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  1. I made it into the Scottish Hall of Fame, just and these are my career stats as I bid farewell to FM21 and prepare to launch my FM22 Beta save
  2. 10 points out of 12 to finish the league season and we end up a massive 21 points clear, and with a chance to finish my career with a double Which we did but Rangers took us to Extra Time, and were actually close to beating us in 90 minutes
  3. A perfect April and we're 18 points clear, only 4 games left, and through to the Cup Final
  4. A decent, but not perfect March, and another defeat to PSG but we're 18 points clear, 6 games to go. We need one more win
  5. You've already seen the Falkirk result, but February was one match from perfect, the only blemish means our Champions League run is pretty much guaranteed to be over We remain 14 points clear, 10 games to go
  6. I forgot to do the January update at the end of the month, so February's first game is in too We're 14 points clear, 13 games to go
  7. One signing in January, four players left Malcom is equally good on both wings, but is primarily a replacement for Ruiz
  8. December was affected by an injury to Edouard in the opening match, he didn't return until the Hamilton game That leaves us 10 points clear. With the beta having dropped tonight, I'm going to power through the rest of the season as quickly as possible, but will still post updates each month.
  9. One match from perfect in November, and we got what we deserved against bottom side Ayr as we put in our worst performance of the season We are still top, 6 points clear, but we need to stop tossing away silly points, as it negates the advantage gained from beating Rangers
  10. Gladbach were the next club to offer an interview. Declined
  11. October wasn't perfect either as we were frustrated at Hamilton We're 5 points clear, but Hibs have a game in hand
  12. Not great in September but we deserved more against Livingston and were utterly robbed by St Mirren but we do still end the month top, just
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