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  1. Good morning, I have found it interesting and currently doing a Larne FC save. My twitter is Coxie84 and there is a link to my wordpress. Let me know what your channel is on youtube.
  2. Good afternoon FMer's I love blogging my FM saves and i also love reading about peoples saves. Is there anyone else blogging their saves either using wordpress or any platform like that. I'm on twitter coxie84 and the link for my wordpress is on there, if not on twitter go onto FB CoxieFM page and i have posted my latest FM Blog on there. Current team is Walsall FC Thanks for reading, Coxie
  3. Good afternoon, I am currently 12 seasons in on a Maine Road save, however looking at doing a 2nd save in German leagues. However, do i do another LLM and bring a German team from Liga 3 to Bundesliga or do i pick a club already in the Bundesliga. (Maybe RBL, Bremen etc). Anyone doing a German save, how are you finding it.
  4. Good afternoon, I'm currently away so not on fm at the moment. Does anyone know if Bury FC are still on FM20? if so which league they in?
  5. Good morning Fmer's, Anyone else doing a Vanarama North save with Kidderminster?? If so, how you getting? Or if not, how are they getting on? Thanks Coxie
  6. i was at St marys on saturday for the game against Everton. Poor Southampton was to tbh.
  7. £120m WOW. just beats the 50K i have with Walsall then
  8. Defo working for Chelsea tbh. One question how much do Chelsea have once the embargo finishes??
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