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    FM player since 2006. Slavic Studies student, football player in Greece's 6th tier. I also play the guitar, enjoy a good reading or a good movie.


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  1. Hope you are Instant Result-ing with B/C Teams, otherwise it's gonna bit madness and very time consuming! Very interesting project, following as well!
  2. Really glad to finally see you in my homeland. I used to follow the arch rivals Olympiakos, but the new board really pumped out several times. Greece produces great newgens, you will love it here!
  3. I'm no Rashidi, or an educator in any case, I just love 4-4-2 and it's alternatives. You need to consider a few things before choosing the roles of your strikers. Do you want one of them to be a supplier of the ball and the other to be a true scorer? Do you want two scorers that aren't really creative? In that case you will need creative players in the midfield to supply them with crosses or through balls. Finally, you might want to combine two complete players up front, where they'll change positions, drag defenders out of position and possibly create chances for their counterpart. This can be really effective if you have the right players. In the first case, an Advanced Forward paired with a Deep Lying Forward on Support or a F9 (maybe a Trequartista too) will do the job for you. In the second case, you can try a Poacher along with a Target Man and instruct your midfielders to play directly and cross the ball more often. The last case which is my favourite and looks like Atletico Madrid irl is to play with two Complete Forwards, one on Support Duty, one on Attack. They will often roam from position, create space, exploit space and bring others into play and of course get into the right position to score. The choice is yours, choose according to the style of play you want to achieve and the players at your disposal.
  4. Just lost the Champions League Final in 2024 against Wenger's Arsenal who ended up 6th in the Prem. Wenger also retired at the end of the season. Gutted to say the least.
  5. Always nice to see Greek stories in the forum. Following φίλε!
  6. Thanks a lot for your reply, it made things clearer. I was considering using him in a 4-2-3-1, alongside a Playmaker and a Winger. He definately has the right attributes for the role, I just want to utilise him as much as possible. The contradicting fact is that teams play very deep against me due to reputation, so I'll have to reconsider my approach, since he won't find much space anyway. I always wonder how Thomas Muller finds spaces to exploit when most teams play with a bus against Bayern.
  7. Because Structured shapes create more space between the stratas, so there is naturally more space for the RMD to exploit. A more Fluid shape would compress that shape, make the lines more compact and as a result the RMD would come closer to the rest of the teams, leading to having less space to operate. Am I wrong? I'm not a know it all guy and it's the first time I want to use this role. Something close to Pep's Bayern comes to mind, which was Structured in shape with more creative freedom and roaming upfront. Should I create a thread about it, or is this the right place to talk about it?
  8. Quick question: I've been handed the Dortmund job and they have a great Reumdateur, Kevin Volland. Since RMDs opperate in spaces and exploit them, would it be bad to use a Fluid/Very Shape, right? If I want to play around him I'll either have to use Structured shape, or create that space in a Fluid shape using the roles of the players around him.
  9. Started with Kings Langley and the board already funded my first coaching budge. I signed some staff to help me with training and scouting. Now I'll try to sign players good enough to keep us in the Vanarama South.
  10. Started in the Second Welsh Division with Haverdfordwest County, inspired by your heroics in San Marino. Have to play grey players until the first Intake, but that's the fun ain't it? Good luck, it would be mental to see a San Marino player to feature in Ballon D'Or discussions in 50-60 years from now.
  11. Fede the yellow card machine! I've been silent reading from the start, great thread!
  12. Amazing result against Spain! What a way to start this save. Vaduz Europa League Winners 2050? Good luck Sheriff!
  13. Excellent write up, will follow your progress. I always liked two kinds of football, Guardiola/Cruyff style and Klopp/Tuchel. I'm trying to get close to that style, currently trying with Zulte Waregem. Good luck and keep us updated!
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