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  1. Hmmm that's an alarming recent form. Maybe try to make some adjustments with one of your wide attacking players? Having an inside forward paired with a Treq and a Winger can do wonders in that kind of system.
  2. Say "Thank you, thank you so much" to the referees and then say it wasn't sarcastic in the press conference.
  3. Last year's intake looks promising... The new analytical points you make give a great insight into tactical thinking. The recruitement has been very efficient as well, we can already see a very specific club DNA.
  4. Oh, thank God you picked it up after the break. I got a bit nervous after the PSG and Lille results. Your persistence in attacking football is nothing but admirable!
  5. This feature alone is tempting me to buy FM20, I always focus quite a lot on Youth Development and this adds a new level of realism to that aspect of the game. Those two central midfielders might be the key to early survival.
  6. I see what you mean about the nature of this save, I projected my own preferences here, I tend to stay at clubs for very long, unless I get sacked or the the board bums me out with bad decisions.
  7. This is a keeper. I would like to see you taking this club to Nordic and then European glory.
  8. I really like this idea. Unlucky in the playoffs, they're always tough to go through. Let's hope the 4 star kid from the Intake delivers soon.
  9. Similar start to the San Marino save. It's quite often to start like this, especially if you're trying to play football "the proper way". Things will be a lot better once the club starts producing players that can follow your possesion based plan. I hate the term Tiki Taka, even though I loved Pep's Barca. I'm doing a Youth Challenge on FM18 and I had to re-adjust my playing style in order to survive in the second division of Dutch football with Katwijk, because the quality of the squad is terrible compared to the rest of the teams. Having the ball in our feet didn't benefit us at all. It's interesting that you're trying to keep up with the league and apply a difficult club DNA from early on.
  10. You have to write it down yourself by adding a nickname to each player.
  11. Love this! Even though I play FM since 2006, your FM19 career taught me about scouting extensively, not in quantity, but in quality. I'm in the Prem with Basingstoke Town (Dafuge Challenge) and with our financies being rather bad for a Prem team, this enabled me to create a healthy team financially and start building from there the whole club. This happened because my transfers were really thought out, so they ended up fitting great with the rest of the squad, helping us to stay up and sell a few of them for major profits. I like what you did with the staff members as well.
  12. FM17 in terms of scouting and match engine. I really like the newest additions though about manager-player interactions, player groups within the team and training. I agree with @Dagenham_Dave, FM20 features along with FM17 gameplay would be a lifetime game for me. I played FM17 until two weeks ago and gave FM18 a try. Not bad, but the UI and the 2D Classic turn me off big time.
  13. First of all, congrats for an amazing career once again. Very inspiring stuff. I haven't read every post very carefully because I was late to the party this year, but I think you overachieved quite a few times so far. Especially your Vitesse most important players haven't been "world beaters" in the sense that they didn't have those crazy Attributes you see on Man.City or Man.Utd newgens. It must be very rewarding. Will the next manager choice influence your style of managing? For example the Brazilian coach will do something crazy ala Thiago Motta? Will the German guy play a gegenpressing system ala Klopp? If yes, then I choose the Brazilian keeper, he has quite the backstory along with the potential crazy systems. If the manager is just a choice for narrative, then Nahuel deserves it as your most loyal protagonist.
  14. I have the same issue with Liverpool, I only take over the club many years into the save, when the current players have retired. Don't know why, just a quirk I guess. I'd start unemployed with King's real life reputation and see what offers I would get.
  15. Nice to see you back Marc! Good luck! Will you continue your career tradition and keep it Youth only?
  16. Good luck, I really enjoyed your FM19 save with Borewood. I hope this is just a beta save
  17. Even though I really dislike Man.Utd, you've a really good job, especially by using all the youth core of the team. From what I've seen it's really tempting to get FM20, I'm still stuck on 17
  18. Great achievement! Haiti though is your boogie team, I have a rival team like this in every save, where they can beat me even on their worse day and without any morale.
  19. I'm playing FM17 since 2017 and I play 2 long term saves. A Dafuge Challenge and a journeyman. Some days I play much, but I normally play 2-3h every 4-5 days. Still as fun as it was back in the day when I could play one season per day.
  20. Look at all those big names in San Marino! Tuchel, Zouma, Morata, etc. That's mental! It's one of the reasons I'm only playing a save per year. I don't think that Seedorf will get sucked if he continues to win the league, it's very important to every board to keep the domestic domination going and of course keep playing in the Champions League for prestige and financial reasons as well. Only 2 defeats as well, he's doing pretty good considering he's a AI manager!
  21. Smashing it! What a year, redemption is around the corner!
  22. At least the infrastructure of the club is at a very high level, that allows managers to dominate a competitive league, even by applying different club DNA each year. Most of the time I see my teams getting from Champions to top half finishers in just a year.
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