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  1. A question of mine. When we got a team, which is in 5th tier and only 3rd tier is possible to play. Can we then holiday for 2 years insteat of holidaying one year? So thatthe team got the chance to promote first to 4rd tier and next year then to 3rd?
  2. I wanted to go for bonnyrigg roses but even after 100 loading no chance at all :/
  3. Option 2 but without custom database If you like custom db, then it is probably better to post in the career forum Btw what are your teams for fm20? 😉
  4. Are there any relegated teams whicg are not playble anymore but interesting? For a youth challenge for example
  5. Hello, I remember an Fm Version (11 or 12 or 13) where you could set up Training groups. Which one was that? Cheers
  6. sounds like a lot of fun. could be combined with a youth challenge anybody knows if lower league clubs produces youth intake every year?
  7. I wanted to start something new these days. I'm planning to go to the lower leagues. Are there any interesting clubs? Good history but fallen down, good youth academies, a funny name ... etc. But with lower league I mean in England everything under level 6 and in other nations at least 3-4 tier. A real challenge!! cheers
  8. okay thank you btw can you tell me what skin you are using in the screens in 1st post? cheers
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