still stuck at a minuscule stadium in La Liga and it's hindering my finances a bit. Is it likely to be patched at all?
  3. Sorry for the delay, I've been busy. I think the stadium announcements happened around early July (when the Spanish league resets for the new season), sadly the last save I have before then is 24th May, but it may still be useful. The save is called: F.C. Andorra SeasonCL.fm
  4. I likely do, but I'm not sure it will be close to the exact date, I also can't remember the exact date they announced that.
  5. Not sure if these count as hidden gems since they're from Barca/Madrid... Oscar from Real Madrid, I had him on loan for 3 seasons before getting him on a free transfer once his contract expired. Easily the best player I've had on this year's FM regularly gets double figures for goals and gets a good amount of assists. Sergio Akieme has been a very solid LB for me, got him on a free after Barca released him at the end of the second season. I got Mbuyamba from Barca for £1.4 mil. An absoloute steal, he's a mountain of a man and a fine centre back.
  6. Hi, I've come across another issue. So, I'm managing FC Andorra, who start out in the third tier of Spanish football, at the start of the game they have a stadium capacity of 1,221. In my second season I was promoted to the Spanish second division. Being in the Spanish second division you are required a stadium that seats 6000, however you are allowed to delay any expansion by two years, which is what my board chose to do. (It's worth mentioning it was around this time, on the club vision screen it popped up saying they would prefer to expand the current stadium.) My first season in the second division I won promotion to the La Liga, in this league you are required to have a stadium that holds 15,000, but like the previous division you can delay doing this for two years and stay at your current stadium. I've now completed two seasons in La Liga with my stadium of 1,221. At the beginning of my third season in La Liga the board announced that we would be moving to Camp desports Prada de Moles to meet the requirements for our stadium. The only problem being that this was the stadium we were already playing at, so we've not moved anywhere, we are staying at our stadium that can hold 1,221 people, despite it being miles too small by the league rules, and also we have gone over the two year period you have to meet requirements. I really don't understand what is happening here, on previous games my club have just moved to a much larger stadium and shared with a different club while building a new stadium. It's also really weird because I asked the board to improve the stadium to see what would happen and they have agreed. However they are only expanding it by about 400 seats which will be finished midway through next season. So that means midway through our fourth season in La Liga we will still be in a stadium which is over 12,000 seats too small for the league, despite there being a rule which should make this impossible.
  7. I looked up some real life fixtures and it appears they don't break for the internationals. However, I was allowed to postpone three fixtures for the September, October and November internationals in my game so surely that is an issue seeing as it appears to not happen in real life. Because of the fact I was allowed to postpone games earlier in the season I was under the impression I would have the same option later in the season. If I knew for a fact that I wouldn't have this option at such a key time in the season (the final league game to decide the title) I'd have strengthened and brought in adequate backup players.
  8. No idea if this is the right place to post this. I posted in the main forum but was told to post here. I'm in the Spanish second division and despite having a lot of players called up for international duty there is no option to postpone my matches. Earlier in the season (the September, October, November internationals) I had the option to postpone matches and I did. But now in early June, and also at the end of March I had no option to postpone matches despite players still getting called-up. It's pretty much ruined my season, both times when they called up my keeper I lost. This last time it's happened is the final match of the season, a must-win to seal the title and my goal-keeper, and star striker are both away with Ireland. It seems like it's been an issue for as long as I've played FM so not sure whether it's even a bug at this point or just a feature. Save is: F.C. Andorra Seasono 2 Alon.fm
  9. Does anyone know why the option to postpone a match because of international call-ups is only available sometimes? It's completely ruined my season. I'm in the Spanish second division, earlier in the season I was allowed to postpone matches because of international call-ups, but on the final day of the season, in a match that I must win, I'm expected to play with my star goalkeeper and my star forward away playing for their countries. I do have a back-up but he's injured, but that shouldn't matter anyway, I shouldn't be forced to play while my players are away with their countries. It's cost me the title, the other team scored from their only shot, which I'm pretty sure my main keeper would have saved. I've spent so many hours working my way through the season just to lose out through no fault of my own.
  10. Gael Alonso for me has come along really nicely, picked him up for £18K in January of the first season from Celta Vigo but could have waited and got him for free at the end of the season. This is him about 3 months into the third season, I've been concentrating on getting his physicals up, he's a bit inconsistent but I'm hoping that will fade once he gets older.
  11. Really enjoyed reading this so far, hoping it goes well for you at Mainz, they're a great little club!
  12. Thanks @Rob Heckman, I'll have a go uploading the save in a minute, thanks.
  13. Exact same as me. When I first went on my save this morning several of my players determination had gone up or down by over 10. My star centre back had his taken down from 12 to 1. But you can reload the game like you said until you get their determination to a reasonable level.
  14. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, so if it's not could it please be moved, thanks. The board are dissapointed that I have failed to win the league, despite me having clearly won the league. It also says they are disappointed that we have only achieved promotion, when we haven't won promotion yet, the promotion play-offs take place after the season. I'm also getting questions in press conference about me failing to win the league.
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