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  1. Gradimir Varga Is Having At Party
  2. Magika80 Are You Manage Them Or Maybe Gattuso Manage Them
  3. Hey daanvanderplas Can You Make New Portuguese League System Here Are The Leagues Primeira Liga (18 Teams) 3 Teams Going To Relegated In Segunda Liga Segunda Liga (24 Teams) 2 Groups Of 12 Teams In First Phase And Having Zona Norte And Sul Promotion Stage (12 Teams) Relegation Stage (12 Teams) 2 Teams Get Promoted To Primeira Liga 4 Teams Challenge For Promotion Play-Off 4 Teams Get Relegated To CNS CNS (80 Teams) 5 Groups Of 16 Teams In First Phase 16 Teams Qualify From Knockout Stage 16 Teams Get Relegated To CNS 2 CNS 2 (80 Teams) 5 Groups Of 16 Teams In First Phase 16 Teams Qualify From Second Stage 24 Teams Get Relegated To Portuguese District First Levels 8 Teams Get Promoted To CNS 8 Teams Challenge For CNS Promotion In Play-offs Cups Taça Da Liga (64 Teams) First Round - 8 Teams Second Round - 16 Teams Group Stage - 8 Teams Second Group Stage - Nothing Quarter-Finals - 8 Teams Qualfiy In Second Group Stage Semi-Finals - 4 Teams Final - 2 Teams Taça De Portugal (173 Teams) First Round - Portuguese District And CNS 2 Second Round - CNS Third Round - Segunda Liga Fourth Round - Primeira Liga Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final Portuguese Super Cup (4 Teams) Primeira Liga Winner Taça De Portugal Winner Primeira Liga Runner Up Taça Da Liga Winner
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