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  1. We didn't win a league game in October either, but other than the Groningen game, which we ended with 9 men (1 red card, 1 injury after using all our subs at half time), we were good in every game. We need to finish our chances, and cut out the mistakes at the back. We are slipping dangerously close to the relegation zone. We have definitely got to win a game in November
  2. September was really tough and with the others around us having games in hand, we're in trouble. The big positive so far this season is that we've given PSV and Feyenoord a real fight, even taking the lead against the latter
  3. Thanks kevhamster Whatever happens, I'll set a record high league position for Almere, as this is their first ever in the Eredivisie. Therefore, the aim has to be simple survival this season, and hopefully build from there
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