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  1. Hi, I loaned this guy Ferhat Çogalan from Lille in my Türkgücü München save and in matches his shirt name is C.Fehrat... is it right..?
  2. From where are the regen faces? Looks really nice..and the narrative too!
  3. Were you able to start the save in 2020 season?
  4. im having the same issue with my fc andorra save..second in grupo III, but when the playoffs started the match preview etc. button dont respond...holidayed over the first match, but i dont wantto do it again.. i uploaded the save Jormat - Andorra SukS bugiko2.fm to your hands..
  5. Cant sign players for any of mls expansion teams when i start game in january 2018 (or late 2017). I did try it with Miami, Nashville and Cincinnati. I holidayed to 2019 with Inter Miami and then i was able to sign. I got some allocation money when the year changed and when you start there is no allocation money for the expansion teams, so maybe there is some connection...?
  6. For the first time in my whole manager history, I'm dipping my toes to some american foo..soccer? and this seems to be perfect addition to the experience. Yesterday I started with Inter Miami, but werent able to sign any players, even free agents, because news says I lack transfer money, which I actually have lots. My starting date was in january 2018, so I guess I'm able to sign players later.. Does anybody know when? And if I go to holiday until the start of 2020 season, which dates on the way are important? Like draft dates or etc..?
  7. Was it enough just to change city local region (FC Romanias home city Cheshunt local region e.g. Cluj from Romania)..?
  8. I won Coupe de France - Martinique with my team Golden Lion, but another team from Martinique participates in french cup seventh round...
  9. I'm getting excited about starting true french american save with some Martinique team. Keen to play in french cup and those concafac etc. cups. Im thinking to put all SI's and claassens american (north and south) leagues playable and these competitions from claassens megapack: Concacaf League, Concacaf Champion's League, Ligue des Antilles, Central American & Caribbean Games, Central American Games, Francophony Games, PanAmerican Games, and that France file. All good? Anything nice missing? Is it possible to change ethnicity of martiniques regens/added players, cause I think they
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