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  1. We were perfect in December, which straddled an earlier than usual winter break which saw us return to the top of La Liga on goal difference and we won our Champions League group too
  2. Not a great November as we were unluckily beaten by Osasuna Leaving us two points behind Real Madrid but we've regained top spot in our Champions League group
  3. A perfect October with Barcelona but it was not enough to regain top spot, although it is becoming a two-horse race and we're second in our Champions League group too
  4. We were awful in Uruguay but made up for it against Peru Qualification ends with us top of the standings and looking forward to the World Cup
  5. October began with Brazil's final 2 World Cup Qualifiers, away in Uruguay and at home to Peru. The squad was impacted by injuries, and here it is
  6. Our unbeaten record deservedly went in the league in a dismal display in Madrid but we were very unlucky in defeat to Roma, 2 late goals giving them a win that was incredibly harsh on us which costs us top spot in La Liga and leaves us with it all to do in the Champions League
  7. We were terrible in Colombia, and deserved to be beaten, which we were but got back on track in Bolivia and that leaves us still top of qualifying, with two games to go, away to Uruguay and at home to Peru
  8. Back to Brazil, and this is my squad for the trips to Colombia and Bolivia
  9. Two wins out of two to start the season, before we focus on Brazil again and we're top of the early league table
  10. Main areas of concern in the squad now are Goalkeeper, as Leonardo is almost 33, so might need replacing soon, and Furtado will only ever be good enough to be a backup, and defence, where my best right back, Ciss, is also my best centre back, and the second best right back is the second best centre back. I probably need to recruit a right back and a centre back, and start both Ciss and Martino in the same team
  11. This is how our squad depth looks for the new season
  12. Only one signing, and one first team departure, with several youngsters going out on loan Bourgeois is a straight replacement for Luiz Claudio, and the plan is to sign him when his year long loan ends
  13. The Club World Cup didn't go according to plan, but we did get preseason off to a winning start and we followed that with a perfect set of preseason results against decent opposition
  14. We dealt with Gambia comfortably enough and next up for us are away trips to Colombia and Bolivia in August and September
  15. June saw Brazil return to action with an away friendly in The Gambia. This is the squad I chose
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