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  1. i got the normal logos for spain, scotland and austria. need someone todo me the small logos and the config. feel free to pm mee
  2. Yes i know that but 1988 dnipro was a force in the soviet league.
  3. yes 1988 i meant sorry okay, i thought you wanted to reconstruct the whole european football like that year
  4. i meant the league structures, so the teams playing in their leagues like in 1989. forest were 3rd, norwich 4rd. coventry,, luton, millwall and qpr were premier division or in france, racing club paris and toulon played Ligue 1
  5. well maybe i would be a good idea to do also all the West European League Structures like in 1989. no one spoke of psg and city
  6. well i don´t think it´s normal that ddr players from the national team are playing in the west german teams....
  7. okay, so I´m in the year 2026 I guess there´s something wrong...
  8. Yes that sounds logic to me. I haven't finished my long therm test, so I don't know how it looks after 10 years. A solution could be to make all players more loyal
  9. Is it possible to reduce the transfer activity from all the teams? In the 80s, players stayed a lot longer at there clubs than today
  10. i made a screen from it. also theres a player amara conde, half east german, half guinea edit in the u23 i saw also players from the east german national squad playing for west german teams
  11. sooo after simulating a few years i noticed something. in 2024, 5 national players of the ddr play in mexico or brazilian first league? i suppose thats not wanted, as in real, they always played in the east german league
  12. This is really awfull to watch. Looks like stupid amaerican football game. Every 10 minutes they stop the game for a minute to check everything. The game lived from wrong decisions... hand of god to name one.... this definatly sucks me
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