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  1. A question of mine. When we got a team, which is in 5th tier and only 3rd tier is possible to play. Can we then holiday for 2 years insteat of holidaying one year? So thatthe team got the chance to promote first to 4rd tier and next year then to 3rd?
  2. I wanted to go for bonnyrigg roses but even after 100 loading no chance at all :/
  3. Option 2 but without custom database If you like custom db, then it is probably better to post in the career forum Btw what are your teams for fm20? 😉
  4. Are there any relegated teams whicg are not playble anymore but interesting? For a youth challenge for example
  5. Hello, I remember an Fm Version (11 or 12 or 13) where you could set up Training groups. Which one was that? Cheers
  6. sounds like a lot of fun. could be combined with a youth challenge anybody knows if lower league clubs produces youth intake every year?
  7. I wanted to start something new these days. I'm planning to go to the lower leagues. Are there any interesting clubs? Good history but fallen down, good youth academies, a funny name ... etc. But with lower league I mean in England everything under level 6 and in other nations at least 3-4 tier. A real challenge!! cheers
  8. okay thank you btw can you tell me what skin you are using in the screens in 1st post? cheers
  9. Yes of course, but in FM it´s too easy. I did no transfers and won everything the first season. Hard Brexit would more be of a challenge, especially in Europe cheers
  10. well thanks, okay this seems to work. But exactly do I have to edit here? Set the dates all to 100%. I see there are also options with 30% or 65%. cheers
  11. I looked a bit around, but I don´t find informations on how to change that. Even in the editor it´s not findable. I don´t want to holiday each save until 2019 to look if hard brexit happens.... cheers
  12. is there a straight knockout round in the Champions League? (without Group Stage) Would be interesting, so only the Champions from countries would participate cheers
  13. Hi, is there anyone out there who has a Hard Brexit Save and could eventually upload it? Cheers I tried a few times but only ever got soft Brexits
  14. good stuff, really like it. But it wonder me how on earth you got no bid for Justin Kluivert
  15. nope third Lanark doesn´t exist anymore since the Seventies I think edit Oh sorry, I just saw that they were new founded an play actually in Greater Glasgow Amateur League . But I can tell you for sure that this league is not included
  16. are you gonna include the Iron Curtain, Soviet, East Germany, Czechoslowakia? Would be interesting
  17. I wonder if you could take the "Bilbao Philosophy" with only Basques also at another club in Europe.
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