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  1. I was forced into the transfer market for central defenders because I had loaned out Steenbergen and Murillo was sent off against Man Utd. I'm happy with the recruitment this time, but don't like being forced into a panic signing, even if it comes off.
  2. Rory Esson is a player I've managed before (he was with me at Lazio before I joined Ireland), but bizarrely, he's also an ex-Leicester player as well, as that's who I sold him to. He went on to Liverpool but was out of favour there, and I'm delighted to have him back with me.
  3. I made 4 signings in the January window, although stupidly I didn't realise that Sokolowski had already played in two countries this season and so would be ineligible to play, and I had to immediately terminate the loan.
  4. Not a perfect start to life at Leicester, but given they were looking over their shoulders when I took over, it's not bad and has seen us start to move slowly up the table. I don't think I have to worry about relegation now, but given we had a 3-1 lead against bottom club Everton, I'm not getting complacent either
  5. I think the forward line in another 4 years, even with no signings, will be AWESOME. The rest of the squad needs work though. I'll be starting by bringing in a goalkeeper, then I'll work my way forward. I'm not sure how long I'll be at Leicester. It'll be until either a) we win the Premier League or b) a bigger club comes asking for me.
  6. Your wish is my command. Here it is
  7. And here is why I've taken the job
  8. Me too. And on January 1st 2026, I agreed a deal to become manager of
  9. I'd certainly rather have had their group than ours
  10. Thanks Ironhide I'm not too fussy really, either a Premier League team that's underachieving, or a Championship team with a decent budget that I could take up and kick on with.
  11. The draw has been made, and we've been a bit unlucky really. Put into pot 4 despite winning our group, and this is how the groups have turned out
  12. Mexico
  13. I've decided that the 2026 World Cup will be my last tournament as Ireland manager, and I will return to club management. I want that to be with the right club, so if that means taking up a new post before the World Cup and being part-time with Ireland, I will do it, though the preferred option would be to take over after the tournament.
  14. Ahead of the Scotland game I got the news I dreaded. Eoin Long and Pierce Sweeney were both injured in the last training session and won't face Scotland, so it'll be a patched up team that will have to do the job. At least Bamford is ready to go up front again. Wary of their potential to counter attack us, I've gone with the diamond midfield again This time it worked, better than I could have hoped and we're on our way to Mexico for the WORLD CUP!!
  15. I fielded a slightly weakened team at home to Andorra, as a few players were tired and we've got a big game against Scotland in only a few days but it made no difference as we ran out easy winners. Check out our 7th goal for a quality finish and the table shows we're guaranteed second and a place in the playoffs, but a point against Scotland in Dublin will see us qualify automatically