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  1. Finally had time to check this and to give you a bit more information: The biggest team from the ones merged to create SpVgg Geratal is most likely BSG Chemie TW (Thermometerwerk) Geraberg
  2. lso, turns out I was wrong as I got another source that tells me it happened all the way to 1989. Apprently there was one per Bezirke.
  3. It's a cup between all the teams sponsored by the Traktor sports association. There's not much information around it, except that it had around 2000 teams in it, first rounds were played regionally, and that it was scrapped in 1967, mnaybe a bit too early irl for it to be brought back,
  4. In East Germany, any plans to have the Goldener Traktor cup? FC An der Fahner Höhe is a merger of a bunch of teams: FC BLAU-WEISS DACHWIG-DÖLLSTÄDT - founded in 1999 FSV 1921 HERBSLEBEN - BSG Traktor Herbsleben FSV 78 BURGTONNA - SG Aufbau Burgtonna SV FORTUNA GRÄFENTONNA - No idea SV WITTERDA - BSG Traktor Witterda. SpVgg Geratal is a merger of: ThSV 1886 Geschwenda - BSG Stahlbau Geschwenda SV 08 Geraberg - BSG Chemie TW (Thermometerwerk) Geraberg TSV 1880 Elgersburg - BSG Motor Elgersburg FSV 06 Ohratal - BSG Aufbau Ohrdruf
  5. Well, my suggestion is to rename these new teams a name of a defunct team from the same city. Something like: FC Förderkader René Schneider can become one of these: BSG Agrochemie Rostock BSG Chemie 70 Rostock BSG Empor Rostock BSG Schiffselektronik Rostock BSG Fleischwirtschaft Rostock ASG Vorwärts Rostock-Gehlsdorf LFV Sachsen Leipzig and Inter Leipzig can become one of these: BSG Post Leipzig BSG Einheit Leipzig Ost SG Dynamo Leipzig BSG Einheit Zentrum Leipzig BSG Aktivist Geophysik Leipzig BSG Automation Leipzig ASG Vorwärts Leipzig SV Hanse Neubrandenburg can become: SG Dynamo Neubrandenburg BSG Neubrandenburger Verkehrsbetriebe BSG Einheit Neubrandenburg BSG Turbine Neubrandenburg for the ones that are mergers I haven't checked if their original clubs were called yet. Sorry if I seem over enthusiastic, it's jsut that i'll probably start in East Germany once this is released.
  6. FSV martinroda was bsg "traktor martinroda", LFV Sachsen Leipzig exists as a phoenix club of Chemie Leipzig so I guess can be deleted. The others are harder cause they were either created after the merge or they are themselves creates through merges.
  7. I believe the Waren vteam was usually known just as VB Waren. Also, regarding PAstow, I found this (thank god for google translate): On the 50th anniversary of SV Pastow e. V. In 1933, enthusiastic soccer players started in the catchment area of today's SV Pastow e. V. to do sports. A team participated in the point game operation, a student team was formed. Among others, F. W. Knuths and the brothers Hans and Heinz Pinnow played here! During the Second World War, training and competition operations came to a standstill. A few years after the war, sporting life gradually developed again. Organized sport began in our territory with the founding of SG Traktor Pastow. The founding members included a. Christoph Dech I and II, Günther Köppe, Uwe Westphal, F.W. Knuths and Alfred Malcherek. The sports of soccer, chess, horse riding and boxing developed. Archery was even added later. From February 1960 the new sports field was built at the end of Pastow in the direction of Neu Broderstorf. In the mid-1960s, SG Traktor began working closely with the SSG of the Broderstorf Polytechnic High School. The children and teenagers trained there in the sports of handball, gymnastics, swimming, athletics, boxing, sports and archery. There was also ice hockey and roller skating. The athletes of the listed sections achieved remarkable sporting successes at district and district level (e.g. pupils B became district champions in indoor soccer in front of SC Empor Rostock). On the BSG Karl Marx Broderstorf was founded with the football and archery sections, the horse sport section was added.
  8. Nice, I have another question then, the opposite - what will you do with teams formed after 1988, like Inter Leipzig or RB Leipzig?
  9. BTW, what is your idea on what todo with teams that have since become defunct, like Vorwarts Frankfurt?
  10. Let me get you a few more links then - I created a huge database some 5 years ago and then never did the actual database, but I kept some of the links I used: First, check the regional federation websites, some of them have tables from back then. Example: http://www.leipziger-fussballverband.de/cms2/index.php?page=291 Some websites also have tables for the higher regional leagues back then: https://www.fupa.net/liga/ddr-bezirksliga-dresden-58451/tabelle.html i found this website of some guy that collects Pins that has lots of information about teams evolution: http://www.sscbb.de/text/brandenburgervereineoberhavelbarnim.html And more of teams that played in regional leagues: https://www.deutscherfussball.info/DDR_Ligisten-E.htm https://www.deutscherfussball.info/DDR_Bezirksligisten-Sa_Se.htm https://www.deutscherfussball.info/DDR_Bezirksligisten-Ba_Be.htm https://www.deutscherfussball.info/DDR_Bezirksligisten-Bi_Bu.htm http://www.spitzerwinkel.de/Deutsch/DDR/bezirke/info/004/index.html http://www.ddr-sportwappen-archiv.de/ Some of the links to the list don't work anymore but if you change the letters manually you get there. Even gives you information on what the stadiums were called back then. Finally, You can have my incomplete list of teams, with current name, old name, stadium, region and what tier they would most likely go nowadays. It has almost 3000 entries. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BcbuezZ_9zSnN3gbXCbPTrT_gzLmzKw_kGg3Ka9zgzM/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Some years ago when I thought of doing this for East Germany I found a website with as many as many final standings of the lower leagues as possible as well as a huge list of teams per region, let me see if I still have it. Here for the teams: https://ddr-fussball-archiv.de/index.php/board,28.0.html?PHPSESSID=laonhmp4kpoc3bkqm8mscktf53 and here for the standings (you have to register): https://ddr-fussball-archiv.de/index.php/board,52.0.html
  12. Are you still not making any Brazilian file, considering mrt80's meltdown where he deleted his file from everywhere and is demanding payment for it?
  13. This sounds lovely, and a lot more immersive than what I did - I'm doing a game in South Tyrol and took the time to change all the cities to have the correct languages set.
  14. Nice to see you here Ben! Good Luck with San Marino. I might dip my toes in a thread here soon.
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