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  1. On the file I sent you, the affiliations have already been set. Once you have the history fixed, if you send the file back I'd love to build up the bezirksligas
  2. Quick Albanian feedbakc: They sure liked naming their teams after dates!
  3. never used 2x logos before, so no idea. I have finished my logos - it has logos for all East german teams. Whenever i couldn't find anything other than a picture of a pendant or a pin, I drew them myself. Whenever there was absolutely no images available, I went one of two ways - if their current logo looked like they wouldn't be out of place in the DDR, i edited it for its old name. If not, they got their generic BSG logo. If you have a way to make metallic logos out of them, I'd love to send them to you. I am also planning on exanding East Germany, so i already have some log
  4. I have good news and bad news. Bad news: I started before the file was out so in the end my xml looks like this: Good news: The numbers are off by 14 from the editor numbers, so if you add 14 to each number the file will be right.
  5. I'm not the biggest graphics designer in the world, but whenever there isn't a digitalised logo for a team (on in the case where there was a version of the logo from a pin that was a lot nicer than the one available online), I've been trying to recreate the logo from pin, pendants, current logo of the team, etc. A few examples:
  6. I'd love that (and when the file is done I might edit the east germany file to add more teams for my own enjoyment)
  7. You can see all the obvious ones but I've already started getting the obscure ones too (some might not even be in the database).
  8. At least for East Germany I want to have logos for all teams, even if I have to redesign logos from pendants or old pins.
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