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  1. Good job, how much money approximately you've earned in Cl and EC campaign? As i played in Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Andorra, San marino can say as faster you qualify to CL group then more easily will be going game, you've earn bunch of money qualifying to CL group.
  2. I just start for myself this big challenge. The point of the challenge to win CL and world club cup in 6 different continents: South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania. It is challenge not for one save, each continent will have separate save, so here will be 6 of them. It's an easy challenge, if you pick up good teams in good leagues. To make this challenge legit, i want to provide some rules. 1.First of all club must be amateur. 2.You must pick up one of the 10, preferred 5 last premier leagues in league ranking, you can pick lower divisions as well, if you want to make even more harder challenge. Lower division available to pick in countries, which have 10 last premier leagues. For example: Africa – Somali, Asia – Sri Lanka or Bangladesh, North America – Belise, South America – Bolivia, Europe – Gibraltar, San Marino, Andorra or Kosovo etc, Oceania – New Caledonia. 3. Ofc do not savescum. 4. Do not pick top 3 or top 5 teams to prediction of the season depend how many teams in league. You can only in one save pick team from top 3 or top 5. 5. Ofc win Cl in each continent and world club cup. That's all, i hope for me it will take approximately one year or even a bit more. I don't know who want to spend a lot of time doing this challenge. I hope i'm not one crazy fanatic.🙃🙃🙃
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