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  1. June brought two home friendlies against decent opposition, and two comfortable victories
  2. The next round of internationals wasn't until March, but I'm delighted with the results
  3. Definitely not. I'm still u21 manager so the plan is to try to get the England job and win the World Cup.
  4. November was horrible at Argyle leaving us bottom of the table, four points from safety and despite the fact that we had a man sent off in each of the last two games, and only lost them narrowly, the board decided that enough was enough, and I've been sacked
  5. November saw the under 21s return to action, with two big wins which remarkably saw us fall to third in the group
  6. The save survived, though I almost wish it hadn't, as we were winless in October and now sit just above the relegation zone, having dropped into it after the Middlesbrough defeat
  7. Sadly I fear you're right. I won't be able to play for the next couple of weeks, as I had to move temporarily, and I've got computer issues. I don't know if the save Will survive, but I'm hopeful of resurrecting it when I get back home.
  8. Stay and wait for the right job as if you leave your reputation will take a hit, and you might not be able to get the next job
  9. Two mixed results for the u21s in October. Unbelievably, both keepers scored own goals in the Holland game. We took the lead at 1-0 through their keeper, they levelled at 2-2 through ours, and pinched it late on which sees us slip to third
  10. September wasn't much better, and we threw away a 3-0 lead against Newcastle which leaves us in the bottom three
  11. The 14-0 is irrelevant because we expect to win those games easily. We should also be beating Ireland at home, which we didn't. We're therefore going to have to get a result from at least one of the Holland games to qualify. We lost any margin for error after only two games.
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