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  1. I have that set to UK English, although I do have some good news and bad news from my own tinkering. The good news is by adding id="T1nm" in the row with the team button widget, I was able to get the 3 letter name. The bad news is that the text doesn't stay centered. I haven't checked this in an actual match yet, only the highlights afterwards. Will keep you posted. Edit: Yep, same thing in game. Starts off centered but then goes back to the top left corner for both.
  2. Is there any way to get this scoreboard to display the 3 letter name instead of the short name, without having to go into the editor and change things there?
  3. File has been updated to v1.1! Download from the now updated link above. Changelog: Main file Added dynamic TV money Improved sponsorship and wage values (will allow for Build a Nation saves to be feasible) Fixed issue with foreigner/non-EU rules after 2030
  4. Doing some checks again on the file and there seems to have been some issues i didn't pick up on. I'll update the file as soon as I can.
  5. AND VERSION ONE IS LIVE! Currently only the 1.MFL, 2.MFL and 3.MFL are playable, with the 4.MFL coming later down the line. Link to download is listed above. NOTE: PLEASE USE BOTH FILES INCLUDED!
  6. Good news, if the file works as intended, it should be coming out this weekend! Otherwise we'll be looking at another week of me trying to make it work.
  7. Behold, the Macedonian Football Leagues for FM24! The download will be made up of two files (PLEASE USE BOTH FILES INCLUDED!): One that contains the league rules themselves; And a second containing general fixes to the database that will hopefully get fixed in future versions of the game, and thus removing the need for the file later on. Leagues to be included (leagues highlighted in bold are already released): Version 1 (24.0): 1.MFL (12 teams) 2.MFL (16 teams) 3.MFL (5 regional groups, varies from 8-14 teams in first season, with more teams added later on) Version 2 (24.3 or later): 4.MFL and 5.MFL (planned, will discuss potential ways to implement) Link to download: v1.1 (Mediafire) - https://www.mediafire.com/file/gfr4f9ygzzvi7td/macedonian-leagues-v1-1-a8b.zip/file Changelog: Previous versions:
  8. So I'm working on a file that adds Ireland (pre-1922) with its own league structure back into the game but I do not want the teams in it to compete in European (or any continental) competitions. If anyone knows what steps I need to take let me know.
  9. They're referring to the original database from 23.0, which is possible if the file was verified with that database.
  10. There are a dozen files that need to be checked and corrected to work with the new update so patience would be appreciated.
  11. Updated the file to 1.1 to contain new league rules in regards to U21s and finally added FFP. I've also fixed the cup round scheduling as rounds would sometimes be delayed into January which shouldn't be happening.
  12. Don't worry, Prilep United in the 1.MFL are actually formed after the merger of Varos and the original Malo Konjari club.
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