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  1. Thankyou for that, really appreciate it. Re Coaching badges he had the full Pro license by that stage so that is what I'll give him when it comes to my FM17 save
  2. The final was against France, and here are the teams Job done. 3-1
  3. Next up the International League Semi Final at Wembley against Spain. Here are the teams and it was a surprisingly one sided game which saw us through to the final
  4. Next up was a qualifier at Wembley against Norway, and it was a change of formation to counteract Norway's 5 man midfield. and it worked very well strengthening our position at the top of the group
  5. Indeed. He's not a newgen/regen either. IRL he is the Arsenal Academy (u18s) Physio
  6. Depends on the specific threat and the abilities of your players. If you have slow centre backs, consider dropping the defence very deep and employing a DMC in a defensive role. I rarely use man marking because it drags players out of position. If there is a specific threat, go to the OI screen and select 'always' for closing down that player. That should deny him the spae to do too much damage, unless he's much better than your players.
  7. Here are the teams for the qualifier in Belarus which resulted in a comfortable England win and leaves us topping the group
  8. There have been no international fixtures for several months, but focus now turns to qualification for the 2034 World Cup. Here is the group England have been drawn in
  9. Thanks mate, really appreciate it
  10. Not sure where to post this, so if it's in the wrong place I'm sorry. I have been thinking about what career save I'm going to do when FM17 comes out, and have decided I want to do a 'Pep Guardiola save'.I intend to start as Barcelona B, with the manager attributes set to those of Pep Guardiola's when he took them on at the start of 2007/8 season. The problem I have is that despite having bought every FM (and Champ Man) since the start of the series, I've lost the discs and this one predates Steam so I can't just reinstall. Does anyone still have FM08, and would the be willing to post his Manager Attributes and Coaching Badges for me please? I've even tried Googling them but to no avail. Thanks if anyone is able to help.
  11. Definitely. Without the International League I'd probably have seen those games as warm-ups for the Qualifiers, and rotated the squad. The threat of relegation (and the prize of competing in the semi finals for winning the group) meant that was never an option. It's great addition and I will be interested to see how it works IRL.
  12. At least we should get through our Confederations Cup group. Bad news is we'll face Brazil or Spain
  13. You have now
  14. The semi final draw looks tasty
  15. Here are the lineups for the decisive game against the Russians and confirmation that we did it, we're in the semi final Here is the final table