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  1. Back to the Journey, man

    You're 4th, which is excellent for a team like West Ham, especially newly promoted
  2. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    Well done to everyone, and sorry I missed the awards ceremony itself. Didn't get in from work until 10pm, and then had dinner watching Match of the Day. Looks like I missed a cracking night Looking forward to FM18 already, and another shot at at least getting a nomination. Great hosting as always Deltablue
  3. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Voting

    And the winner for best double-entendre is......
  4. Back to the Journey, man

    Why is Asmir Begovic taking your penalties? Is he good at them?
  5. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Voting

    Just got mine in now. There's one category I am not sure if my entry is valid, but I'm sure you'll confirm before long if I need to rethink
  6. How on earth have Ireland become world beaters? I mean I'm part-Irish and all, but even in my FM saves, Ireland have never done anything, even when I'm managing them!!
  7. Back to the Journey, man

    Wow, a 50 point winning margin! Don't think I've EVER seen anything like that before. Congratulations mate You'll be winning the Premier League before long
  8. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    I'm not sure. I've parked the save for now, but kept the file, so I might return to it. I'm currently testing an idea for a long term save for FM18
  9. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    And here are those final tables, with another real life Premier League winner claiming this season's title and another gaining promotion to the top division Northwich Victoria drop out of the league and Wigan romp to the National League title
  10. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    I'm clearly not going to win the league with Stoke now, and in any event the stated aim of the challenge can no longer be achieved, so I've decided to quit as Potters manager, holiday to the end of the season, then produce one final set of league tables
  11. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    December was worse leaving the league like this as we enter 2019
  12. Back to the Journey, man

    Great season, congrats on yet another promotion
  13. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    November was a disaster, and I think this now counts as a crisis as the tables show my third season rapidly becoming a relegation scrap
  14. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    Winless in October and facing a struggle on both domestic and European fronts
  15. [FM17]Football in 1888 in 2017

    September was also inconsistent, but we got a couple of big wins. If we'd beaten Wolves I'd have been far happier but it was enough to climb away from the relegation places and into the European places Our Champions League group looks like this