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  1. You might need to create a hidden stage for the european places.
  2. [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I can try running some tests when I get home - All I can give you right now is a few more examples. I'm not sure about the years, but it seems to be happening in all groups. In the above example it was Pedras Rubras in the wrong group. In a game I was following in a Portuguese forum: First Season, Lusitania playing in Serie F, ended the first phase like this: but went to play in Serie E on the relegation phase: They were not the only teams from Group F to end up in Group E in the relegation phase either: 4 other teams were also transfered
  3. [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    I believe that this is really just due to the way the competition is coded in the advanced rules. While I don't have a save game of this myself, I've seen this happen really frequently when people post about their games online while playing in the portuguese leagues. Many don't even realise that is not the correct behaviour. I've seen it so many times I believe it would be easy enough to replicate.
  4. I tried making Cape Verde a couple of years ago. I can get you info on clubs, stadiums, etc. Rules will be harder as the federation doesn't have a website online anymore, but I'll email them. i remember a limit of 2 foreigners though,
  5. Hello Claasen, If you need help with Portuguese speaking countries I can give you a hand with the rules. A few years ago I started creating them but never finished and I still remember some of the rules, and Can find you lists of all teams and stuff.
  6. I'm trying out something really easy in theory, and i'm feeling very stupid that I have not been able to do so. i am trying to change the Gold Cup so that the qualifier never happens and instead an extra team has direct access. I've been able to disable the qualifier, remove the stages form the Caribbean and centroamericana, but no matter what I do, the team i want never gets selected. Can anyone point me in the right direction or quickly cook up the right specs for this to happen? you can make any team enter, i can always change it to the correct one thank you.
  7. It might be unrelated, but I am running a game with another file with many many edits (we're talking 130k) - before 13.3 no one complained of crashes. Now it crashes on the 1st of April 2018, no matter what I do. I will open a thread later for this, but it might be the sheer size of the files that might cause problems later down the road.
  8. You need to set it as a B team or amateur version of the professional club and set that B teams need to be two levels below their main teams, you can choose this option.
  9. Have a look at this file: http://www.fmanager.com.br/topic/123843-cm-update-brasil-estrutura-real-162/?page=3 (if I am allowed to post links to otther forums) Basically in brasil you have Serie A, B and C, and a Serie D which teams qualify to from the state leagues. The best teams in each state league not already in the national leagues qualify. This file does that, so maybe you could see how they did it and try to do something similar?
  10. I confident enough with the advanced editor to create the regional leagues, it was just because I never had to create qualifiers in such situations. I guess on monday I?ll find out how complicated this can be.
  11. I'm about to get this year's version of the game and I am curious about this, as I have not seen any database that has tried this before. i want to create the cape verde real life structure. We're talking regional leagues and the winner of each regional league qualifies for the national league. this is straight forward. what isn't is that the winner of the national league gets automatically qualified to the national league of the following year, and if he then gets another regional win, the second on the regional league will qualify too. Now, my question is: how is this possible or most likely to replicate in game? Having the regional leagues be groups before the national league feeding results to seperate competitions so there's regional league history, like the MLS? Making them all separate competitions? Will this be possible at all?
  12. Not really, all you need to do is use the advanced editor and re-do the canadian championship - even use it as the league for canada.
  13. Then I will have to recreate them, like i said in the beginning, which sucks - because otherwise I don't know at which stage the fate actions need to be. Also, note that this error still shows up even if I only edit the centroamericana and leave the gold cup alone. Adding 1 team to the Centroamericana cup and leaving the Gold Cup alone gives me this: http://i.gyazo.com/7ba5ce6d31ab89f7d8a8deb34265ea81.png
  14. If I change to Override instead of Combined, I don't get the first error message, but I get this one, which is even weirder: