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    FM player since 2006. Slavic Studies student, football player in Greece's 6th tier. I also play the guitar, enjoy a good reading or a good movie.


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  1. The only serious issue I have with FM17 is the lack of Sweeper Keeper, Ball Playing Defenders and Inside Forward newgens. In each save regular GKs, DCs and Wingers are a lot more than the roles I mentioned. GKs have Passing between 1 and 3, Wingers have single digits in Finishing and DCs don't have the Technique or Passing, no matter how much you train them. Other than that things are smooth, I'm doing a Dafuge Challenge and on 2029 there are 0 bugs or issues. Some weird AI transfer activity here and there, but that's expected in every version so far.
  2. I'm still on FM17. I think it has the most balanced ME, it runs pretty smoothly on my PC, I love the default skins and most tactical roles work as they should, besides Inverted Wing Backs and Halfback. I'm not knocking on the later versions, they just didn't run as easily on my PC, needed more clicks in general and didn't really like how the newer roles worked in reality.
  3. I would go for option 2 as well Darren, I'm still playing a Dafuge Challenge on FM17 and the current format has discouraged me from posting my progress.
  4. Good luck man, I would like to see you managing a club from Jamaica as well, or an English club and get some Jamaican affiliates in order to develop players from Youth Intakes. But that is a big project, more suitable for the newest version!
  5. Wow, what an achievement! All those virtual years of hard work and planning ahead paid off. Can't wait to see the club under an AI manager, it will be very interesting. Needless to say, I got very attached to this team and that happened because of the level of detail you presented in each update. Fantastic project.
  6. Don't feel bad for writing people off quickly after 20+ years in a save where you won everything domestically with bloody San Marino! Fantastic career and some very special players developed as well. I was waiting for that special Engache type of player but he never really came. Next year maybe!
  7. Congratulations, what a career! Don't be too hard on yourself, it's really hard to win the CL even without having to play Academy products only.
  8. Read it all in one evening while stressed out about Master Degree applications, moving to a foreign country, etc. This helped me a lot, probably because I like playing FM in a similar way regarding Youth Academy and setting myself certain transfer restrictions. Hope you do something similar in FM20, really enjoyed this one!
  9. Fantastic thread overall, I hope you do something similar with 2020, even though it must be really time consuming without the attribute "help". Pretty inspiring stuff about Youth Development and loan systems.
  10. That kind of money can help you re-shape the club. Very good in the long run!
  11. Nice concept, I like the level of detail! Hope he develops nicely into at least a League One player.
  12. Congratulations @Ronaldo Beckham! Will you continue the save until FM20 comes out, or you already moved on?
  13. Great thread! You've taken a very interesting approach to this kind of challenge. I never get so far with those because I get bored when the league becomes a walk in the park.
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