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  1. The board can see this - if the players you sign are in no way good or close to ready to be in the main team, they will not count them.
  2. I started the game with no other files, selected all japanese leagues, choose YSCC.
  3. Are they BAsque players you would play for the first team?
  4. This happens to all J3 teams in the first season, I was playing with YSCC and was ridiculously outplaying all teams. that's how I noticed it - I tested with no other files and it kept happening. I think it has to do with the scheduling, because I tried editing the file so that the first season would have a normal schedule and suddenly all j3 teams are registering players correctly.
  5. In the first season, teams in the J3 aren't registering any of their players
  6. Just for extra info if needed, this was run with the Canadian League on and national reputation players from all continents.
  7. I Did a test of my own with a smaller database and only one league loaded and the results showed a bigger decrease: 2021: 43000 2024: 31000 that's more than 10000 players in just 5 years.
  8. It's happening in every save the second we move to the second season. Most clubs stay in the "mostly correct" group, but some make no sense and the last group seems to be made of leftover clubs from all over. The official regulations say this - Article 11: 3. The grouping of the series is prepared according to the geographic location of the Clubs, in accordance with criteria published in an Official Communication from the FPF. 4. Clubs in the Autonomous Region of Madeira are placed alternately in the most northern series and Clubs in the Autonomous R
  9. Any plans for stadium names? And teams that moved stadiums since 1989/90?
  10. Hi, i am currently being affected by this bug: It can be fixed by changing the reputation of my team from 1455 to 1501. I don't want to purchase the in game editor for this as i will never use it again. Anyone willing to do this for me if i send them the file?
  11. It's a minor thing - I'd say go for it if you're going to remove all Red Bulls.
  12. COnsidering RB Salzburg - any chance of reversing them back to Austria Salzburg?
  13. If I remember correctly there were local welsh leagues as well as welsh teams playing in english leagues, but even the welsh only leagues were just way down in the english league system,
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